Thursday, November 19, 2015

Peace on Earth

I'm sending up prayers to heaven guided by love on the wings of a Peace Dove,
asking for tranquil blessings and protection for all people I care about and love.

I'm born of immigrants and practice in the abstract all people are created equal no matter their race or creed.
Our solidarity and prayers are needed to keep worldwide innocents free from strife, a most urgent plead.

The idealism of a monolithic Islamic state in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has created worldwide terrorism fright.
Their evil path of jihadism is unacceptable as they pass judgmental loathing of Christians in plain sight. 

I've always believed love is stronger than hate and will win the "war" with terrorism and shine a peaceful light.
The recent attacks in Paris were horrific and I pledge solidarity as I with empathetic compassion sit down to write... 

I'm sending up prayers to heaven guided by love on the wings of a Peace Dove,
asking for tranquil blessings and protection for all the people I care about and love.

© Vera

Friday, November 6, 2015

November is coloring outside the lines ...

November to me represents a month gathering in friendship and love as we join together to renew and strengthen our emotional bonds. In Philadelphia most leaves are still painted color's of Russet and Gold as they dance and swirl through the sky while our weather temperatures usually range in the 30's up to the 50's. But this isn't a usual November by any means, Mother Nature is coloring outside the lines with our degrees in the mid 70's everyday so far.

The sounds of November that I adore most are walking through leaves that have fallen to the ground and rustle in the breeze releasing a pleasant crunch sound. Daylight ends earlier and evening shadows come out to play, often the clouds that float by above are colored Winter's Grey. There's also the sound of gabbling migrating Geese traveling in a flock. It's the sound that lets me know cold days are ahead. I sense for some the cold long winter months arriving are anticipated with dread. Perhaps even a desire to hibernate the winter away.

But for me with the upcoming seasons change I start to layer, fluff and nest enjoying nature's quiet in the months ahead. I take on many art projects, cook more soul satisfying meals, write my poetry and John and I have marathon weekends watching missed TV series and movies. Snuggling under layers of Mongolian lamb and goose down as the wind blows and the snow falls oftentimes reading a good book.

The lamb's fur becomes a pet to me as I twirl my fingers through and they keep me warm, be it real or faux fur.

Recently I purchased two handmade wreaths created from vintage book pages from my friend and fellow blogger Rosemary from VILLABARNES. Mine are tinted and there is a sturdy wire inside to hold it together. You can find similar ones in her etsy store.

I hung the smaller one (6 inches by 2 deep) on our living room's antique barn glassless frame.

My wreath purchases inspired me to write this poetic share.

"The circle of life gifts us as we give our thanks to the divinity...
Circles represent time through seasons cycles in a continual shape of infinity.
A wreaths symbolic feature is the circle which is a shape of femininity.
To me they offer protection, unity and balance all reasons for my feelings of affinity."

In our Dining room a Restoration Hardware mirror made from vintage salvaged wood that I redid the finish on hangs my second tactile wreath purchased from Rosemary. This beauty is 11.5 inches wide and 4 inches deep. It is hung on a removable 3M hook. I feel it adds warmth and rustic Fall charm.

They are labor intensive creations made with love by Rosemary and I adore how they are tinted and you can still read the words on the pages of the vintage books. Rosemary uses only vintage books that are damaged and recycles them into this highly creative art.

Japanese porcelain bowls, left side from West Elm, middle one and the adorable cat one are a gift from friend Doré from Burlap Luxe and on the right are vintage smaller bowls I purchased years ago in Chinatown. 

This is my first venture into highly colorful dinnerware. I found them on sale at West Elm and we are enjoying the fun patterns. 

Risotto's stirred with love, Turkey chili, soups, stews and creole red beans with rice all have been enjoyed in these bowls.

For me nothing satisfies and perks you up on a cold day as food served in a bowl cradled in your palm -
To reward your taste and quiet the hunger as you start to feel calm it acts as an emotional healing balm.

It may come as a surprise but to me savory always wins over anything sweet,
where the fragrant aroma's greet your sense of smell offering healthy food to eat.

For the past decade we have enjoyed this polished nickel squirrel nutcracker.
During the warm months he resides in our Dining room armoire and when I take a serving piece out for the table I see him and a smile always forms on my face.

In March any nuts we have left over are bagged and John and I walk to the park (2 blocks away) and spread them on the ground for the sweet woodland animals. We also after Thanksgiving take any Pumpkins left outside as decoration to the park and smash them so the wildlife can feed on them. 

On our stainless steel kitchen ledge I added this sign over the Summer. 

It is made by Sugarboo handpainted on reclaimed vintage salvaged wood.

We are spending Thanksgiving with our Grand Gabrielle in Cape May this year. Recently she came for a visit and spent a few days with us. In Gabby style while I was still asleep she took my iPhone and snapped many goofy pictures of herself. It's not until after she leaves I discover them on my phone. I feel enormous thanks and gratitude for the love shared with my Grands and they are truly my greatest gift from my son Chris. Since Gabby reads my blog I hope I haven't embarrassed her (too much) with sharing this photo. Love you Gabby to the Moon and back!

I will return with a post shortly after Thanksgiving and give a tour of my completed faux painted projects in our Laundry room. I wanted a fun Laundry room in our basement to be Alice in Wonderland inspired. This is a sneak peek of my faux painting on my folding laundry table/shelf John built. Until then I leave you with these thoughts to ponder. . .

I believe an enrichment to our soul occurs during the heartfelt expression in gathering to give thanks. As you bow your head in grateful prayer and appreciation of a bountiful harvest from our fruitful land - please carry this life affirming act of Thanksgiving in your heart throughout the year.

PS Ever wonder why the US celebrates Thanksgiving in November while in Canada it's observed in October? It's because in 1863 Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday of November to be a national day of Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and your families.