Thursday, April 27, 2017

My daily moments of Zen I share ...

My days are hectic, fast paced hours spent engaging in follies and my insistent muse driven ambition, which seems more destiny than chosen by me. I guess everything has a purpose and a reason. Just as the evening turns into inky moody blues and brilliant stars appear to enhance my dreams, my days quickly turn into months recording my daily existence through my writing and photography.

I have received numerous personal emails asking "are you giving up blogging?" Well - the answer is no, but time has slipped away while finishing up my 4th fairy tale book. All my books I have staged, photographed and poetically wrote with help from my assistant Simon >^..^< Meanwhile enjoying my life and capturing moments in time to post daily on Instagram. I share personal observations in my posts, favorite quotes, fairy tale scenes, lots of photos in our row home and on Fridays wine shares, noir and color shots and everything in between. Instagram has become my journal. So for those who have missed me in Blog land trust me I haven't fallen down the Rabbit hole - nor traveled far... just click on my IG link and share in my life... But for now I will hit the mute button and share some IG photos you may of missed. Posting daytime or nighttime as I find a quiet moment to share of myself and talent. 


click to view me on instagram

click to view me on instagram