Monday, September 5, 2016

home sweet home...

I know it's been awhile since I've posted in Blog Land and thought I'd drop in and catch you up to date. Since my last post I have been creatively consumed with writing my poetic French fairytale book number 2. Why? Well the books came about because I felt it was time to start leaving my artistic legacy behind. Photo is of my photography assistant Simon who likes to help. I hope Simon was just giving Léo mouse a little kiss!

As many of you already know my love of noir photography was why I started to post daily on Instagram. But I discovered I loved instagram and seem to share much about myself in each post. I thought it would be fun to give you a tour en noir of our old row-home in Philadelphia as I catch you up to date.

On Fridays I like to do a wine o'clock share. In it I share from my heart while enjoying some French wine at our dining room table. I like to include my French fairytale mice in them. 

In vino veritas ...

In this share I show the lovely dress painting I won on IG 

Chloé and Zoé are twins in my fairytale book 2.

My Dad would always say to me "Vera it's later than you think" and combine that with my muse shouting in my head "if not now, when?" You can understand my commitment to dedicating myself to creating. 

En noir photography forces the viewer to color in the subject matter in their minds eye. Photographing weekly flower bouquets in our kitchen are often a challenge because flowers and food noir photos are most difficult to capture.

But I practice my skills as in this photo I'm calling White Roses, White eggs at 10:59 PM.

Emmet my felt rat who dwells in our kitchen's antique barn beam. I need to surround myself with whimsy and humor as I oftentimes am too much of a deep thinker. 

I move my mouse characters around the house for inspiration.

Our 1940's French chandelier in our Living room

A pillow from Magnolia Home

Always changing art printed on canvas in our Living room

Our house is filled with cherished collections found throughout the years.

Moving upstairs on our tour... 

Cat on Zebra!

Yesterday in our bedroom

Summer in our sitting room prior to my faux painting our French settee completed last week. Canvas over the mantel is a photo from my first fairytale book about love.

John hanging my newest canvas from fairytale book 2. 

Sitting room carved out of the middle bedroom with a wall we removed to open it up.

Faux painted wood around the settee I did. 

Velvet and Mongolian lamb, I am in heaven!

In the guest room 

Our basement laundry room. I hope you enjoyed your en noir tour of our row-home of photos I posted on IG. You can join me daily there... The link is on my sidebar. I will return very, very soon to share my new fairytale with you on my blog.

PS please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of my en noir photography or to just speak your mind. See you soon.


  1. Love all of your pictures. Love your house mice and your real kitty.

  2. what a magical place, your home....
    love your photos and a chance to see a glimpse of John :)

  3. I love the en noir photography....would love to see it all in color too! Your home is lovely and I am sure tells your story from room to room.

  4. Oh Vera, I am so glad that you posted. I don't do Instagram so I have been missing all of your great photos.

    Loved this post with all your little mice and your beautiful, romantic home. Hope you post more.....

    Good writing on your new book and would love to read it when you publish.

    Have a terrific week.


  5. Vera,
    This was such a treat to see a little more of the Lady behind the art, meaning you! You treat us to magic, whimsy and lighten my heart and mind-they both tend to get the best of might just know what I mean.
    I thank you... perhaps it is a Virgo thing??

  6. So fun Vera to have this tour. The your creative and whimsy soul is everywhere in your beautiful historical row home. I went back through your pics a few times to take it all in. Love every room. Loved this post sweet friend.

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHHA SIMON looks like a killer cat from one of those old 50s horror movies! teeeeheeee but he is as cute as can be. Vera, I love your home. It looks happy and fun and just as you love it to be, full of whimsy. I am here on a limited amount of internet off Ruben's hot spot on his phone. I have no idea why our internet went out but it won't get serviced until Wednesday and it's been out since Friday. I am SO behind!

    I look forward to more of your fairytales! Much love!

  8. Oh such a home of curiosity!
    A place where collections live, and a home comforts each and every piece with intrigue.

    Love the French empire grey Velvet sette sofa, I love all the black & white, but would so love to see the effect to the trim of the sofa in natural light.

    A home to enjoy,

    Home treasured Home.


  9. Just os adorable!! I love seeing the cat get involved!! I also love mongolian sheep pillows those look fun in your space!

  10. Such a beautiful tour, Vera. I love your new canvas, and it would look lovely in a girl's room too. I also love the photo of your sweet cat with the mouse. Your home is gorgeous. I love whimsy too, and my daughter too, but for me, it may be for a similar reason. xoxo Su

  11. Dear Vera,
    A most enjoyable tour. Your collection of whimsical mice made me smile. Your soul shines through in every part of your home. Just lovely.

  12. Ahhhhhhhh, Vera, you are defineltly one of a kind! So full of ideas and dreams and such a sense of humour to all this beautiful hidden AND shown things. The chandelier seems to breathe, little deeds are like little seeds, yesss, the felt rat and then Simon, the mouse-whisperer, cat on zebra...
    Vera, thank you so much for this roundtrip of curiosity!!! Like chapters in a book.
    HUuugs to you, have magical minutes, but hey, you will... Your friend Méa

  13. Hi Vera, I'm in love with your row home and your gorgeous photos are incredible my friend. Every inch of your spaces are charming and filled with character. Love the chalk board saying about little seeds. Your newest canvas is gorgeous. I so enjoyed your tour and love seeing Simon too. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent. Have a special day! xoxo

  14. Vera, you're home is so magical and filled with your personality and wit. It's such a joy to look thru your photos again and again.
    You're such a fun friend! Simon looks great and Emmet just makes my day. So you! LOL! I love it all. xo, T.

  15. Hi Vera, Your creativity really shows! My heart craves color so noir photos leave me feeling like I've missed something. Oh, how I would love to have my little mice visit your little mice. :) Can't wait for more about your second book.

  16. Dear Vera,
    Thank you so much for wandering over to meet Lily. The apple of my eye.
    Wishing you a beautiful and creative day.

  17. I enjoyed the home tour very much, Vera. The picture of Simon kissing Leo is wonderful. How nice that you have wine night on Fridays. The "white roses, white eggs" photo is beautiful. I love the fact that your home is filled with treasures found throughout the years. I also have many things that are close to my heart that I'll never part with.

    Everything looks so charming with lots of interesting and lovely pieces, and you can surely tell that you and your husband have worked hard to make your house a sweet home to enjoy for years to come.

    love, ~Sheri

  18. Love your photos! Artsy and cute ♥

  19. I enjoyed the tour of your love home. You are so creative! I loved seeing Emmet on the beam overlooking your kitchen. You are so cute! I am following you on Instagram and Bloglovin'. I haven't been on Instagram much lately, but I'd like to be a bit more disciplined about posting and viewing over there.

  20. Hi Vera, It never gets old looking at your beautiful row home. It is magical and has so much character. I love the noir photography and your felt mice... My favourite is the first picture with Simon and Leo! I chuckled when I first saw it on IG. I am looking forward to your next fairytale.

  21. Your posts are always magical, whether on IG or your blog. You have such an imagination! I always love glimpses of your fantastic home, Vera! :)


  22. Seeing photos of your home always takes me to a magical, fairy tale kind of place. Your home is a true reflection of you Vera...creative, warm and unique.

  23. I absolutely LOVE your house! And your photography is beautiful!

  24. A truly fascinating tour, your home is just lovely! Vera, you are so talented and I'm happy you share it with us, thank you!

  25. A truly fascinating tour, your home is just lovely! Vera, you are so talented and I'm happy you share it with us, thank you!

  26. What a treat to have a tour of your home, Vera! Every corner, every wall, every spot is filled with so much interesting artwork of all kinds, wonderful collections, and delightful whimsical creations. Truly a feast for the eyes. I especially love that there is a story attached to most everything in your gorgeous home.

  27. P.S. I too am having a hard time keeping up with my blog since joining IG which is so easy and quick.
    Mary Alice

  28. Great gradmother, Vera! Yes, I can't even believe it. Thank you so much for your heartfelt words and most welcome visit. I think it is wonderful that you are writing Fairytales.

  29. How very kind of you to attend Mr. K's solo on the piano. I am so happy he gave you a smile. Yes, That was my first thought when I noticed that wee piano in the second hand store.
    Wishing you a beautiful week

  30. Hey Vera, I absolutely love your photography!!! Here and on IG. IG is spoiling me for sure! It's just quick and easy to share and my time has been so limited lately so I'm thankful for IG. Again, I love your home and the whimsy you share is incredible! Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  31. Hey Vera, I absolutely love your photography!!! Here and on IG. IG is spoiling me for sure! It's just quick and easy to share and my time has been so limited lately so I'm thankful for IG. Again, I love your home and the whimsy you share is incredible! Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  32. Darling VERA!!!!!!! what a joy to see the rooms in your
    exquisite home! I so enjoy your Instagram account, and like you,
    have done more there than here lately..... it's just so fast!

    Happy Fall my dear! Thank you for your ever so kind comments on my blog post!!!!

    ~ Violet

  33. Hello VERA!!!!!!!!! I see our dear Violet is here and that the three of us share a whimsical heart as well, beating as ONE force to be reckoned with! I so love this post of your with Sir Simon as big boy in the world of mice! Give Simon a squeeze for me.....

    Thank you for visiting us on our joint post. A whimsical home is not foreign to you; you and your John live and love in a wonderland of ideas and joy. Isn't that fun? Thank you for your visits on my blog AND on Instagram. It's fun. Love to ya, Anita

  34. Love your photography, and your gorgeous home, Vera! I walk away with a smile after each of your posts....if not the décor...then, the little mice make me you do, my sweet friend.
    Love to you.

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