Friday, December 5, 2014

The Gypsy Ballet

I along with four other blogging friends have joined together on today, December 5th in producing our Holiday theatre presentations. I Hope you enjoy my Gypsy Ballet and at the end of my post please click onto the links to see Doré from Burlap Luxe, Anita from Castles Crowns and Cottages, Violet from Create Beauty and Lin from A Tiny Cottage in the Woods theatre presentations.

This has been a fun idea for all five of us to link our creative efforts into a French themed Holiday show, not knowing what each of us had planned only added to the excitement. So without further ado ... Here we go into our world of make believe.

You might remember my petite sweet Violet from last years blog post of December's Holiday Wintertime Ballet.
Violet's the mouse who has inhabited a centuries old abandoned Opera house of decay.

Believing she's a Prima ballerina our cute mouse with the Purple tutu stages seasonal performances with her very best friend.
Where they work together staging imaginative set designs for their ballets... well it's opening night, so please join in and pretend.

On a snowy early December Parisian star filled evening, headed to the Medieval Castle in the Bois de Vinceness park, 
the glistening freshly fallen snow covered ground guided Violet to a Gypsy caravan unexpectedly parked in the dark.

Encountering a vividly painted gypsy van and gathering of nomadic travel to our sweet Violet was sheer delight...
While the gypsies joined together in dance and morphed into a kaleidoscope of color under the bright starlight.

A vitality of energy as they swirled and whirled engaging sweet Violet that night in the park as they all seemed aglow.
The following day Violet was inspired that a Gypsy ballet in the park would be perfect for the Christmas holiday show.

Producing a ballet of Gypsy wonderment in uninhibited prancing and dancing just wait and you will see...
The audience's hearts will be lifted in wondrous Christmas magic to enjoy and please remember to just ... believe!

© Vera

While helping to stage our little Michel looks on offering his direction. The chandelier soon came down and a bottle brush wreath went up. Trees and snow would provide the feel of the park. The park gate was placed outside the theatre suggesting the main gate into the Bois de Vinceness Park in Paris was a grand entrance.

I found a gypsy caravan on Google. It was printed out and glued onto cardboard and then it was cut out, very similar to paper dolls.

A close up of the gypsy van. Visually a hand painted, embellished and decorated nomadic artistic statement in their journey of travels.

Our French theatre is placed on our credenza in our Dining Room. Offering all our guests who arrive "dinner theatre" with their meal. Of course said "tongue-in-cheek"!

A side view of the theatre on our credenza. Every season I stage different ballets and write a poem to tell the story line. 

Where ballet mice dance and entertain.

Bravo, Bravo sweet Violet your dance was sheer delight.

In this photo is a charming book my Cousin Wayne gifted me with one Christmas many years ago. A pop-up book entitled The 12 Days of Christmas. I have opened it to the eleventh day of Christmas ... Eleven ladies dancing. I carefully pack it away with our Christmas decorations year after year and open it with delight to enjoy the stunning pop-ups that have become a Christmas decorating tradition in our home.

Traditions are essential I find for a happy heart, happy life. But we never loss sight of the true blessed meaning of Christmas during the merriment of the season.

A vintage ice wreath for this year has been placed on our dining room mirror. For the past several years we have enjoyed a white and cream, snow and ice theme in our holiday home reflectively expressing our cold winters in Philadelphia. In the mirrors reflection you can see the French theatre.

A icy snowman vignette is underneath the wreath and along side a vase with iced birch branches creating a little wintertime scene.

Enjoy all the wonder and magic of the 2014 holiday season and wishing you a very Happy 2015 New year. I will return back to blogging in the New Year, kicking off my second year with a double giveaway - creativity handmade by me. But for now It's time to take a little blogging break and enjoy Christmastime.

sources: All photos taken by me - Vera
Theatre was created from salvage and vintage pieces and purchased from Doré Callaway of Burlap Luxe.
All needle felted wool ballet mice were custom made for me by Penny White from Angelsdoor blog.
All the set designs by me.
Theatre curtains and gypsy vests designed, created and sewn by me, the vests were cut and glued to fit each tiny mouse. 
The columned park gate redesigned and faux painted by me to fit this productions needs.
All bottle brush trees are from my personal collection of many years.
Admit one ticket was made and sent to all of us bloggers who have participated in this production by Anita of Castles, Crowns and Cottages. I thought displaying it in many photos lent magic to the presentation. Cute idea mon amie Anita.

Please click onto the links for the other holiday shows:


  1. Absolutely beautiful

    My favorite line because I can picture it vividly - "gypsies joined together in dance and morphed into a kaleidoscope of color".

  2. Vera - this porta gave me a flash of ideas to my upcoming project - if I only had more time, would have joined you... dommage...
    Your post is so sweet and full of ideas, your mis en scene, ah, I have a broad smile on my face now, thank you so much for what give to all of us.
    I wished, I could be there (and been there!) now with you... but Ho, I would need looong arms to hug you all, hahaha.
    So I send you HUGS and KISSIES, I postet you as well now, still waiting for the next fairy to post ;))
    Looove ♡♡♡ Méa

  3. Bravo, bravo, it was a delightful production being a part of the audience, I applauded you my dear, I am the loudest clapping gypsy mouse in your audience. Really you put so much I to your producing of your theatre and your efforts pay off with all the holiday cheer you will receive as your guest visit your dinning room of French Theatre.

    Love the gypsy Caravan, it's so intriguing wish I could be in its close presence to see it up close and perhaps take in all it's creative charm, mine is a simple paper doll wagon one of ink and paints.

    I will be in touch my dear, we will talk soon, I will return in the morning hours after I get a few things out of the way.
    Thinking of you and John, calmer days ahead of you both.

    A very Joyeux Noël



  4. Magical. Bravo!!! I love the little mice and gypsy wagon and your writing as always is uplifting. What fun your guests will have at your dinner theatre!
    Enjoy your holidays ~ I look forward to all you'll share with us in 2015, dear Vera!

  5. Ok now after seeing all the theater presentations, I am going to have to make one with the girls. How adorable are the little mice and the wonderful story that goes with it. The stone and metal gate and the gypsy van are such wonderful touches too.

  6. Dear Vera, I adore sweet Violet! What a magical and special treat to visit and attend this performance. Your design here is spectacular and takes me right in to the land of make believe. Yes, I do believe in make believe! Love the gypsy wagon. The pop up book written by your cousin is a treasure. What fun to entertain and invite your quests to dinner and a show. Wish I was there in person. Your home is lovely and your creativity is so inspiring for me as an artist. Thank you for your friendship this year. I look forward to the next.
    Enjoy the holiday and your Christmas break. See you in the new year.
    Merry Christmas Blessings

  7. Oh Vera, your theatre production is so wonderful and magical!! I love how each one on this tour is unique, yet so magnificent. I have to say, you ladies have created the most delightfully imaginative Christmas tour ever...what a treat to enjoy!
    Your theatre set is exceptional with that fabulous gypsy caravan and all of your darling characters. Loving the little wreath that replaced the chandy for this event.
    Wonderful dinner theatre par excellence!!
    Mary Alice

  8. B R A V O!!!!!!!

    { encore! encore!!! }

    Beautifully designed theatre, set, decor and story!!!!

    And to think I can come back again and again to take it all in.....

    Beautifully done my friend!!!!!! I love it.
    I sat on the edge of my seat,

    What a JOY to meet other women who know how to play.
    It is one of the things that makes life so enjoyable : )

    I love all the details and must MUST keep returning
    as more will be revealed in repeated viewings,

    "Oh Look at THAT! I didn't notice that the first time!!!!!"

    The surprises and delight fill my heart.

    a blessed Christmas to you and yours.
    I am blessed to have 'met' you this year.

    ~ Violet
    (not the mouse)

  9. Big Applause for Violet and the gypsy ballet. This is so clever. You all have such creative souls. I am so enjoying reading all of these with each of you. I am swooning over your theatre design. Just beautiful along with your sweet story. Very enchanting. Enjoy the holidays Vera.
    Love you my friend.

  10. Bravo!!!
    Vera, this is such a delightful Theatre production and story! I just love the Gypsy caravan . So many beautiful details, and your home décor is so lovely.

    The vests you made for the mice are simply adorable! What a great job you did in fashioning them.. I am honored that you would share Violet and friends.

    Wishing you a joyful and blessed Christmas, dear friend... I will keep you in my thoughts... Thank you so much for your visit and heartfelt words about my angel.
    Love and blessings to you

  11. Followed here from Castles Crowns & Cottages... wow! I love your set and decorations and poem... everything is just grand!

  12. This is absolutely delightful...the little dancers, the caravan, your stage!! I had forgotten how precious miniatures and make believe was for me as a child. That you do this seasonally, is wonderful, as well as bringing out your pop up book every Christmas.. I'm sure your home is full of happiness and sparkle right now. Kudos also on a sensational poem!!

    Jane xx

  13. Thank you for an enchanting evening in your "dinner theater" with Violet. Beautiful staging, set decoration, and photography. My favorite view is your second photo with Violet looking through the park gates at the bottle brush trees.


  14. I love it. Bravo. I love the gate, the ballerinas, and the caravan. xoxo

  15. OH MY GOODNESS...Vera, first of all, you all got my email about how late I'd be to the show....I had a very early morning at school and a late night but here I am. However, I came over very quickly yesterday at 3:30am, and I THOUGHT I left a comment! But evidently, I did not!

    OK. I am so thrilled. I am so excited that this morning,knowing it was Saturday and that I did not have to rush off anywhere kept me waking up every hour with excitement. I woke up thinking, "I can't wait to revisit my friends and their theatres!" And here I am.

    The darling little red gypsy vest, the gorgeous details that surround the theatre and the snow puff, the really outdid yourself (AND ME! TEEEE) I fear I veered off to Paris, for my theatre mice are intrigued with the garish and opulent scene of Versailles. But in their soul, they love the outback and travelin' spirit. You have displayed your imagination here in such a colorful and awesome show. Hasn't this been fun?

    I will be coming back yet again to spy out the details. Much love to you dear one. Anita

  16. Here I am once again!!!! Anita is sitting beside me in the front row, and
    we are applauding and shouting, "ENCORE!!!!!"

    Oh Vera, I love the outfits you made the mice actors : )

    What a joy to view your lovely Christmas decor and this fabulous theatre!

    ~ Violet

  17. LOVELY.........your ballerina mice know how to LIVE!

  18. Bonjour chère amie du théâtre!

    AHHHH....this quiet Sunday morning if rife with possibilities once again, as I come back to my seat in your lush Gypsy Caravan theatre. Dear heart, what a way to celebrate your first year of blogging with such fun. I will never, ever grow tired of joining with other people who see the possible. YOU SEE IT, and so do the rest of us.

    When you first showed me the little red vest, I knew I was up for an older-worldly treat. You took Doré's fabulous empty stage and filled it with your dreams. Art is this way; it takes us into the other person's mind and heart.

    I LOVE YOUR IDEA about going to Paris in 2015; I was supposed to go in May with some high school students but the enrollment was too low, so the trip was cancelled. Ruben however, is taking me to Carmel! What if we were to plan a trip in 2016? Do you think you would be up for it??????

    We got our first real tree yesterday. The house smells of my childhood, and yesterday when we brought it home, I just played. DANG how I loved my childhood, those simple and different from the other kids' experience.

    Be well today dear friend. ENCORE ENCORE! BIS! BIS!

  19. Wonderfully whimsical, Vera. Violet and her friends are precious. I can imagine them performing pirouettes across the stage. The gypsy caravan, the bottle brush trees and all the special touches are magical. Thank you for this lovely dream. xxx ~ Nancy

  20. Vera, you are so talented! Your theatre is delightful and I adore your icy wreath and snowman!

  21. That is too too cute for words, Vera. You seriously need to take this and have it published in book form just for your own enjoyment. You will love looking back at it and reading it someday. There are places that do that very reasonably. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! I made tons of white mice many years ago and gave them as gifts-peeking out of red Christmas Santa hats or out of red stockings. I love the imagination of what you did here. It is perfect!!!! xo Diana

  22. such a whimsical playground! love diana's idea to put it in book form--and i love your cousin's pop up book--so cute!

  23. Your theater is pure delight Vera!!! Your home is amazing in it's lovely Christmas finery. What a wonderful stage you have set to welcome guests into your house for the holidays. I really wish I was one of them who gets to see it all in person!
    sending hugs...

  24. Vera I have looked at this post over and over. It's just beautiful and I'm not a mouse fan, but these mice are special! You may have won me over to mouse love.

  25. ahhhh, what an adorable post...this is so so cute.
    little mice, little wreaths, little trees...i love it all.

  26. So creative, Vera. All put together with love.
    Merry Christmas.


    Welcome home my friend! And that you would come to visit me is such a kind gesture of friendship! Yes, my post does tend to crash ipads!

    Yes, you saw my dining room. I too am loving our sparse but very beautiful tree with no ornaments, just lights. There is something about the bare nature of the tree that I want to focus on this year, and it is a delight. I will be posting more photos after this week is over. I have TWO WEEKS OFF!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS sweet sista! Anita