Monday, May 4, 2015

The embrace of home...

I live in a row-home purchased in 1979 that was completed in 1934. It's my first home I purchased along with John and perhaps our last home ... Gives meaning to what a forever home truly is to us. Sure there have been times of pondering what if? What if we purchase an old commercial building and blow out the center for a atrium and loft off all the rooms? That idea we drew renderings for. What if we find a cool mid-century modern, gut it and refigure it into an open space concept home? What if we were to purchase an old Bucks county farmhouse and bring it into today's desired European style and grow lavender and raise Bees? That one almost became a reality, along with purchasing a house in Lambertville, NJ, a Victorian with a big porch right in town.  All these ideas were bantered about, some seriously ... Yet we remain in our home choosing to live in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. Dwelling in the same house for nearly 36 years. As I write this post another revamping, update and renovation is occurring in "this old Philly Row-home".

"People usually are the happiest at home."
~William Shakespeare~

"Home is the nicest word there is."
~Laura Ingalls Wilder~

One year for my birthday I gifted myself (any other people do this?) Harry Allen's iconic pig bank. The bank can hold up to $10,000 in bills. I named her Mademoiselle Oink. I know silly, but she's become a fun prop that makes appearances throughout our home. I feed Oink a diet of greens as in $5's and $10's! Those greens add up oftentimes to my decorating dollars.

So come on downstairs to our kitchen that's going through an update and I promise I will share the big reveal soon (hopefully next post) inch by every inch you will see it all with many photos. I recently found this vintage Veuve Clicquot champagne bucket from the 60's. John's and my favorite Champagne. We're going through many Cha-Chings with all the changes so I took some green from Mademoiselle Oink, to her it was a only a burp.

"There is nothing like staying home for real comfort"
~Jane Austin~

The bottle of Veuve Clicquot will be opened on Memorial Day with a toast of cheers, for it will our 36th anniversary celebration of living in our row-home and marks many new renovations.

There is more to complete in our kitchen. One being we are waiting on the condenser grill cover for our glass front Sub Zero - because - when ordered we took exact measurements of our existing space of 83.5 high by 32 wide. We were told "no problem". There was a problem ... our home is 90 years old and we are working with existing measurements from are kitchen gut renovation in 1981. Long story short - Sub Zero ships a condenser grate for a 84 inch opening ... It meant us ordering a custom made grate - Cha-Ching not yet delivered. But, we were told the refrigerator has an adjustment of a 1/2 inch to accommodate such measurements ... NOPE doesn't.

The weekend we moved in (1979) I made two purchases for our house. There used to be a delightful boutique store that sold all handmade, lead free, one of a kind pottery pieces. It's name was Rachel's daughter. I own many pieces we still enjoy and display. Moving day Mom, Dad and my Brother Kevin helped us (really didn't have too much to fill this house of 1,886 square feet, (basement not included). John and I had lived in a small duplex with not a whole lot of furniture. Kevin is 10 years younger than I and moving day my Dad would look at John and announce looking at a nuisance box or awkward shaped piece "That's a Kevin item"! Even to this day John and I will still joke with certain purchases saying "That's a Kevin item"! 

So moving into our little community, a family pocket of the city we were met with covered dishes, big smiles, introductions and people with a great amount of curiosity. At Rachel's daughter I spotted this pottery bucket that has always served as my utensil holder and it just felt right emotionally for a souvenir of our moving in day. OK, not saying they were nosey neighbors but funny I purchased pronounced noses on the pottery bucket! Memories can hold powerful energy.

Oh, the other purchase was a tiny Palm tree plant from Acme super market when Mom and I ran in to purchase a few items to make sandwiches. The plant was tiny around 4 inches and cost a big 99 cents. Today it lives and thrives in our Dining room and now reaches the ceiling.

"Home is where the heart is."
~Pliny the Elder~

We are still awaiting our much desired 100+ year old barn beams to replace our field seamed beams on our ceiling that we have lived with since 1981. Our current beams need to be removed and we need to repaint the ceiling. I have an absolute passion in combining the old with the new. I embrace the legacy (history) of our home and embrace the blend.  I am passionately thrilled and fixated to finally have authentically old rough hewn barn beams to combine the old with the new in our current update. 

John was the one who found the source for our beams. Old Wood Limited in Ohio, my very helpful contact there is Leslie. She emailed me the above photo, not our exact beams but you can see the age of these gorgeous beams with the ax marks of a proud life spent in its history. We purchased two 7x7 inch, 10 foot long beams. They will be de-nailed, sprayed for bugs and placed in the dry kiln for 48 hours. We are having the beams trimmed to 5x7 and with the cut they will mounted to the ceiling flat. Source below, ask for Leslie (she now reads my blog). All sources will again be repeated at the end of my photo reveal (hopefully soon, eyes, fingers and toes crossed).

I collect the soulful art created by the creative hands of Doré Callaway of Burlap Luxe. Both a blogger and an etsy store owner. If you follow or read my blog you already know with me its all about tactile feel in harmony with the blend of combining material textures that resonate with my heart. The decayed artwork (papier mâché) of a male angel that says "Listening- Waiting for him to speak" was recently purchased and is displayed on our kitchen vintage mirror window frame that John and I made 20 years ago. I love his reflection in the mirror, his words hold deep meaning to me and the rustic look feeds my soul.

Lots of dust, dirt and debris and constant cleaning lately has filled my everyday. I recently replaced my now just a smidgen of a cube Savon De Marseille French cube soap. It sits on my counter top air drying (it extends the life of the soap). Often referred to as "the ugly soap" I do not agree ... I find rustic beauty in its organic and extremely useful soap. 

I love to cook and often use Le Creuset French cookware, but oftentimes stains will appear on the enamel. I find a bit of this wonder soap rubbed onto a sponge and applied to Le Creuset leaves it looking brand new. In case you wonder I'm into the Flame color. 

This French wonder soap is now removing stains daily from our clothes are we continue in our renovation of "This old row-home". BTW as an artist I can be messy and it always removes fresh paint from my clothing. I also keep a cube downstairs for laundry.

For the past three weeks Nic and his guys have been working downstairs to artistically blend old plastered walls with new dry wall to preserve the legacy of our home. Come downstairs to our basement area that will soon become my highly anticipated "cool Laundry room". Nic was my son's best friend and with them working together I can only imagine the stories my son shared with Nic about me! Nic teases me with my usage of my word legacy but I can assure you when Nic goes to quote a renovation of an older home he will use my (favorite, OK overused word) and seal the deal. BTW Nic also reads my blog. I am holding out giving his company as a source because we wanna keep him all to ourselves until he's finished here. OK next post I will share the source for this amazing wonderfully talented man with eyes that twinkle. Let me just state he and my son worked on all 6 of the governments local home land security buildings so he is trust worthy and extremely gifted! 

I specifically requested (of course more work and time) to save the old plaster curved walls going downstairs to our basement and fill in the repairs with rough plaster to combine the old with the new. I might be driving him crazy, but hey I am a Virgo.

All pipes have been moved to allow for head room, the quirkiness of the old plastered walls have been preserved and the blending of old and new delights us. My plans for my laundry room are unique,fun and totally unexpected. I hope you continue reading my blog to see its transformation which John and I are embarking working on this week. 

The long wall in this photo separates our garage which is on the other side of the soon to be laundry room and our Kitchen is above.

So much work occurred in my future laundry room, custom fabricated ductwork for the downdraft for my Wolf gas cooktop run through the garage into the basement onto the small roof above the steps.

The dark area is our staircase which will soon be painted light Grey, the walls will be Snow colored White and it will become a fun Black and White photography gallery display area of a 60's girl in her adventures on laundry day. My Samsung front loader dyer sits and waits patiently for a room to embrace. 

A Max update... Our precious cat is holding onto curiosity of what all this work will turn into. Every evening I sit my "Romeo" on my lap and ask him to grace us with another day. Not every day is easy for him but we have promised him we will not allow him to experience pain. 

John stole 16 inches from the basement length to add to the garage. Cement work was involved and John over lunch 10 days ago told me he would love a lasting memory of our beloved little man Max. John wanted to take Max down into the garage (before the walls were built) and put his footprints in the corner of the wet cement, I told him you should allow him to choose. We already have dog prints that date back to 1933 when our houses foundation was poured and a dog ran through the cement. We love those prints. We will preserve those prints and I will next post or so share all our pet prints. 

Anyway Max listened and on his own went downstairs and in perfect fashion placed his paws in the corner for his lasting legacy, The following day Max spent time biting and cleaning out the remaining cement from his paws. I just want to mention pets quickly learn our language and listen and always aim to please. Max has always enjoyed great curiosity and seems determined to live long enough to see this renovation completed. Just so you know he doesn't seem to be in pain and when he is we will do what we need to do. His reward lately has been cans of organic whipped cream and lots of kisses.

"Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love".
~Billy Graham~

It all comes down to the embrace of home we feel which happens to also be the title of my poetry I leave you with. See you in a couple weeks.

"A house is made with walls and beams. A home is made with love and dreams."
~Author unknown~

It's called the American Dream ... To prosper and achieve through hard work and commitment your goal in home ownership pride.
For most it's the first of many life events, those made of wishful dreams as a young groom carries in his arms across the threshold his Bride.

It all begins gradually, as you financially start to scrimp and save for a place that over time follows the path of your dreams that you will never quit.
Motivated you feather your nest through decorating and renovating to visualize meaningful dreams that become a reality, bit by precious bit.

First's happen, first anniversary, first baby, first promotion, all holding powerful energy of happiness and sometimes even holding our tears.
Celebrations occur, some private, many small and those larger gatherings of family, friends and neighbors coming together making a toast of cheers.

Truly in time homes become a metaphor in building our emotional time capsule of relevant memories during each passing year.
Literally a dwelling for soulful comfort which graces our lives and protects all its residents inside we love and hold very dear.

But alas, we never really own a house, it's not a possession, it's only a roof with walls that embrace our lives and in the end we either stay, move or crease living.
A house becomes a legacy of time spent in an entity of structure sharing our lives and caring for our homes, as we are its caretakers through maintenance giving. 

© Vera



  1. What a wonderful post, Vera. You have accomplished so much and I love how you have preserved so much of the history of your home. I,too, love the blend of old and new. You are going to love those beams! Wow-they are spectacular. They remind me of the beams in the barns where I grew up in PA. That soap is amazing- to get out the sort of stains it does. I use an old bar of FelsNappa---truly an UGLY soap if there ever was one and it gets just about anything out, too.

    So happy that your sweet carpenter has served you so well-it would make your son proud to see what has happened there.

    Can't wait to see a FULL REVEAL..and ya better be quick about it!!!! lol xo Diana

  2. Vera,
    So excited your designs are coming to life. Your kitchen and basement laundry room are going to be beautiful. I loved the poem. Home really is where we are safe, feel love and surround ourselves with comfort. So glad you are getting to feel this with all the renovations. The updates are wonderful. I cannot wait to see it completely finished. I know Chris is right along side of Nic making sure all is done perfectly for you. Glad to hear Max is hanging in there. The love he feels from you and John are what keep him going along with the yummy whip cream lol!

  3. So amazing...I can't wait to see it all in its beauty.
    Those beams...oh, my....awesome...and I must get some of that soap soon.:)

  4. I love that this is your "forever home" made a good choice. You have mementos from 1979 and you continue to add to them.

    I love the beams. I'm looking for reclaimed wood to make my open shelves for the kitchen at the lake. I hope our contractor can find what I want. I never knew they would need to be de-bugged but that a definite must now that I think about it!! Your beams are going to look wonderful. I simply love your philosophy and way of sharing with us your words on making your beautiful home even more outstanding. And your poem...excellent but I expect nothing less from you. Love the last few lines. :)

    About the soap, where do you find it. I have a few pieces of Le Creuset, Flame also and I thought they'd have something to clean it with. This sounds much more gentle.

    Jane x

  5. What an exciting transformation your home is undergoing, Vera! I love the idea of adding the old beams. And I'm glad to hear that Max is doing ok, and added his sweet kitty paw prints:) I too adore those big blocks of French soap. Hubby and I are headed to Paris in a few weeks (can't wait!), and I always try to pick some up from the street markets to bring home. Speaking of home, I feel so sad at the thought of leaving ours, if it sells. All of the quotes, and your wonderful poem, are oh so poignant!

  6. Your renovations sound extensive, but it will all be worth it. Love to Max xxx

  7. Vera I really enjoyed your post today. I love Philadelphia to. I spent about a week there a few years back and loved walking down the cobble stone streets. History is a main stay for me I have always wanted to go back in time to see how people lived in all of those beautiful historic homes. I pray for your sweet kitty that he will go peacefully when the time is right. Have a beautiful day! Hugs, Jo

  8. Good morning Vera!

    I had a late evening (planning finals for the week of May 18!) and now I am here, enjoying a quiet tour of your amazing home. I am also anxious to see these old beams arrive and get installed! They will add such an ambience for sure. And I like your sensibilities about blending old with the new. Though we don't have much new in our house, at least there is a blend of "elegance" (chandeliers) with rough-hewn (old farmhouse tables, and beams) and the mix sure does evoke a sigh from us, many times over!

    When do you estimate that this work will be done? And sweet Max, he is staying by your friend, I hope to chat again soon? We are heading out after school is done, as you know, then I am flying to Denver for a teacher training conference. I will be teaching a new class next school year so it looks like my summer will be quite full.

    Wishing you a splendid day and many quiet moments with Max, Anita

  9. Your attention to detail certainly sets your home apart! I love the way you and John are preserving the history of your home as well as making needed improvements for today's living. Making it your "forever house" is somewhat of a foreign concept here in Northern Virginia, where it's all about moving to the latest home with more bells and whistles than valuing community. I guess that's the nature of a transient community.
    Love, love, love your quotes of the true meaning of home scattered throughout your post.
    Mary Alice

  10. I love reading your stories. You have a way with words. I love all the exposed brick walls and those beams!!! I love the mix of old and new too. I guess most everything I have in my house is old at this point. One day though I would love to move somewhere with lots of charm and history. We shall see where this life leads me. I am sending lots of positive thoughts and metta for Max.

  11. Good Morning Vera, What a truly wonderful tour of your home going through it transformation. Your designs and changes are amazing and I look forward to the final reveal when all is done. You and John have put your heart and soul into this home that has been your love for so many years. It is thanking you for giving her all this attention and detail.
    So wonderful your son's dear friend is a master of constructing your dreams. It's like your son is apart of every bit of this reno and that has to be a so heart warming to you.
    I love the paw print idea with Max and I am so happy he is staying with you a bit longer giving you love and strength as the project moves on. He will know when he's ready to sleep.
    Everything is perfectly wonderful and I see this as an HGTV series.

    Love your poem and all the wonderful quotes too. Very special!!
    Wishing you continued success in the reno process and special moments with Max.
    Hugs and Blessings sweet friend, CM

  12. Your posts are always full of surprises. Mademoiselle Oink is delightful, and I'm sure she is helping out with all the renovations. ;)
    Love that Max participated too. And the beams are amazing... so much to see in your lovely home. And so many wonderful stories to go with!

  13. Such a beautiful post and poem ~ the quotes, the photos and Max's paw prints equal bliss. I love that angel and the words ~ "listening" is so appropriate for me. I love the fact that you include a bit of new with the old. It's like a treasured collection over time. The beams are going to be spectacular!

    I'm definitely a champagne lover ~ :) It's so special that you will open your favorite bottle with memories of all the days you've lived in and loved your home. I firmly believe that having Nic in your home and doing so much to enhance its beauty is a special tribute to your son! His spirit will always be with you and around you.

    I'm glad Max is doing better. My boy is aging and changing rapidly it seems. He's my special best friend and I love him dearly. I massage him every night and thank him for being with me and being the best. Yes, they listen!

    Can't wait to see the reveal! As a person that loves to cook, your kitchen is going to be paradise. I don't have any Le Creuset but my daughter recently bought a piece in blue. Just beautiful! I'll tell her about the soap.

    Don't work too hard my friend!

  14. Wow - you certainly have a lot of projects going on, and I enjoyed reading about all the thoughtful work you have put into designing, and creating them. You are right that a home becomes so much more after many memories have been made in that home. Beautiful quotes too! Have a wonderful day!

  15. Heaven!!! This old barn beams and the plastered walls... Well, you know me... I NEED to have this barn beams... Oiiii, and this soap - yesss, it is wonderstuff...
    Vera, YOU really love your home, and believe me, your home loves you :))
    Hugs to you, have a bright day! Your friend Méa

  16. Vera don't you just love Mea's comment! Such a beautiful dreamer she is.

    Of course I follow ever move you make, every inch of your life, and to see it all fall into shape is amazing, worth all the dust, I am sure Kevin agrees lol!
    The beams what can I say? Other then I wish they were mine, I wish I were kidding but, I'm not!

    The laundry room is smashing my dear, I see the walls are taped and muddled and ready for there skim coat. It would be cool to plaster them with age matching the feel of your brick and beams.
    As for your dreams of moving? I bet John won't let that happen for awhile, at least until the newness of all the beauty you have created wears off.
    I bet any of the homes spaces you talked about would be a great move, the warehouse open space, my dream, a loft also my dream, a farmhouse my dream too! The victorian use to be my dream, yet here the sale of one doesnot hold value only because we have no historical neighborhoods with Victorians others then the trend back in the 80's and early 90's where builders tried to build and push this design style, I will take some pictures here of some and send them to you in email, you will see what I mean and how spread out they are.

    Well my friend, will wait to see the sub-zero !! Then I will be shouting WHY, Why not me?? Lol !


  17. It was such a lovely tour with photos and stories. I loved how you mixed the old with new.I loved the poem, and I loved how your kitty made prints in the new cement. This past evening, my spouse was outside painting baseboard on the ground before installing it in my daughter's room, and our Black Kitty walked down one. :) Dore's art and the pig are so interesting. xoxo Su

  18. Oh Vera....I'm so sorry to hear that your sweet Max isn't feeling well. Amidst all of the fun of renovating your beautiful home, you carry prayers for your little guy in your I will, too. I'm looking forward to seeing your big, beautiful reveal, sweets. And I'm praying that you are doing well, too... ♥

    xoxo laurie

  19. Vera as always your words are warm and inspiring. Home really is all you describe with such poetry and soul. I'm so glad you don't take it all for granted.

  20. A lovely post, Vera. Thirty-six years in one home is a long time. I've never lived anywhere more than 12 years. Not even as a child. Consequently, I have no emotional ties to any home or place. I don't think that's a good thing, and would much prefer to have all the memories you have in your precious home. But that is just the way it is. :) All this to say that I deeply appreciate your posts and poems. I enjoy them very much. xo ~ Nancy

  21. Dear Vera,
    Well, have I completely lost my mind? I was sure I had left a comment here because I remember thinking how wonderful the beams are.. Pardon me dear friend.. You have such attention to every detail, and your home really does express who you are... I can't wait to see it all completed...
    Thank you for your visit... As you were leaving a comment today, I was putting up a new post..
    Take care, dear friend,

  22. I love a project!
    From the time the first shimmering of an idea sparks in my brain to everything that happens until the end result!
    Flicking through magazines for inspiration, sourcing whatever is needed and finally tying it all together.
    My project planning is a lengthey procedure - needless to say!
    Like your magnificent 100 year old beams Vera, there is always one particular idea or piece that sets the ball rolling for me!
    I imagine it is quite lovely to be living in a row home - I have always admired them in the movies - they're full of character!
    Wishing you a lifetime of happiness in your special nest!
    Thank you for popping in to say hello!
    Shane xxx

  23. Vera,
    We are on the same wavelength.... thinking of homes and the people (pets included) who are the heart. Of course, I love your brick wall, curved plaster walls, and authentic wooden beams. I am looking forward to the full reveal.


  24. Vera,
    We are on the same wavelength.... thinking of homes and the people (pets included) who are the heart. Of course, I love your brick wall, curved plaster walls, and authentic wooden beams. I am looking forward to the full reveal.


  25. Thank you so much for your kind words, dear friend..
    Sending you a warm hug.

  26. I love the barn beams and the ugly soap. It's all beautiful to me. Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day weekend.

  27. A labor of love....
    I love the ugly soap....sounds like it does the job of many soaps.
    You are right, poured your heart and soul into this post.
    I love it.
    Beautiful poem.

  28. Hello Vera,
    I have been MIA for a while here, just because of life's busy-ness, but I wanted you to know I came by for a visit!!! I enjoyed your sharing of your home and your dreams and your current project! {LOVE those beams!}

    We have built 5 new homes over the years of our marriage, and lo and behold we are now buying an older home on a large lot with a park-like setting and a pond!!!!! The house doesn't need much to begin with (but oh the future projects!!!) But we will begin with a master bath/bedroom remodel.

    Now, I must get our home ready to sell. Fortunately, we are going to move and THEN put it on the market.

    We had to say goodbye to our 13 year old Afghan Hound last week. His health was declining and he seemed to be very uncomfortable. Just 4 months ago we said goodbye to our younger Afghan Hound who got Lymphoma. That was the hardest one, because we thought she'd be around a few more years. That's when we got 2 new puppies, knowing our other dog would not be with us much longer. That made the transition much easier, not having an empty dog-less house that would have left me ever so sad. Our dear pets bring such love and companionship to our lives, don't they? Your sweet kitty.....

    Well, I will be here waiting to see your renovations, and will be sharing my own. May we all survive it and know it will be worth it all!!!!
    ~ Violet

  29. I read this earlier and am not sure why I did not comment. My only guess is that my hand was bothering me and I could not write all that I wanted to.

    First, I love the term "Forever Home". This is the third and final house we have owned. We liked each of our other houses and I made them homes, but this is truly the house that speaks to us and we never plan to leave.

    Second, I love pigs so your Piggy Bank is totally fun in addition to helpful in saving money.

    Just so you know, I have your post open on two different tabs so I can go back and forth and not miss something I want to comment on.

    Third, my favorite idea is the Buck's County bee and lavender farm.

    Fourth, I love that "home is where the heart is" goes all the way back to Pliny the Elder. Things change, but then again, they don't! Check out this beer

    Fifth, the beams are amazing. Steve is reading The Goldfinch and he has been commenting about using and restoring the old.

    Sixth, I love that you talk about the curves in your walls. Our living room ceiling is curved and we love it. We have some of the original 1927 windows - wavy and blurry in spots, but we treasure them. One former owner replaced some of the bedroom panes with plexiglass. We need to swap them back for real glass, but it won't be old and wavy.

    Seventh. your poem hits home right now as our son is being married. Joshua and Aylin want to save to buy a house, but I was checking the listings in Santa Barbara just for fun yesterday. A fixer upper (which they want) is close to $1 million. I don't know if they will ever be able to set their roots down. They want an old house, with wood floors, oozing with charm and it might just be out of their price range.

    Thanks for reminding me about the beams.

    Hope Max is doing well.

  30. I so enjoyed this post Vera, I love reading about all the renovations you are doing and I can't wait to see pictures of all the rooms when they're done. Mademoiselle Oink is just delightful and for a split second I thought she was real. I had to do a double-take to realize that she is just a cute prop. I loved this week's poem, it's so spot on. I have always thought that we never really own a house, we are simply the caretakers who tend to it until it's time to turn it over to the next caretakers. I'm so glad to hear that Max is doing better and is enjoying sweet treats and kisses.

  31. I myself, have dreamed of living in all the ways you described. You two made a great choice! It sounds like there is a lot going on there too. I love the beams you plain to add to an already wonderful place. Just down the road from me is a place that specializes in reclaimed beams. I drive by hugs stacks of old beams daily and think of what their next life will be.
    I always love reading your writing---beautiful!
    sending hugs from here...

  32. I'm so happy to have found your post via Art and Sand. Your forever home is certainly a labour of love. Years ago we lived near Paoli and spent every spare minute in Philadelphia. Lovely memories.
    I look forward to following your posts.

  33. Lovely poem, your home is your sanctuary isn't it? I love turning the key in that door in the evenings. You're having lots of work done at the moment, looking forward to the big reveal! That's so nice that Max left his pawprints in the cement. I hope he remains well and pain free for as long as possible. Jen x

  34. Vera - love this post. The poem is great and I love the term "forever home". I didn't think this would be our forever home but after 47 years, I think it probably will be. Plus, there's so many memories here I would hate to leave behind. Thanks for a delightful read.


  35. You and Shakespeare are right-
    I am happiest at home.
    You have put your heart and soul into your forever home.
    I look forward to reading more and I am anew follower.

    White Spray Paint

  36. Thank you Vera, it felt good to have a bit of sinus releif answering your 7 questions, as for a post I already had stored in my file pictures and the final news of a dear friends move was just the nudge to do a quick post of what we have to look forward to. The good hour and 35-40 minute drive will be a wonderful drive for visits, a resting place to breathe in that salted air, a healing place to clear ones head of all the crazy health issues.

    I am feeling a bit better again today, back to the doctors today, another test plan and will see what's up with these added sinus issues.

    Thank you for your most eloquent of comments left at my place, it's always good for my heart, spirit, and mind to receive such beauty from you, it's a real pick me up. I am going to steam my sinuses and make some tea.
    Thank you my dear friend for everything.


    Ps. I have another dear friend who is making a trip up to see Hannah and I who also lives at the beach in Redondo, and Manhattan her private condo view, is of the sand at the edge and the rush of the waves in and dragging out, it's what she gets to wake up to every morning the view from her front room sliding doors that open to the infinity of ocean view, her morning tea on her upper level patio is all one needs to calm the nerves.

    Much like your days spent with family at the beach, it's such a place of renewal, breathing in salted air medicine. For the mind body, and spirit.


  37. I am such a homebody and always feel my very best in my own haven…for me, home truly is where the heart is…happy Wednesday, Vera!