Sunday, July 24, 2016

Adventures in happily ever after 💜

If you were ready to send out a search party in Blogland, wondering where I've been ... here is my answer. I've been in a creative private incognito world, busy writing and staging photos for my fairytale. A fairytale that today I proudly share with you. I hope it gives you a chance to escape our world's often tragic events occupying constant airtime and you find pleasure and humor in my fairytale, Adventures in happily ever after💜

For Violet and Rémi their fairytale began on their wedding day -
Flying from Paris to Transylvania, Romania to a medieval castle far, far away.

A castle with turrets and Gargoyles was the location on Violet's and Rémi's wedding day -
Actually Count Dracula's 14th Century Castle filled with much mystery and decay.

For all of Violets life she has lived and breathed the ballet,
born in an abandoned French theatre of once great grandeur, now there is much decay. 
Violet is happy dwelling with Rémi right where ballerinas dance on stage to accolades from an audience that they love -
Indeed there's magic living in a centuries old theatre for our thespian's, instead of the 4th floor walk-up built upstairs above.

Our couple do not worry about measuring their life by days turning into months of each passing year -
They choose instead to live in the each moment rejoicing each day's adventure sharing a love that they hold very dear.
One evening Violet and Rémi arrived at la cinéma in Rémi's 1972 Citroën DS23 
I know a mouse driving a vintage French car will require an open mind to believe...
But you see our little tiny couple live life joyfully and fearless -
Celebrating their marriage in each heartfelt moment, they are peerless

Violet and Rémi went to la cinéma in Paris to watch on the silver screen their favorite 1967 French film Le Samouraï playing at La Cinémathèque Francaise. 

Tonight is closing night of their friends Frédéric, Eugène and Henri's  play, 3 Blind Mice -
A play Violet enthusiastically choreographed the dance routines and is always there offering her advice.
They rocked the house and when bravos filled the air it became a reverberating sound that quickened in gaiety and laughter -
Echoes of past plays and ballets is what Violet hopes to embrace in her future days living happily ever after 💜

Looking for a weekend in a magical place, for an adventure of sheer romance ...
a place to fall in love with at first glance Violet and Rémi drove to Provence, France.
Enjoying the Purple haze of luminescence as the heady aromas mingle in the sunshine -
Grown side by side, where wheat fields and lavender steeped in old world traditions align.

Our couple love to travel the French countryside
and when Violet and Rémi arrived at the chateau for their holiday in Provence, the Summer sun shined intensely bright-
Mysteriously casting long dark shadows in its radiant light.

There are castles with moats and turrets to go and sightsee-
And to gain entry our mice discovered the desire for adventure was the only needed key.
Castle after castle some in ruins, Rémi and Violet visited - 
In France the number and grandeur of castles is nearly unlimited ...
Luckily the castle was closed for a holiday and our mice didn't have to scurry under people's feet -
They felt like a Prince and Princess having the castle to themselves to explore it alone was a sweet treat.
Earlier that day Rémi purchased a miniature car as a souvenir of the weekend at a toy store -
Look closely in his arms because he's carrying it into the castle to race it on the marble floor.

On weekend getaways, friends Michel and Veronica from the ballet would often join our couple traveling the French countryside- 
Visiting ancient castles, while Violet and Rémi, ever the dreamers hope to one day reside ...

One day on a drive they discovered a magical castle on a hilltop up in the sky,
Violet smiled with delight and they ran right in, because our mice couple are not shy!
After an afternoon touring the fairytale castle Rémi and Violet shared a kiss- A kiss that lingered in tenderness, a sweet little kiss of absolute bliss ...

Rémi and Violet embrace each and every day, living moment by moment, in their measured mouse time-
Living large when you are teeny is a challenge because most every adventure requires a scurry, jump or climb!
One afternoon they went to a micro car show in Paris and checked them out by jumping right inside.
Violet loved the Isetta, Rémi the gogomobile having much fun our couple left excited and wide eyed-
They are vintage car enthusiasts and proudly own two Citroëns and value the uniqueness they provide.

They often on Sunday's meet up with best friends Michel and Veronica and go for lunch and a drive-
feeling the warmth of the sun and putting the pedal to the metal, in their classic cars in style they arrive.

For days and days, nearly a week Paris saw more than their famous grey skies, it rained and rained and rained-
Violet and Rémi stayed indoors because mice do not like rain, they occupied themselves and never once complained...
Rémi read books on the history of Citroën cars and Violet baked a cheesecake, a recipe she was given from the Pâtisserie at the corner.

During a break in theatre productions Rémi packed up Violets 2CV and they drove for a holiday in Normandy France-
It's an understatement to say Violet loves cheese and on top a purchase of Brie they did their happy dance!

After a wine tasting paired with cheese Violet became a wee bit tipsy so they spent the night at a romantic Bed and Breakfast.

Before heading back to Paris Rémi took a glance under the hood
and announced to Violet for the drive home all looks good

Violet loves to go through the Paris Flea Market and Brocante shops always looking for a treasure-
When planning and staging the set designs for plays and ballets she shops with Rémi at their leisure.
Often Violet discovers the loveliest pieces antiquing and she has become quite a magpie,
Plus Rémi will do anything to satisfy Violet and keep her happy, a fact he can not deny.
Today driving through the enchanting town close to the Château of Chantilly with friends Violet screamed,
 "stop the car"!
She spotted the most amazing iron day bed and decided to tie it to Michel's 356A Porsche because returning home was not far...

So Rémi and Michel checked the ropes and gave it a quick tug and left to drive back home to unpack
And Violet and Veronica left in the 2CV already jammed packed with knick-knacks to bring back.

While out and about one sunny carefree day our couple ran into Big Gus, a mechanic who handles all their cars servicing and repairs-
Rémi mentioned the 2CV has been running rough since Normandy and they followed Gus back to his shop because no other mechanics work compares.

Violets car only needed a tune up which brought a smile to their face,
Because sometimes with vintage French car repairs simple isn't the case.

While at Gus's repair shop Violet and Rémi checked out a few vintage scooters from the 1960's for sale. Which one, which one ... One was a Vespa the other two Lambretta's.
Now Rémi already knew the saying "happy wife - happy life" was fact, oh yes indeed.
So it should be no surprise when Violet asked for the Vespa, he smiled at her and agreed

Violet married her Prince Charming and knew Rémi wore an invisible crown, seen only by her-
But here it is for all to see, because sometimes fantasy and reality in a creative mind can blur.

For even in each evenings fairytale dreams -
They conjure up the most adventurous schemes
Our petite theatrical mice continue to be wishful -
living each day of their marriage unbridled and blissful

So next time you're out and you spot something out of the corner of your eye and scream "Eeek a mouse" ...
Look around carefully when you get home, for you just may have a couple living blissfully in your house!

Goodnight Paris ... Bon Rêves 
This fairytale ends my story about sweet Violet, she will now live out her days with Rémi surrounded by love in our row-home. My first presentation of Violet began on December 11th, 2013 on my very first blog post. On that post I shared a poem I wrote introducing Violet, I leave you with my poem and my exciting announcement. Another fairytale is starting to be written and photos staged and will again be shared on my blog. My announcement is that I am self publishing a book of my fairytale, Adventures in happily ever after💜 

Wanderlust guided by moonbeams and stars up above,
I ventured in time to a place filled with love
While waiting for sleep and full of wanderlust I was swept away,
to a location in Paris, France, tonight my soul needs to play
Once upon a time in a place of grandeur and grace,
I instantly knew I was in the right place
A very old abandoned French Opera theatre of decay,
outside was a tiny mouse holding a sign and wearing a Beret
Perhaps a mouse holding a sign might keep you away,
But he welcomed me in under an ancient archway
His sign simply said Mademoiselle Violet's opening night,
inside I encountered the most adorable vision ever so right
A ballet of a young Violet, who is a mouse,
who inhabited this centuries old Opera house
Violet in purple right down to her ballet slippers with her tutu all a swirl,
transcending the audience into her miniature dream world
Pantomime to tell her story, while the tempo and melody grew stronger,
delighted my senses and I wanted to linger longer
But reality came with a barking dog,
all because a runner was out for their morning jog in the fog
Gray skies of Paris I awoke to today,
memories of Violet that will never fade away

© Vera 2013


  1. Dear Vera, What an enchanting tale of great love and adventure. It is charming and delightfully presented along with your wonderful photography. Love your poem!! Congrats on publishing your fairy tales. You are so talented and this is only the beginning my friend. Thank you for sharing another wonderful adventure in happily ever after!! Blessings xo

  2. So wonderful you will publish your creative writing. Congrats. So happy you will begin to celebrate and let others enjoy your creative soul through your writing and pictures. Loved the fairy tale and how it parallels your life too.
    Sweet sweet sweet my friend.

  3. A long ago day at Giverny has been on my mind lately and I remembered a darling little English lad who took his mother's hand and whispered, "we are so lucky to see this!"

    Those words came to mind as I was reading/viewing your artistic post. How lucky I am to have found you and I love that I can be a recipient of your artistic efforts.

    Have a cool day and a calm week.

  4. Absolutely wonderful! You are so incredibly talented! I think that publishing your book will be fantastic...congratulations! The world needs to see your writing and photography. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!


  5. "....fairy tales can come can happen to you if you are among the very young at heart..."
    You will never grow old, are so young at heart.
    Beautiful, hard work here...I so appreciate your time and talents to bring us such did a magnificent job....

  6. My, my, my! Vera, you must dream in mice, and how can I express without importance on other storytelling, theatrical dramas, and fairy telling ...this has got to be the best staging of storytelling I have yet to read in blog land and elsewhere.!!
    YOU my dear are EXCUSED from your ABSENCE...Bravo, brava! In telling Remi and Violets love story, as well as all the amazing talent you put into creating a storybook back drop that amazes.

    Vera, I can't stress how this fairytale story of romance and travels needs to be put to picture book!
    Have it at best put to Instagram book order binding your pages to a keepsake book of amazement and lasting beauty to be enjoyed by your grands... Sign them a personal copy so they can share with their children and grands someday.

    It truly cannot be topped.
    Love this post that reads and views like a picture telling book!

    I want one when you publish :)



  7. I could not agree with Dore more! You are amazingly talented Vera. Your photography skills are sublime, your staging perfect, and your gift with words is unsurpassed. I'm beyond delighted you will be publishing a book. You are so deserving, and I can't wait to see it!


  8. Best. Post. EVER! I love it. I love the story. I would like to travel with Violet and Remi to Provence! How much fun. I love their little Citroëns and Vespas. Y'all collect Citroëns and we collect Vespas. We all have them and love htem. We're looking for one with a sidecar for Finlay! ;P

    I can't wait for your book. Children of all ages will love it. I think it's fun for adults to play and be creative! Your photography and your writing are special!!!

    I'm sending a link to this post to both of my girls. They will love it!





    Once again, Rémy and Violet find themselves in the most magical of French circumstances, and they enchant. My oh my, MON DIEU.

    I LOVE Rémy and Violet's idea of champagne: LARGE GLASSES! teeeeheeeee

    Where is the set director? May I have a word with him/her? WHERE ON this earth (or elsewhere) did you find the backdrops for this fairytale? That ville, les bâtiments, Oh so perfect!

    Goodness, are you putting this in book form? S'IL VOUS PLAÎT! Il le faut....YOU MUST! And, I can see that Violet has begun the brocante habit; that metal bed is hilariously cute, and Tea Rat is feeling as if he too wants to jump into an adventure. Well done everyone. Well DONE!

  10. Very sweet from beginning to end! So much love and work went into your photos and they are just charming! What a cute couple. How exciting to publish your own book! Please keep us updated about it.

  11. Congratulations on your commitment to publish a book, just as you should be doing with your amazing and creative talent. I have so enjoyed this entire journey and I hope that it will continue. Imaginative play is essential to the artistic soul and you have given me the wonderful opportunity of "escaping," from the heaviness of the world.
    I am wishing you the best my talented friend and now I will escape back to the great Colorado outdoors!

  12. I'm so happy for you, dear Vera, that you will be self publishing a book of your fairytale. What a charming story, I enjoyed it. I loved when these two got a bit tipsy off the wine hehehehe. I think the background props made the story, I kept noticing something new with each picture. The mechanic, Big Gus, made me chuckle. He just sounds like the perfect character for the story. Love those castles!

    What a wonderful production, Vera. Violet and Remi are in love, indeed. :) In a world of chaos right now, this heartwarming story made me smile.


  13. Loading an iron bed onto the back of a Porsche...gotta love those two! I'm thrilled that you will be publishing a book of your fairytale. I know I'm not the only one who adores this tale of Remi and Violet. Wonderful presentation, Vera!
    xo, T.

  14. Vera you are amazing. Fairytales are my favorite read for my grands. I am going to read this darling fairy tale to them tonight, they will love it as I have. xx Jo

  15. Dear Vera,
    This is just what I needed to end a beautiful day, a magical fairytale. Bravo!!! I was swept away Vera.. And to think it will be in book form.. Wonderful, just wonderful.. I absolutely love your backdrops and all the vintage cars..
    Thank you for making my heart smile.

  16. As I was reading I planned to suggest in the comment section that you publish your sweet fairytale. Hurray for you!!! I simply love your cast of characters...Violet and Remi are a darling couple!!

    Jane x

  17. Welcome back, Vera! Thanks for sharing more about Violet and Rémi - such adventures for these two. Congratulations on your big news. I'm so excited and look forward to your future book.

  18. I finally had a chance to sit down and enjoy this most delightful fairytale. You have done a magnificent job in whisking away your readers to the enchanting world of Violet and Remi. Not only are the stars as adorable as can be, but I'm also taken by your incredible staging of each setting.
    As I've said before, you never disappoint us, Vera!
    Mary Alice

  19. Oh Vera, the BED... The invisible crown belongs to YOU!! SUCH a sweet story, with wisdom and humour, oh, there is so much in it. And so sweeeeet!!!
    Ah, one comes to know you, Vera, you tell a lot - but no need to hide, you are to be LOVED for how you are. Making people feel good, making them think and love.
    And... I want to be HER!!!! :)))
    So APPPLAAUUUUSSS, standing ovations, MORE!
    Have a magical day, my wonderful, huuuugs to you from over the ocean, your friend Méa :)

  20. What an enchanting tale♥ Love all the images too ♥

  21. Love your tale and I have been following on IG too!

  22. Vera, what an enchanting fairytale! I could not have begun my day on a more delightful note! Your book is sure to be a great success.

  23. This need to be a children's book it was so utterly adorable!! xo K

  24. Oh Vera - what an utterly precious story and your images are perfection. You are a very talented lady and thank you for whisking us away on this adventure. Keep us posted on the book - what a treasure it will be!

  25. Hi Vera,
    Thanks for your visit. Yes, I knew you had read the interview, I read your sweet comment you left when I left mine.
    I hope this note finds you well.

  26. Hi Vera,
    Thanks for your visit. Yes, I knew you had read the interview, I read your sweet comment you left when I left mine.
    I hope this note finds you well.

  27. teeeheeee this is classic. The accessories, the backdrops, the actors, the writing, EVERYTHING, mind blowing.

    Dear friend, thank you for visiting Vicki and leaving both of us a comment. It's an honor, for sure.

  28. Here I am back again...had to read it all over again..such a sweet sweet story..thank you for sharing this wonderful talent of yours with us...

  29. Oh Vera, I adore your fairy tale!!!! You should make it into a book!!!! Truly awesome indeed!!!!!
    ~ Violet

  30. This was such a treat to read, Vera! I can only imagine the amount of work it took to put this all together -- truly a labor of love! I love the happy dance on top of wheel of brie :) Congrats on self-publishing! Looking forward to the next production!

  31. Vera, a baked cored apple with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon sounds like the perfect dessert. I will try this soon. And it definitely reminds me of Autumn, which is on its way. :)

    Have a wonderful week ahead.