Saturday, December 20, 2014

Snowflakes, Christmas Carols and Mistletoe...

Popping in from my short blogging break that continue's until after the start of the New Year. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and much cheer, soon midnight clocks throughout our World will usher in 2015. I'm excited entering my second year of blogging and look forward to sharing more thought provoking posts, Poetry and writing from my heart. It energizes me to leave you with a post to ponder, while I weave my poetry into the story line.

I will start off with a handmade (by me) double giveaway as my 1st anniversary appreciation gift, plus what I do every year instead of a New Years resolution. Something of a promise that I never break and feel honored to do.

John and I embrace the serenity of Wintertime as our Christmas/winter decor reflects. I couldn't resist sharing this photo that encourages relaxation and peace. I snapped it as Max^^ was trying to catch a little cat-nap early today. He often lays near our antique Tibetan Buddha who greets visitors into our home. For winter Buddha wears a vintage white rabbit fur scarf as our precious little fur-kid slumbers.

Thank you for all your blogging support, encouragement and the endearing friendship's that formed. It's been one amazing first year! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support and kindness.

Below I leave you with my two favorite Christmas quotes. Be Merry and Bright!

"Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories gather and dance - each beautiful, unique and too soon gone."
~Deborah Whipp~

"I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year."

"Charles Dickens"

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Gypsy Ballet

I along with four other blogging friends have joined together on today, December 5th in producing our Holiday theatre presentations. I Hope you enjoy my Gypsy Ballet and at the end of my post please click onto the links to see Doré from Burlap Luxe, Anita from Castles Crowns and Cottages, Violet from Create Beauty and Lin from A Tiny Cottage in the Woods theatre presentations.

This has been a fun idea for all five of us to link our creative efforts into a French themed Holiday show, not knowing what each of us had planned only added to the excitement. So without further ado ... Here we go into our world of make believe.

You might remember my petite sweet Violet from last years blog post of December's Holiday Wintertime Ballet.
Violet's the mouse who has inhabited a centuries old abandoned Opera house of decay.

Believing she's a Prima ballerina our cute mouse with the Purple tutu stages seasonal performances with her very best friend.
Where they work together staging imaginative set designs for their ballets... well it's opening night, so please join in and pretend.

On a snowy early December Parisian star filled evening, headed to the Medieval Castle in the Bois de Vinceness park, 
the glistening freshly fallen snow covered ground guided Violet to a Gypsy caravan unexpectedly parked in the dark.

Encountering a vividly painted gypsy van and gathering of nomadic travel to our sweet Violet was sheer delight...
While the gypsies joined together in dance and morphed into a kaleidoscope of color under the bright starlight.

A vitality of energy as they swirled and whirled engaging sweet Violet that night in the park as they all seemed aglow.
The following day Violet was inspired that a Gypsy ballet in the park would be perfect for the Christmas holiday show.

Producing a ballet of Gypsy wonderment in uninhibited prancing and dancing just wait and you will see...
The audience's hearts will be lifted in wondrous Christmas magic to enjoy and please remember to just ... believe!

© Vera

While helping to stage our little Michel looks on offering his direction. The chandelier soon came down and a bottle brush wreath went up. Trees and snow would provide the feel of the park. The park gate was placed outside the theatre suggesting the main gate into the Bois de Vinceness Park in Paris was a grand entrance.

I found a gypsy caravan on Google. It was printed out and glued onto cardboard and then it was cut out, very similar to paper dolls.

A close up of the gypsy van. Visually a hand painted, embellished and decorated nomadic artistic statement in their journey of travels.

Our French theatre is placed on our credenza in our Dining Room. Offering all our guests who arrive "dinner theatre" with their meal. Of course said "tongue-in-cheek"!

A side view of the theatre on our credenza. Every season I stage different ballets and write a poem to tell the story line. 

Where ballet mice dance and entertain.

Bravo, Bravo sweet Violet your dance was sheer delight.

In this photo is a charming book my Cousin Wayne gifted me with one Christmas many years ago. A pop-up book entitled The 12 Days of Christmas. I have opened it to the eleventh day of Christmas ... Eleven ladies dancing. I carefully pack it away with our Christmas decorations year after year and open it with delight to enjoy the stunning pop-ups that have become a Christmas decorating tradition in our home.

Traditions are essential I find for a happy heart, happy life. But we never loss sight of the true blessed meaning of Christmas during the merriment of the season.

A vintage ice wreath for this year has been placed on our dining room mirror. For the past several years we have enjoyed a white and cream, snow and ice theme in our holiday home reflectively expressing our cold winters in Philadelphia. In the mirrors reflection you can see the French theatre.

A icy snowman vignette is underneath the wreath and along side a vase with iced birch branches creating a little wintertime scene.

Enjoy all the wonder and magic of the 2014 holiday season and wishing you a very Happy 2015 New year. I will return back to blogging in the New Year, kicking off my second year with a double giveaway - creativity handmade by me. But for now It's time to take a little blogging break and enjoy Christmastime.

sources: All photos taken by me - Vera
Theatre was created from salvage and vintage pieces and purchased from Doré Callaway of Burlap Luxe.
All needle felted wool ballet mice were custom made for me by Penny White from Angelsdoor blog.
All the set designs by me.
Theatre curtains and gypsy vests designed, created and sewn by me, the vests were cut and glued to fit each tiny mouse. 
The columned park gate redesigned and faux painted by me to fit this productions needs.
All bottle brush trees are from my personal collection of many years.
Admit one ticket was made and sent to all of us bloggers who have participated in this production by Anita of Castles, Crowns and Cottages. I thought displaying it in many photos lent magic to the presentation. Cute idea mon amie Anita.

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