Thursday, June 9, 2016

Nurturing Nature ...

I am back from my blogging break with a post about nurturing nature and how we are graced with its beautiful bounty in Earth's accolades. My time away had both laughter and tears as I went about living daily life through observation in the quiet. But my time away will be measured and remembered through moments not by time. This post is a share of an afternoon, one spent amongst nature's beauty that took my breath away. No compensation for doing this, just a share.

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."
~Maya Angelou~

Two huge yellow Adirondack chairs on Route 31 in Ringoes NJ command your attention and create curiosity to visit, wander and explore. All photos are of Rutgers nursery and my photos were taken on my iPhone 6S and appear without any enhancements or alterations as I prefer to post this way.

"A garden must combine the poetic and be mysterious with a feeling of serenity and joy.
~Luis Barragan~

Rutgers Nursery is the premier nursery for locals and residents in the New York and Philadelphia areas. Their grounds are breathtaking and their gardening sales assistants are polite and extremely knowable. Expect to leave with not only a pleasant experience but plants and flowers to enjoy.

John and I went there on a mission. One to add to our city gardening and to seek out a huge/tall aesthetically pretty urn/container. After a year of searching for one we were not disappointed.

"All gardening is landscape painting."
~William Kent~

You wander and meander at your own leisurely pace. You feel the peacefulness and ponder your gardens possibilities.

"The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies."
~Gertrude Jekyll~

"Regardless of geographical region or culture gardening is perhaps the most common and shared experience of nature."
~S. Kelley Harrell~

At Rutgers you walk, you explore, you admire, you desire! 

"Garden as though you will live forever."
~William Kent~

The vista is breathtaking as Rutgers Nursery grows its own.

"No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth and no culture comparable to that of the garden."
~Thomas Jefferson~

There are benches to sit and reflect as you rest and even a cafe named the "Good Roots Cafe".

"Gardens and chocolate both have mystical qualities."
~Edward Flaherty~

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."
~Audrey Hepburn~

Be still my heart ... there it is. The only one of its fluted kind and in an instance I knew it was love at first sight. Calling over a garden assistant we marked it sold.

So many unique pots to choose from!

"Gardening is how I relax. It's another form of creating and playing with colors."
~Oscar de la Renta~

"My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece."
~Claude Monet~

So in the end of meandering, pondering and thinking of what we wanted to grow in our tall gorgeous urn we chose Lavender. This photo is of John and our gardening assistant holding three containers of Lavender for me to see if 3 would be enough plants, but more importantly so I could snap this photo to share with you.

"The earth laughs in flowers."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

I am working on a post inspired by a recent art purchase from Doré at Burlap Luxe. I am writing a poetic eternal love fable set in New Orleans to weave into my photos. Until then I leave you with my poem - On land or by Sea.  

During the Summer season the ground is revitalized and flowers bloom...
An extravagant gesture of earth's bounty that fills the air with floral perfume

Through the eternal ever cleansing waters colored in ocean blue 
A harmonious serenity washes over the shore and replenishes you 

Intrinsically nurturing all you love in universal development you consciously nourish
miraculously graced your fertile ground thrives and will abundantly flourish 

It is a longing deep inside ones soul to nurture nature and be connected with the soil
A time to dig in the dirt and plant a garden becomes a labor of love never a chore or toil


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  1. That nursery is incredible!!!! I love the urn you picked out, the lavender will look amazing in it not to mention it will smell heavenly :o) Beautiful pics......

  2. Hi Vera,
    What a beautiful day you had walking thru the grounds of this nursery. I would have stayed for hours. I'm so glad that you found a container that you loved. I find that it is hard work to find one tall enough for my liking, too. One that is a good price and doesn't need a forklift! LOL I loved your poem and pics and I am also loving your IG feed where everything is wonderful in B&W. I hope you have a good weekend! xoxo, T.

  3. Beautiful Vera. Welcome back my friend. Love that urn and the lavender will not only be a beautiful site but the aroma will be so wonderful. Great choice. That one had your name on it for sure. Loved your poem and all the beautiful garden quotes. Fabulous post.

  4. It looks like a stroll through paradise at that nursery! The urn is awesome! So unique and I think lavender will look gorgeous in it. Please post a picture of it at your home!

  5. Welcome back, such beauty unfolds in blogging that can't be expressed with any other media then The story telling blogging allows. It's a beautiful nursery you share here...I so wish we had a Rutgers Nursery close to us to shop, we here have more rural country nurserys to shop our garden or nature needs.

    I bet you wanted to sit all day there, I could have spent hours even sitting and writing or reading. This nursery is park like and just awww! Inspiring.
    Love this post coming from a place where you took off time to accomplish the areas of your home life that needed to addressed.

    Welcome my dear and thank you for inspiring garden beauty, this evening I will be buying some potted plants and shrubs that bloom that I will be planting.
    See you soon and the poetic words you express with nature as its calling that inspired.


  6. Welcome back Vera, you were missed.
    Beautiful nursery - so many lovely plants, pots, etc. A great way to spend some time.

    Love the quotes and poem.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  7. A beautiful pot..and I love glad to have you back...
    yes, I think we all have been hanging out at our favorite nurseries, drooling over all the beauty.
    Love the poem...

  8. Welcome back! Oh Vera, what a beautiful post... A visit to the Nursery.. One of my favorite things to do... Yours is breathtaking.. I love the pot you picked out, and of course, what else but Lavender... I just planted 7 this spring.. Thank you for taking me along with you..
    Love your poem!
    Thank you so much for visiting Clara and leaving such a kind note.
    blessings dear friend

  9. beautiful photographs ... wonderful garden posts ... your lovely words ... what a pleasure to read this late Thursday night.

  10. So happy to see you posting, Vera! I love visiting all sorts of nurseries, each and everyone has something new and delightful. The urn you and John chose is spectacular. How I love lavender!

    I am really enjoying your IG posts. I'm not so frequent in looking at things but it's all fun, isn't it? Love your poem, too. You are a delight!


  11. Vera, oh, there was a hole in my world, I was missing you. Lavender to chooose, oh yess, indeed. Your poem so special with such a heart in it.
    Happy to be with you again :))) your friend Méa

  12. There is NOTHING like nature to bring out OUR nature from the rubble of the daily making a living scene. This was my first real week off for summer vacation but of course, I had to attend a tech training course yesterday but only for four hours. Now? Bliss. Observation of self and garden, friendships off and on line, and GOD. Lovely photos as always my dear. What kind of camera are you using? Your photos are as clear and lucid as your poetry and thoughts. LOVE!

  13. First of all, I would love a field trip to Rutger's Nursery. And I think you found the perfect combination in the pretty fluted pot and the lavender. It smells like heaven and will relax you! :) Lovely words, my friend. You are an amazing wordsmith!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some sunshine!


  14. Hi Vera, What a beautiful way to return sharing nature and the beauty of this garden nursery through you lovely photos. I love the large pot you purchased and the lavender looks gorgeous in it. The first pic with the yellow Adirondack chairs just takes me to a special place in my memories. So glad you are back my friend. I have missed you so much!!
    Love your beautiful poetry too.
    I have stepped back from blogging. Lots going on health wise and design wise too, plus, after 10 years of posting, I need to prioritize my day to day routines. Posting now just once a week and it is working out great.
    Have a nice weekend and blessings to you. xo

  15. I'm so glad you are back Vera. I love the pot you chose and filling it with lavender, well makes it perfect.As always your lovely poem is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing my talented friend. Have a wonderful weekend. xx Jo

  16. Hello Vera - the garden inspiration is lovely as is the fluted pot/vase. The poem you shared is so meaningful and with an upcoming trip to the ocean in Rhode Island, your post has me more excited than ever.

    1. Thanks for your visit JoanMarie I didn't know how to personally thank you through an email but I wish you a delightful vacation and the beauty of the sea.
      Thanks for visiting.

  17. Welcome back, Vera. This is such a wonderful nursery. It almost looks like a large garden that one can relax and enjoy. I love going to the nursery too. It provides us with so much beauty to take pictures. I like the chairs that you saw on Route 31, and those aqua pots are so pretty. I think I would have bought one of those. :) You chose one of the nicest flowers, Lavender. It's going to look lovely planted in your new tall urn.

    Thanks for taking us along to the nursery with you. I never tire of seeing flowers blooming anywhere, everywhere!

    "Garden as though you will live forever" ~William Kent.......what a special quote this is. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  18. You definitely found a real beauty in that urn. And, lavender is a wonderful choice to enhance it's beauty! I just know you will love it in it's new home! Looking forward to your newest story! Blessings and welcome back! Cindy xo

  19. That looks like such an amazing nursery! I would be tempted to spend the entire day. The urn you chose is a beauty, and lavender is one of my faves, so I love your choice!

  20. What a gorgeous inspiring post, Vera! This will be added to my "must visit" list...especially when we settle into our own home. The container you chose is stunning and will be even more beautiful filled with lavender. Gardening truly is nurturing to the soul.
    Mary Alice

  21. Welcome back, Vera!! And thanks for sharing this amazing nursery. Looks like a place I'd leave with lots of goodies....especially those pots. Your tall fluted beauty is a stunner :)
    Happy summer,

  22. Welcome back Vera!
    I am living in the breathe of nature myself, just as you did on the particular and blissful day.
    Peas have been harvested and frozen, tomatoes are being tossed into salads and salsa and hydrangeas grace my patio garden and my home!
    Life is good indeed!

  23. Your new urn is awesome! The lavender goes so well with it too. Thanks for sharing Vera!

  24. The lavender looks so good in your urn! Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful flowers with us.


  25. Dearest Vera, the quotes, the images, and your words all made for a beautiful post. How I have MISSED YOU and your charming posts as you have a way of making me smile and putting a song on my heart.

    May you have a glorious and joy-filled day, precious friend. Hugs!

  26. What a beautiful nursery, Vera. xoxo Su

  27. Having lived in NY for the first 60 years of my life (geez that sounds old!) I must confess I've never been to Rutgers. It reminds me of another nursery in Rockland County that is in itself a destination nursery. It's easy to spend the entire day there, and that's what Rutger's reminds me of. A tranquil, beautiful place!

    The planter is so architectural and quite a showpiece! Lavender is a perfect choice Vera!


  28. What a gorgeous urn! And lavender was a perfect choice! I hope you are doing well Vera! I enjoyed visiting you today, I always leave with something to chew on :) Loved the quote about planting a garden, believing in tomorrow.

  29. What a gorgeous urn! And lavender was a perfect choice! I hope you are doing well Vera! I enjoyed visiting you today, I always leave with something to chew on :) Loved the quote about planting a garden, believing in tomorrow.

  30. What a truly wonderful post, Vera! I loved seeing all of the images you shared. The quotes were perfect for a gardener to ponder. I LOVE the urn you chose for your lavender plants...perfection...I expected no less.
    Enjoy your new found piece of art.
    Love to you.

  31. What a truly wonderful post, Vera! I loved seeing all of the images you shared. The quotes were perfect for a gardener to ponder. I LOVE the urn you chose for your lavender plants...perfection...I expected no less.
    Enjoy your new found piece of art.
    Love to you.

  32. Love all the gardens stuff! I think I am starting a blogging break too-was yours good?

  33. What an amazing nursery, Vera! The pots you picked out are perfect, and I can almost smell that lavender from here! I just love lavender and have some in a large pot on our back deck. So glad to see you back:) Hope you are enjoying your summer.

  34. Somehow I missed this ~ so happy I saw it! Such beautiful photos and I love lavender.I hope it's healthy and growing well!


  35. I've been away, but it was so very nice to come back to two posts from you. Your day at the nursery must have been a beautiful one. Visiting such a place is one of my favourite things to do. I like the urn you chose. I look forward to seeing a photo of it in place outside your house.

  36. This looks amazing! I might actually go camping if I could do it here!