Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Wintertime Ballet

It is the night before opening matinee and Violet mouse has been rehearsing her performance very diligently. Carpenter and set designer Christopher mouse has finally completed the wintertime ballet set. It's been snowing non stop in Paris for days and the winter birch trees are magically transformed into an ice coated glistening winter wonderland. This evening it is a gorgeous sight. All the mice who inhabit this hauntingly beautiful old opera/ballet theatre have decided to produce their ballet with this theme.

Chris ever the hard worker, delights in playful antics, so tonight before opening day reflects just that. Chris jumped into the swing reserved for the angel, deciding to enjoy all of Violets and his efforts. He is always up for hard work followed by play.

This theatre was made by Dore Callaway of Burlap Luxe fame and was featured on her blog posting of December 20th, 2012. I have long admired her talent and I follow her blog. I wrote Dore and asked/begged her to allow me the opportunity to purchase it for my own productions. I even wrote a poem about the theatre and sent it to her! You will see the poem at the end of this posting. Over the past year Dore and I have become cyber pen pals and she was highly instrumental in me starting up my blog.

sources: Theatre - Burlap Luxe, trees - Department 56, Violet - Penny White 


Wanderlust guided by moonbeams and stars up above,
I ventured in time to a place filled with love.

While waiting for sleep and full of wanderlust I was swept away,

to a location in Paris, France, tonight my soul needs to play.

Once upon a time in a place of grandeur and grace,

I instantly knew I was in the right place.

A very old abandoned French Opera theatre of decay.

Outside there was a tiny mouse holding a sign and wearing a Beret.

Perhaps a mouse holding a sign might keep you away!

But he welcomed me in under an ancient archway.

His sign simply said Mademoiselle Violet's opening night.

Inside I encountered the most adorable vision ever so right.

A ballet of a young Violet, who is a mouse,

who inhabited this centuries old Opera house!

Violet in purple right down to her ballet slippers with her tutu all a swirl,

transcending the audience into her miniature dream world.

Pantomime to tell her story, while the tempo and melody grew stronger,

delighted my senses and I wanted to linger longer.

But reality came with a barking dog,

all because a runner was out for their morning jog in the fog.

Gray skies of Paris I awoke to today,

memories of Violet that will never fade away.

© Vera 

I will be back in the New Year to kick off my blog. Until then enjoy a magical and peaceful holiday season.