Thursday, April 27, 2017

My daily moments of Zen I share ...

My days are hectic, fast paced hours spent engaging in follies and my insistent muse driven ambition, which seems more destiny than chosen by me. I guess everything has a purpose and a reason. Just as the evening turns into inky moody blues and brilliant stars appear to enhance my dreams, my days quickly turn into months recording my daily existence through my writing and photography.

I have received numerous personal emails asking "are you giving up blogging?" Well - the answer is no, but time has slipped away while finishing up my 4th fairy tale book. All my books I have staged, photographed and poetically wrote with help from my assistant Simon >^..^< Meanwhile enjoying my life and capturing moments in time to post daily on Instagram. I share personal observations in my posts, favorite quotes, fairy tale scenes, lots of photos in our row home and on Fridays wine shares, noir and color shots and everything in between. Instagram has become my journal. So for those who have missed me in Blog land trust me I haven't fallen down the Rabbit hole - nor traveled far... just click on my IG link and share in my life... But for now I will hit the mute button and share some IG photos you may of missed. Posting daytime or nighttime as I find a quiet moment to share of myself and talent. 


click to view me on instagram

click to view me on instagram


  1. I have missed your posts so much. Glad to hear that you are not giving up on blogging. I don't have Instagram, so therefore I miss a lot.

    Great photos and terrific post. Love those mice.


  2. Sweet Vera, how I have missed you, lovely lady! It was such a blessing to visit with you tonight.

    Your photos always touch my heart as you have a special way of capturing whimsy and enchantment on camera.

    Thank you for sharing and have a beautiful weekend. Hugs!

  3. I so enjoy your IG posts, the photos and content. And I do miss your blog posts but totally understand there is a season for everything.

    All the best in your book endeavor. Can't wait to see it!

    Love and hugs, Vera!

    Jane x

  4. Yes I too was wondering if you would find the time to return to blogging now and then.
    Looking forward to the adventure of book four (4)
    Is this your last book on the family journey?
    I love seeing the latest collective piece you have added to your home and IG has kept me in the loop!
    I love the foto of your bedroom it feels very moody and out of Africa with touches of French as expected.

    Enjoy your weekend dear while relishing in all the added beauty you have created designing around your home.
    Looking forward to the project you have been tossing around with your moody wall.


  5. The cozy wonderland it is - full of adventures end couriosities (how is that written? Heeeelp? ;)
    I am looking foreward to what has grown here. And of course you would have not fallen in a rabbit hole - you only use that to fetch something from the otherworld, hahaha
    So glad to hear about your ideas, I see, you are happy and taking joy from life itself in creativity :))
    I send you huuuuugs and, maybe, something special - on Beltane I will post a tutorial a DIY for making an "antique" mirror yourself. It is magic, even I could not see the difference :)
    Have a wonderful time, Vera, your friend Méa out of the land of mirrors ;)

  6. Good morning Vera! Isn't it nice to be on Instagram? It's wonderful to see you there. Give Simon a huge hug for me!

  7. I so enjoy your IG posts Vera! I fall off from blogging frequently too. Life does get busy and the older I get the faster time is going. I expect some time to post in blog land soon. Take Care sweet friend 😉

  8. I so enjoy your IG posts Vera! I fall off from blogging frequently too. Life does get busy and the older I get the faster time is going. I expect some time to post in blog land soon. Take Care sweet friend 😉

  9. It is said a home is a reflection of who lives there. Your home says you are adventurous, not afraid to take risks, well traveled, curious, sometimes moody (it can't ALL be good dear Vera ;)), creative, individualistic, multi-faceted, and a bit romantic. It is just beautiful!

    I was delighted to see you in my inbox today. I'm rarely on IG, but as you know find my way there occasionally. I've missed many of these gorgeous shots!


  10. Vera, I'm so glad you showed some of your Instagram pictures, as this girl is not on Instagram. I enjoyed all of them so much, and your house is one of the most charming homes I've seen. I just have to tell you all the things I loved.....the little mouse with the pink scarf, the Eiffel tower lamp, and copper pots in your kitchen, the angel with the crown, and the beautiful statue of Mary. Home is definitely wear your heart is, and you have made a warm and cozy home for your family. Thank you for sharing your pics from Instagram, and maybe you can do a blog series on this, wouldn't that be something? Your cat picture is simply gorgeous.

    I am wishing you the happiest days in May, Vera.


  11. H Vera, I always love to come to your home. It speaks of peace and beauty. Your style is so original and unique. I know that you have spent a lot of time making it so inviting. Thank you for sharing it.
    xoxo Jo

  12. Dear Vera,
    Your home is certainly a mirror of your heart. Just beautiful.
    So good to see you back again.
    Thank you so much for your visit and kind words.

  13. Dear Vera, It's beautiful. I love the moody dark walls and the glimmer of light, both natural and created that casts a glow in your surroundings. Your bedroom is gorgeous. xoxo Su

  14. Loved swooning through all your lovely photo here today. I usually catch your wonderful pics and stories on IG but this was nice to see a post today.
    Your bedroom is so gorgeous and serene. Just beautiful. Happy New Week my friend.

  15. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog, Vera! Your images are such a reflection of your soul....whimsical, yet serious, and beautiful with so much love for life.

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