Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Too many snow days and a poetic escape...

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We missed the first snow storm of the winter. We had flown down to Florida to visit with my brother, sister-in-law and my Dad on December 7th. On Sunday the 8th the Philadelphia Eagles played a home game with the Detroit Lions and won in blizzard conditions. 8 inches of snow.

Watching the game in Palm Beach County in 82 degrees poolside, while eating an incredible lunch of grilled fish prepared by my brother Kevin to say the least was surreal.

Many more snow falls to hit Philadelphia and leave us all in the frozen tundra.

This snowfall fell overnight and dumped 10 inches with a crispy ice coating on top. It was about this time John and I both came down with the H1N1 Flu. Then yesterday Philadelphia was hit hard with blizzard conditions and over 13.5 inches of snow.

Nearly two weeks of fighting the H1N1 flu we are still indoors wrapped in faux fur. While outside our Prius has a pretty fluffy blanket too. I had a warm weather sea breeze dream (OK, it could of been a vivid fever dream) that I found so incredibly real I sat down and wrote this poetry of the dream. Enjoy and stay well.

A Fisherman's Catch

I'm full of wanderlust on this January night and want to be peacefully swept away from our icy wintry mix.
Dreaming of Greece I was greeted by sea breezes and sunshine providing me with my warm weather fix.

Walking barefoot in the sand, collecting nautilus shells I had seen at the Corfu museum earlier in the day.
I wandered along the shoreline without any destination or a plan, the lovely seashells showed me the way.

They lead me to a magical fairytale sea cottage, I didn't know they really exist.
I ventured up to the charming white cottage and knocked on the door, I couldn't resist.

A woman with a kind aura appeared, her soft flowing curls framed her face so lovely and fair.
Curls caressing her waist with shimmering light from her sun streaked sandy blonde hair.

She welcomed me in and introduced her Greek husband, a real Adonis proud and strong.
In love, living together in this fairytale cottage, you know is where they belong.

Over the evening they shared their inspiring fable, I totally believe to be true,
told in much detail, in their cottage of luminosity in painted hues of watery blue.

Once upon a time... while fishing for crustaceans off the shore of the Aegean Sea at night.
Casting his throw net into the water illuminated by a full moon big and bright,

he accidentally captured a beautiful siren of the sea, who was very seductive and charming.
The surprised fisherman didn't make any sudden moves that could threaten or seem alarming.

She sang her song, a beautiful mesmerizing melody, elusive and very rare.
An untamed mermaid of enchantment, to speak to her, should he dare?

He introduced himself as Alexio, a fourth generation artisanal fisherman out in the full moon fishing.
For he to capture such a admired beauty of the sea was certainly what his heart was wishing.

Her voice spoke softly and she said her name is Miren, which means of the sea.
Miren explained she is a sea matron of enchantment, who secretly longed to be set free.

Free from the sea, to walk on the sand and run along the shore.
Freedom to be a woman was something she always believed she'd adore.

Truth is, Alexio had no one to love and had a lonely life,
and he deeply hoped to one day make Miren his wife.

They met every month during the full moon for an entire year.
During their twelfth clan-destined visit, the fisherman faced his biggest fear.

The small fishing boat got caught up in the moons gravitational force.
The waters choppy and threatening, had pulled Alexio way off his course.

The mast in shreds, the boat capsized, a horrific storm at sea became a real tale of survival.
Praying to spare Miren from her fishtail and life in the water brought about a new fate arrival.

Alexio was drowning and might of very well died that night,
as he prayed to Poseidon to save Miren and make her future bright.

I am willing to die under these crashing waves, please give Miren her wish, just take me.
In exchange for his unselfish prayers, Miren and he were released from the sea.

Poseidon granted their hearts desire to live together on land, as husband and wife.
So they moved into the sea cottage and accepted the arrival of their new destined life.

But sometimes at night when the waves hit the shore,
The call for this mermaid to return to the sea has strong allure.

If off the islands of Crete you're lucky enough you might catch a beautiful sight,
and see a mermaid under the full moon swimming peacefully in the waves at night.
© Vera

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sparks of Inspiration

Happy New Year and welcome to my first official blogging adventure!
At the top of our landing upstairs our sitting/reading rooms opens up. My husband and I have worked side by side over the years to completely gut every inch of our row home and reinvented it for our casual lifestyle. Years ago we knocked down the hallway wall of the middle bedroom and installed a skylight to flood the room with light.
This is where I go to read and face the challenge of a blank paper pad. Be it to draw or write my poetry. Funny while waiting for that creative flash of inspiration the blank page is both exhilarating and terrifying! I always start with the "old school" habit of pen on paper. I personally feel it's a more soulful connection. Once my idea and concept has been crafted I switch to writing/refining and making the final changes on my computer.

Over the summer I made some changes and additions to the area. I purchased a new small grey velvet sofa, a floating lacquered grey shelf, a small cowhide rug and I repainted the mantle with a faux grey technique.

The photos printed on canvas in B&W were printed by John who works in digital media. They are of my son Christopher and are my favorite photos of him. Taken by my beautiful grand Gabrielle while out and about with her Dad and brother Dane (a mini me of Chris) a couple of years ago.

My son Christopher and only child passed away suddenly on November 2nd, 2013. The holidays were very difficult for us, my sons children and loved ones and friends left behind.

Throughout our house we have pieces my son designed and gifted us with. Chris was a talented carpenter. The mantle was a gift 18 years ago he made for me. He crafted it from all architectural salvage.

The very weathered mirror was made from a 200 year old farmhouse in Buck's County PA. One year for my Christmas gift Chris replaced the glass with old mirror and it has hung here since. I've only made a few enhancements of a paint and glaze solution to bring out it's faded charm.

On Christmas I received a magical message, a true Christmas gift on my sons favorite holiday. A powerful message that he was at peace. Christmas Eve was a very difficult emotional evening and while trying to fall asleep all I managed to do was cry a river and toss and turn. Sometime early Christmas morning I did fall asleep. I dreamt that Chris was in Heaven, filled with beautiful deep shades of sapphire and cobalt with streaks of lavender. There was movement in the heavens filled with blinking glistening stars. Chris was floating and his back was turned as he reached into the heavens and plucked a bright star and placed it on top his tree. Chris turned around and smiled at me, the warmest smile I've ever seen. I felt his love flow through me as I felt a warm embrace of peacefulness. I fell back asleep, a resting sleep I hadn't had since November 2nd.

Awoken by a phone call from my cousin, we chatted for awhile but I didn't share my dream. I needed to process through it. Realizing it was a gift of release of the anger stage of grief and one of acceptance of my loss. I went downstairs, fed Max and Simon (fur kids), cooked breakfast and over breakfast I shared my amazing dream with John.

Afterwards I went on-line and found a company in the Netherlands that you can purchase and name a star in honor of someone. Chris's star is a bright star visible in Northern America, Canada and Northern Europe.

I had told John there would be no gifts exchanged on Christmas. We would approach the day just like a normal Wednesday (as Chris loved to say Hump day). I never thought that on Christmas I would receive a gift ... a remarkable gift of peace from my handsome son.

I believe in this quote:
"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny"
C.S. Lewis

In this room I display my most treasured things. The Buddha is an antique Burmese. I collect Buddha's and they are in every room of our house. The wire crown adorning Buddha's head was made by my friend and very gifted artist Doré Callaway of Burlap Luxe.

The door with the art I painted is the back guest bedroom.

I find inspiration and enjoyment reading my great collection of decorating books. Many written by bloggers.

Meet  >^..^< Maxwell Smart ... my photo assistant

Now onto my poetic flash of inspiration. As a young girl watching TV on Saturdays the Tin Man movies had a major influence on me. Starring Myrna Loy and William Powell as Nick and Nora Charles and their adorable back flipping wire-haired terrier named Asta. I would watch those reruns and dream of being married one day to my own Nick. I loved their sense of playfulness, their wonderful filled with adventure marriage. Nora's gorgeous fashions and Nick the charming cocktail drinking detective. Very attentive, much in love husband. But it was adorable Asta that caused my affection for wire-haired terriers that has made them my favorite dog breed.

This is Rex, I named him that because... well he looked like a Rex to me! Rex, as well as the adventures of TinTin served as the sparks of inspiration for this poem.

Henri and Rex

Adventurous French charming Henri is eight and adorable Rex is just three.
Inspiration of this duo started with Henri in diapers being read to on Mom's knee.

Mom's childhood books "The Adventure's of TinTin and Snowy" reading the entire collection,
needless to say Henri's first word was dog, no surprise a Fox Terrier was his pet selection.

No, not all white like Snowy, there are a few ginger patches under his chin, back and chest.
From day one, an undeniable strong bond as they playfully run the entire sea's edge abreast.

Boy and dog in their inseparable adventurous duo, enjoying and living in Brittany, France.
Dad runs a multi-generational business and need only look up to see them in a quick glance.

Amongst the salt fields of Fleur de Sel and Grey salt are Dad's legacy genes,
retiring with Henri running this proud business occupy his nightly dreams.

Many years will past before this dream will actually turn to destiny of what will be,
for now, it's Henri and Rex sharing adventure running along the shore of the sea.

So it comes down to the moral part of this story I've told as a rhyming fable,
if your child asks for a companion pet, please say yes, if you're willing and able.
© Vera