Monday, September 5, 2016

home sweet home...

I know it's been awhile since I've posted in Blog Land and thought I'd drop in and catch you up to date. Since my last post I have been creatively consumed with writing my poetic French fairytale book number 2. Why? Well the books came about because I felt it was time to start leaving my artistic legacy behind. Photo is of my photography assistant Simon who likes to help. I hope Simon was just giving Léo mouse a little kiss!

As many of you already know my love of noir photography was why I started to post daily on Instagram. But I discovered I loved instagram and seem to share much about myself in each post. I thought it would be fun to give you a tour en noir of our old row-home in Philadelphia as I catch you up to date.

On Fridays I like to do a wine o'clock share. In it I share from my heart while enjoying some French wine at our dining room table. I like to include my French fairytale mice in them. 

In vino veritas ...

In this share I show the lovely dress painting I won on IG 

Chloé and Zoé are twins in my fairytale book 2.

My Dad would always say to me "Vera it's later than you think" and combine that with my muse shouting in my head "if not now, when?" You can understand my commitment to dedicating myself to creating. 

En noir photography forces the viewer to color in the subject matter in their minds eye. Photographing weekly flower bouquets in our kitchen are often a challenge because flowers and food noir photos are most difficult to capture.

But I practice my skills as in this photo I'm calling White Roses, White eggs at 10:59 PM.

Emmet my felt rat who dwells in our kitchen's antique barn beam. I need to surround myself with whimsy and humor as I oftentimes am too much of a deep thinker. 

I move my mouse characters around the house for inspiration.

Our 1940's French chandelier in our Living room

A pillow from Magnolia Home

Always changing art printed on canvas in our Living room

Our house is filled with cherished collections found throughout the years.

Moving upstairs on our tour... 

Cat on Zebra!

Yesterday in our bedroom

Summer in our sitting room prior to my faux painting our French settee completed last week. Canvas over the mantel is a photo from my first fairytale book about love.

John hanging my newest canvas from fairytale book 2. 

Sitting room carved out of the middle bedroom with a wall we removed to open it up.

Faux painted wood around the settee I did. 

Velvet and Mongolian lamb, I am in heaven!

In the guest room 

Our basement laundry room. I hope you enjoyed your en noir tour of our row-home of photos I posted on IG. You can join me daily there... The link is on my sidebar. I will return very, very soon to share my new fairytale with you on my blog.

PS please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of my en noir photography or to just speak your mind. See you soon.