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Love is a battlefield - Just Breathe...

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Love is not who you see yourself in, it is who you simply can't imagine yourself without.

With Valentine's Day a little more than two weeks away, my thoughts turn to love. Years ago when we had our greeting card business I designed cards for Valentine's Day. It was a huge card purchase holiday. Ours were Die cut with art in full color inside and out with a whimsical message. Valentine's Day indeed means cash registers are busy and shelves full of merchandise are emptied. But what about our family and friends that do not have a love of their own? This gave me pause, reflection and inspired my post.

When I first heard the lyrics to Pat Benatar's song "Love is a Battlefield" it was as if she was singing to me. With over a million selling records of her Gold smash 1983 hit it seems it resonated with millions of people with the below words.

"We are young, Heart-ache to heart-ache we stand, no promises, no demands, Love is a battlefield. We are strong, no one can tell us we're wrong, searching our hearts for so long. Both of us knowing love is a battlefield. You're begging me to go, then making me stay, why do you hurt me so bad. It would help me to know, do I stand in your way or am I the best thing you've had. Believe me, believe I can't tell you why, but I'm trapped by your love and I'm chained to your side."

This is a second marriage for both John and I. We truly understand how love can be a battlefield, thankfully we were lucky to discover love again. In December we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. We are fortunate to love and to continually fall deeper in love with each other over and over again. But during our 35 years we have been deeply and emotionally touched by friends and family going through breakups in their relationship. Be it through divorce or loss of a spouse or life partner because of death. It is because of those experiences my poetry of "Just Breathe ..." became very important words for me to poetically voice to anyone who has experienced love's battlefield.

With Valentine's Day approaching I wanted to express my feelings to simply say I empathize and care. Especially because for so many facing Valentines Day alone it is a difficult holiday. I get it, this past Mother's Day was very emotional for me dealing with the loss of my son.  I also thought it would be an opportunity to weave in and share a story that occurred one Valentine's evening. To let you know that although I try my best to sound graceful in my writing and poetry, in real life, I oftentimes, am a utter klutz. 

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One Valentine's Day, many years ago I became John's bloody Valentine much to both our surprise. On Christmas my parents gave me a bread knife as one of my presents. A Mighty Oak bread knife, a brand I was not familiar with. Mom accentuated with much emphasis on the word mighty, I thought it strange, both in choice of gift and pronunciation. But she seemed excited with her gifting.

So on Valentine's Day after creating a Tuscan inspired culinary feast I reached into the utensil drawer and pulled out the Mighty Oak to use for the first time. Slicing into our loaf of crusty Italian bread and slicing right into the middle finger on my left hand. All I can say is thankfully the nail kept the finger tip attached. John watched as I did it as his eyes opened wider than I've ever seen flying up stairs to the bathroom and within seconds returned with Neosporin, a box of band aides and a white hand towel. Grabbing my left hand he said "we've got to wash this out".  Well... After running it under tap water needless to say he quickly drove me to the emergency room with the hand towel tightly wrapped around and me crying. Who knew Valentine's Day in the Emergency room would be such a busy place - seriously, like take a number busy. I sat down shaking as John dealt with the insurance paperwork speaking loudly and with much urgency about my klutzy injury. All I can say is when the nurse approached me I was dripping blood all over the floor and when she asked what color the towel was she declared "come with me NOW"!

The doctor examining me asked how I managed to cut myself - to which John quickly answered (in my Mothers accentuating pronunciation "with a mighty Oak" which made me start giggling as the attending doctor called the Plastic surgeon on staff to stitch me up. 18 stitches, 3 hours later, we were home eating our warmed up but yummy meal without the crusty loaf of bread. 

The following day we went knife shopping and I purchased a set of Global knives. Precision Japanese made, sharp thin blades, perfectly balanced in my hand. Plus Global is an aesthetically elegant design and I highly recommend their knives.
Oh the Mighty Oak? Never used it again!

I leave you with my poem Just Breath... see you in two weeks with a Valentine's post with cute snapshots captured in our row-home and a little Valentine's poem. 
You are a kind soulful earthbound entity trying to heal heartbroken tattered gossamer wings,
Attempting to soar fearlessly in hope of finding love again and the restorative promise it brings.

Without expectations reality exists in an unwelcome place, alone in dark murky shades of blue.
Destiny inevitably controls our future, sometimes with heartbreaking events, tragic but true.

With loss there is a break in our minds reality and our acceptance of what once was forever.
Reflection offers a fresh perspective into understanding how we are all mystically linked together.

You start to move forward, longing to recapture the feeling of a magical relationship from your past.
In healing you may make a wrong connection, a union your heart knows has no chance to last.

Just breathe...

Ultimately our most powerful and meaningful memories occur in brief measured moment's of time.
Along the way life affirming lessons are learned on the path of your souls endless journey and climb.

Despite all these obstacles and setbacks our heart will discover strength to persevere.
Belief and determination helps us move forward to find happiness without any fear.

I wonder if you even recognize the amazing beauty that dwells in your heart and longs to rid the sorrow.

Bravely you must embark in a search for love that will reward you in the future... maybe even tomorrow.

© Vera


  1. Oh Vera loooove this. My favorite line is "Ultimately our most powerfrul and meaningful memories occur in brief measured moments's of time". How true this statement it truly is those short moments in time that stick with us. A smell, taste, touch or contact that brings out the feelings of love and a smile to remember. I think sometimes we feel the need to find a soulmate someone that only is ours and while that is a wonderful gift in our journey, I think we find love in others and their response to us. Sometimes it can just be as simple as a stranger's smile or gesture to hugs from your child, grandchild for those few minutes in time. I love this and love you for writing it. We really can find love in so many places. Thanks for sharing your wonderful heart. Oh my about the mighty oak yikes!!!! Glad you did not cut your finger off. Have a wonderful evening.

  2. This is a beautiful poem, Vera, and I wish I were better with's simply touching in so many ways. The last 4 lines...'recognizing the beauty in our heart', my gosh, how that sometimes leads us to so many greater opportunities. We have to not only let go of sorrow, but anger and hurt and loss of faith...many many things. The best poems make us think. This one of yours is extraordinary.

    What an incredible story about your finger. I can imagine how bad the wound was with all of those stitches. I am sort of a Raggedy Ann myself so I can feel your pain. Whenever I feel myself going too fast with the knives, I know to slow down. My fingernails have saved me many times!

    Thank you so much for giving me the chance to win one of your pillows. I am feeling so lucky right have something you made with your very own hands...a little part of you and your Row Home and your zip and spunk and wisdom right here with me!!!

    Off to email you. I'm looking forward to your Valentine's Day post! :)

    Jane xx

  3. Dear Vera, Congrats to the winners of your beautiful pillows giveaway. I know both will be so blessed by your generous gifts.

    What an amazing story about the mighty oak and how it is weaved into Valentines Day and the meaning behind it. Your love was there for you thankfully. A finger with 18 stitches is a big deal.

    I love your poem and the line after Just Breathe,
    Ultimately our most powerful and meaningful memories occur in brief measured moment's of time. Love this and want to remember it.
    This just touches my heart. It rings true the precious moments and memories I think back on now and then. Remembering exact conversations, words said and episodes that play like a movie in my mind when I think of them.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and talents with this poem that brings so much emotion and events back to life.
    Looking forward to your Valentine post.

    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week.
    Sending love your way.

  4. I love this, Vera. It gives me pause to take a moment and just breathe in your words, and let them sink into my soul...filling my mind, will, and emotions with healing for my heart...much like balm for the most inner part of my being. Your words are an encouragement to persevere, and never lose faith.
    This is the most inspiring thing you have ever written.

  5. Another post from dear Vera that was read . . . will be read again . . . and again.

    Like Kris, I love the line "meaningful memories occur in brief measured moment's of time". My life is filled with so many brief moments that I hold dearly.

    I'll be back for another reading soon.

  6. I think it's the brief moments in life that makes us who we are. :)
    A delightful post.

  7. So he was your Valentine in that "bloody" situation, Vera. And I too wear a big (BIG) band aid, as my king and I had a time of dark shadows last year. Sometimes I really could not breathe. But we BELIEVE something to help us out for standing up to the things that REALLY count in life. To live the tiny moments, that leave us space.
    And my God, I imagined this accident with Mighty Oak so real, I feel... a bit... dizzy now... oiiii. Can´t see blood of others. I pierced my ears myself to have holes for earrings ... but if I only imagine somebody else bleeding... oh, my poor Vera...
    So I hug you, you are my spring-poet, day is breaking here and wings and a lot of tiny sculptures are ordered :)) So I will do my little magic pieces - have a magical day as well, your friend Méa

  8. Good morning dear friend! That Mighty Oak is to be reckoned with.....I KNOW TOO! Oh dear, what a horrible moment but your angel was with you....JUST BREATHE has so many connotations thanks to its power denotation; that flow of air keeps us alive, and the flow of calm and pause keeps our souls in check. I do have to agree that this is one of your best poems. The line breaks are powerful and then the phrase, "Just Breathe" on its own is a powerful PAUSE, all on its own, floating on the white page.

    Love is an endless topic for poetry, fitting into any setting, time and circumstance. I am so glad that it never ends, even when one stops breathing. Hugs and happiness to you, Anita

  9. Oh congrats to Victoria, it's a perfect pillow for her home of velvets. And a second congrats to Jane as well, lovely picks from the hat.
    The stair case and typography words and candle light up soulfully and beautifully. such bloody mishaps my dear, you seem to have your fair share of them :)
    With John by your side you can take comfort in knowing you are loved and cared for.
    I often experience those brief moments in time, meaningful words.
    I find just about every aspect of you life is like poetry in all you do and create, along with your mishaps, and beautiful words follow.

    This is a beautiful post for a GiveAway anniversary of your one year blogging. You are a beautiful addition to the world of blogging, will be looking forward to many more years to follow.

    Will talk soon,


  10. Congratulations to Victoria and Jane! Such a beautiful post. My most memorable Valentine's day involved a mistake, but not a trip to the emergency room. In fact, I think I only remember two, because events make them special. The poem is beautiful. Su

  11. Oh Vera, your posts never disappoint...they always delight! Love the story about the mighty oak knife...I felt like I was reliving it along with you. True love is so special...not to be taken lightly or for granted.
    Mary Alice

  12. Dear Vera,
    First, congratulations to Victoria and Jane.. What a couple of lucky ladies!
    Your finger... As I read the story my stomach knotted up... You poor thing.
    Lucky you did not lose that finger..
    I believe this is one of my favorite poems of yours... Beautiful, just like your heart.
    Thank you dear friend for coming over again to visit.
    Wishing you a beautiful upcoming weekend.. Jasper doing a little better each day. Thank you for your concern.

  13. I stopped by yesterday, but returned today knowing I would have the time to read and think about what you are sharing, Vera.

    The middle finger on your left hand must look very similar to the middle finger on my right hand. Poor little finger!

    Your poem is lovely. It has me thinking of my youngest daughter who is going through such a difficult time. We send her love and hope that one day she will find her true love. He is out there.


  14. Your poem will be a balm to many who read here Vera. How wonderful you are to have the thought to share this post before the dreaded day to so many, just as Mother's Day is to many childless women. We need to be aware of those on days like these and find a way to lift their hearts.
    Beautiful post my dear!!!
    hugs from here...

  15. Vera, what a scary story (glad your finger could be saved!) and a touching poem. I too, like you and John was SO blessed with a second chance at love. I try to never take it for granted, and always pray for those who are lonely and looking for love, as I know what that feels like. Great post!

  16. Your poem is powerful and tender and soulful, Vera. Your post brings to mind the first Valentine's Day after my first husband passed away. I was all alone (we were already emptynesters, so no one else in the house), and I heard a soft rap on the front door. When I opened it there stood a sweet young couple from my church. He was holding a bouquet of fresh flowers and she was holding a little box of cupcakes and a Valentine card. They were there with those gifts to make sure I felt loved on Valentine's Day and that I wasn't alone. We sat down and drank coffee and ate cupcakes and laughed and cried together. It was so healing and so like the love of Christ. Even telling this story eight years later brings tears to my eyes. Their kindness is something I shall never forget. xo

  17. As always, I very much enjoyed your poetry Vera. How touching it is. I flinched and smiled at the anecdote about the mighty knife!

  18. I like both of those songs also.
    I am one of those lonely ladies when it comes to love, I have prayed for another partner however I guess I had my chances when young so now as a senior lady I'll walk the rest of the road by myself.
    Your bread sounds good minus the blood and mighty oak knife . I love hot bread

  19. Beautiful post. I am new to your blog and look forward to getting to know you. I just lost my love of 46 years and am so grateful for all of the memories I have of our life together. It certainly makes us realize how we should savor each and every precious moment of our lives.


  20. Love your blog, your staircase is amazing! What a great poem. Thanks so much for visiting my Savannah post!!

  21. Dear Vera,
    Thank you so much for coming over again for a visit.. I will slip you a note as soon as I am able to start on the little lamb.
    love and a big hug!