Sunday, November 16, 2014

Messengers ... in our Row-home

source Google free images

The word Angel is from the Greek word "Angelos" which means "messenger".
In this photo in Slovenia a Putto sits on a building. Often seen in Art and Architecture Putto's are usually a naked chubby male, sometimes appearing with wings.
The word Cherubs or Cherubim comes from a term "to guard". Cherubs are always winged, attending to God.

For our Christmas and Winter decorated home we stay away from the Holly Jolly full of Folly Christmas decor, but I will admit to buying the Jingle pillow from Pottery Barn for this year. Suddenly I've fallen in love with the word Jingle, I even purchased a towel for the kitchen with the happy word - Jingle! Oh yeah and gold jingle bells on top of food picks. OK, I've been kind of jingled! 

For years now our Holiday decorations are geared more towards a spiritual peaceful wintertime theme. White and creams, faux snow and ice, (handmade crystal icicles) sparkle from silver and Mercury glass and reflective of our winters spent in snowy cold Philadelphia. But as of this post I am only starting to deck our Christmas home. I will have a winter theme represented in every room of our row-home hopefully completed after Thanksgivings day.

In this post through my photos I will show you pictures taken during daytime and at nighttime, you choose what you enjoy more. I felt this post lent itself to both. Since I'm a Virgo and an artistic moody and dramatic type of theatrical girl (just ask John!) you know what I enjoy more. To me evenings take on a magical glow in our row-home, lighting brings out nuances and imagination abounds.

In our upstairs a sweet Cherub is engaged in a little wintertime mischief and play. Our Cherub found an old vintage canvas bank bag and filled it with snowballs he had just made. The beautiful book leaning against the exposed brick wall was a Christmas gift years ago from my brother and sis-in-law. It is Cherubs Angels of Love by Alexander Nagel. The door leads to the guest room the doors French style artwork was painted by me.

Our Cherub wears a twisted wire crown I purchased on etsy from Doré's shop Burlap Luxe. The Cherub I purchased and it just seems I couldn't leave it alone. I repainted him a faux finish to look like antique garden statuary. He was purchased from Anita Spero Design on etsy. In the summer he wears his original designed crown he came with that is a Sea Horse faux rusted crown. He was purchased after I wrote my poem Wondrous Sam because the crown reminded me of the boy in my fable. That post appeared on my blog May 7th.

I sprinkled him with faux snow as you can see in this closeup. 

"It is not known precisely where Angels dwell. Whether in the air, the void, or the planets. It has not been God's pleasure that we should be informed of their abode."~Voltaire~

Under the steel table on the floor is a very old vintage seltzer bottle wooden crate. I believe it is from the 1930's, I've owned it for 2 decades. Inside it holds 4 of my favorite seltzer bottles. I tried to google S&S for additional information on the crate but S&S Baltimore is no longer in business.

I have always gravitated toward messengers as in cherubs, Angels and Fairies. Many (as in nearly 18 years ago) on a Black Friday John and I headed up to Rices Flea Market in Solebury Township in New Hope, PA. It is a very large Antiques and collectibles outdoor market on a 30 acre farm founded in 1860. In the 1950's It grew from Tuesday's livestock auctions to over a 400 vendor's outside flea market. Walking around on Black Friday I spotted a big wooden bin with damaged items offered at 1,3 and 5 dollars. From a distance I spotted a cherub with clipped wings, a small white porcelain piece. Drawn to her I gently picked her up, wiping off the dirt and grime on my scarf as I turned her around noticing her broken wings and announced to John I'm going to restore her, I love her.

I noticed as the woman in the booth said to me "3 bucks" on the bottom she was marked Friedel handgemalt, Bavaria. Afterwards frozen and finding ourselves at the "Cock and Bull" restaurant in Peddlers Village trying to warm up with soup, John asked me  "do you know how to restore her." My response was well no, but I have patience, I love her and no one will keep her from flying by clipping her wings.  I did restore her and she year round is displayed in a built in bookshelf in our sitting/reading room with other whites. But at Christmas time she is proudly displayed in our wintertime decor.

Years ago curious I took her to be appraised, apparently I did a good restoration because I was offered $150.00 for her, not bad for a 3 dollar broken bin purchase, but to me she is and will always remain priceless.

In our sitting/reading room. The lovely star banner on the mantle was handmade by my blogger friend Carol from the very fun blog "Art and Sand". I can't even express how meaningful this banner that says STAR on it is. Carol gifted it to me for my holiday display. You may remember last Christmas I purchased in memory of my son Chris who passed in November of 2013 a bright star in the Big Dipper ... meaningful banner oh my yes! I love the black tassels on it. Carol sewed a white fabric bag with a cool initial V on it. 

I love the color of the banner, in our home I have decorated in a neutral tone on tone palate with adding the color of our exposed brick as a rustic accent color. When I took out the banner from the little precious cloth bag I noticed it had creased a little. I was thinking hmmmm take the steamer to it - but after admiring it awhile I realized the little creases added depth and were reflective of the light on it's dusted lavender grey silken fabric. 
Serendipity often is magical I find.

On our mantel sits a recent etsy purchase from Rosemary at Villabarnes. Such a beautiful angel shelf sitter and in our case, mantel sitter.

"Music is well said to be the speech of angels"~Thomas Carlyle~

The Angel altar I purchased from Doré at Burlap Luxe. For this holiday season it has a small rustic star Garland with miniature bells on it. Stars will be appear in our home this Christmas. Other than the Angel Altar and the musical angel all faux painting and decaying on the mantel, candlesticks and Harlequin wall were aged and faux painted by me. 

Angel altar simply adorned for Christmas.

A close up.

I purchased a paper handmade Fairy from Sea Angels on etsy for the season. I photographed her on our settee but she will be placed in a birch iced wreath soon.

Magical don't you think? The fabrics on her are all vintage.

source of photo is from - Angels in the sky

Personally I believe not all Angels are winged and some walk Earth amongst us. For you see, I believe I have been blessed in my life to have experienced a couple who have protected and graced me. 

source is from artwork by Javier Charro

Warring Angels are the Princes of Heaven sent down to Earth to help in extreme and dangerous situations. The Archangels Michael and Gabriel are "God's hero's". The name Michael means who is like God, and Gabriel means God is my strength.

source from google images
This is a drawing of Gabriel. During this Holiday season of magic and wonder give time to reflect and believe...

"In this Theatre of man's life, it is reserved only for God and Angels to be lookers on."~Pythagoras~

I hope you have enjoyed this post which was meant as an ethereal start of the Holiday season. I leave you with my poetry ... See you on Dec. 5th with a very special Holiday presentation.

"Peace is the first thing the Angels sang."~John Keble~

If by chance, you believe like me, in the spiritually divine and in mystical beings,
you too are a whimsical soul looking for answers from the heavens in the evenings.

We all have life questions, many remain unanswered as we're always looking to discover the truth. 
Searching deep within me, trying to understand the spiritual divine and always seeking proof.

Angels, Cherubs and Fairies ...

Mystical beings sent down as messengers with magical powers and unwavering virtue.
When we accept beyond the physical body, it is then inspiring messengers imbue.

Our spiritual soul is the divinity, the voice of truth inside of genuine faith we all have dwelling within.
Always changing from birth to death, open up your imagination and allow the answers to begin.

Have you ever heard your name whispered gently, gently as you go forth in your average normal day?
It's the voice of a Fairy messenger to guide you with reassurance and help you along your chosen pathway.

Angels, Cherubs and Fairies ...

Messengers delivering love and protection, our struggles and burdens released,
Warring angels who fight our spiritual battles and help us achieve inner peace.

Angels can be our own personal guardians, delivering prayers to the divine and guidance back to us.

Nurturing, counseling and healing our spiritual needs while gossamer winged Fairies sprinkle magical glittery dust.

© Vera


  1. What a wonderful, dear post, Vera. I love cherubs and angels, too, and have always been drawn to them. They are sweet representations to me of God's handiwork. Everything you have there has such a special meaning to it and that, to me, is what makes it worth so very much.

    Great restoration job on you little winged angel. I believe they walk among us, too. My friend had a wonderful "experience" last year driving home from Florida in a blinding snow storm. Not a car on the road. They ran off the road into a ditch. They are not young people and didn't know what to do. A man appeared out of NOWHERE (I am getting chills just typing this) and PUSHED their car back on to the roadway. They turned around to thank him and he was gone- no other car in sight-nowhere close to town-out in the middle of no-where. They stayed in the center of the road for the next 40 miles home. So, I think that might have been one of God's special angels!

    Your poem is wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing more of your decor. I am not starting until after Thanksgiving this year because I have a houseful for the Holiday- xo Diana

  2. Dear Vera ~ I can only imagine the peaceful, ethereal feeling that must surround you in your sweet home. Your vignettes are just so beautiful, and just knowing each one carries a memory, a story, a special place in your heart...makes them even more wonderful. Blessings and love to you during this season, sweet Vera. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  3. Vera...thank you so much for letting me know you had a post up. I follow my blog feed and could have missed it if too much time had passed.

    First up...can you describe a row home for me (maybe all of us in a future post if I may suggest?). It sounds so interesting and quaint, yet I don't know much about them.

    The cherubs...very special to me. I have several in my garden, I feel they watch over it. Yours are precious and they remind me of angels that I so believe in. I have also felt the presence of angels that I just know are representative of those I love that are making me know they are close by and part of my life still. I usually keep this to myself, only because I fear they will stop coming to me if I share.

    I also won one of dear Carol's banners. I chose HOME. It's the most important place for me. I am grounded here, regardless of the kids and my husband. Sound strange? The physical home here, and the "home" I feel inside when I'm, sound, happy, sad. My haven.

    Vera, I want to suggest you visit my friend Julie Marie at Idyll Hours ( I am sure you would connect. Tell her I wanted you both to meet.

    Finally, don't disappoint..I have something for you...very small, don't feel awkward or ask questions!! Just email me your address.

    With love and and gratefulness for our friendship,

    Jane x

  4. What a beautiful post. I love all your angels. I also believe in their presence. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hi Vera, I love this beautiful post and thank you for sending an email that it was ready. I normally receive the follow by emails the next day after a post is published. Blogger seems to be a day behind!!

    I too love the angels and cherubs in your decor and I believe in angels among us and always near by. My mother was escorted by angels when my dad was in the hospital and she had to return home in the middle of the night. As she made her way all alone to her car, two girls came out of nowhere to help her along her walk. Once she got into the car, she turned and the girls were gone nowhere to be seen in the hospital parking lot. She was sure, angels helped her to her car. She was so thankful and believed angels were with her.

    Your vignettes for the season are beautiful and set up a peaceful and calm winter home.
    I agree with Jane that you should meet my friend Julie Marie from Idyllhours. We have been dear friends for over 5 years and you will love her blog and her. Say hi for me too.

    You did a beautiful job of restoring your sweet angel. How lovely she is with the glow of the lights. Once again I love your poem.
    Have fun decorating for the season. I will begin the day after Thanksgiving.
    Getting into the spirit here however as it has been so cold and believe it or not, we are getting snow and sleet tonight which is very rare for us here in Texas.

    Have a wonderful week ahead and sending hugs your way.

  6. Vera, your Christmas decor is breathtaking. I love all the angels, and, the stories behind them. I'm thrilled to be included. My "mantel" sitter has found a beautiful home with you.

  7. Good evening Vera!

    This is my "ticket" to a preview of things to come....and it is inspiring as I read your vision, and see your poetry. You have reminded me of many important things here (first of all, I have a gorgeous gold angel I need to take out of storage!) and mostly, that ANGELS are real to me. How many times in my life did that stranger come to me to help many times was I a messenger or helper to someone else? The goodness of God is housed in many an unexpecting vessel, and also, in the unseen. This truly IS the meaning of the season for me too.

    I LOVE YOUR DÉCOR. From the snowballs (what a great idea!) to all the vintage goodness in Doré's work and also that fabulous banner from our dear Carol. She is a prolific creator, isn't she! Your mantel is sublime, and I love the tribute to your son in the photos....everything from the fairy lights to your harlequin pattern is making me SMILE before I turn in tonight!

    Well sista, we are ON for the 5th. Keep creating and HAVE A BLAST! We are in this together. Anita

  8. Oh Vera first love love the poem. Beautiful and truly from your heart. Love to read your inspirational words always. I am a big believer in angels wings and non winged angels. I believe angels live among us too in human form. I surround myself with angels and cherubs with special blessing and meaning to me. They just have a peaceful calm on me. Love all your beautiful cherubs, angels and fairies. All have special meaning to you and that is so beautiful. It made me smile to know you have something from Dore and Rosemary and Anita. All three beautifully talented people that create such beauty in their pieces. I love them all. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts, pictures of your peaceful winter decor and your heart felt words.

  9. Up so early, have to meet up with a contractor at 5:00 am.
    First I want to thank you Vera for including me in with such beauty and beautiful company here. I love Rosemary V. her art is so peaceful as for the banner, could it have said anything better? I think not!
    Anita really said it here, I so feel her sentiments with angels. Vera, you my dear are and earthly angel to me, and I cherish all you have inspired, and what you stand for. Love your collection of angels, I had know idea you collected as you do. The poetry speaks to me, as your every word I cling to.
    I always leave that much more enlightened with your beautiful words of wisdom, your history lessons, and most of all your heartfelt LOVE.
    Where would blogging be without a Vera to visit.

    I will be returning after my day is through, I want to take shelter in the wings of love here.

    See you soon, my dear sweet angel friend.


  10. We are so very much alike, Vera. As I read your post, I not only ooooed and awwwwed over the photos you shared, but agreed out loud "yes!" to what you wrote. I love your lovingly restored cherub especially. And the Etsy shops you've mentioned? ALL are favorites of mine as well.

    Here I am 62 now, but still believe there must be fairies in the forest... why else would fairy slipper orchids be growing there? :)

    And I believe that my little grandson who passed when he was only 10 days old sits on the middle star on Orion's Belt ~ joined by my sister and mother. And you look to the bright star in the Big Dipper to talk with your son, Chris. I'll say hello to him next time I go out to look at the stars.

    Yes, there are Angels, Cherubs and Fairies! And as always, I love how beautifully you've shared this with us in poetry.

    Much love,

  11. Hello sweet Vera!
    I love all your beautiful decorating touches for Christmas!
    And I too have many angels sitting about, they are such a huge part of
    Christmas, heralding the birth of the Babe ~ the LIGHT that came into
    the dark world!!!

    I've been decorating for Christmas as well, all week..... almost done!
    ...and I'd have had it finished in 2 days if I could have no interruptions, but
    LIFE keeps us busy!!!! How I adore the lovely creations you have
    accrued from these Etsy designers! What a wonderful collection of beauty!

    thank you for writing from your heart and sharing.
    ~ Violet

  12. Vera, this is such a lovely post, filled with your sweet spirit of Christmas. I love your pretty angels...and I am looking for a pretty one, too
    I, too, believe angels walk among sweet sister in law used to tell me they didn;t, but, I didn't believe her...I met one face to face once (a story I've not shared in blogging but maybe I should...someday)
    hugs and kisses, bj

  13. Good morning, Vera!
    As always, you have created a warm and beautiful post.
    I loved every word. I have the same angel that you bought from Rosemary.
    It has graced our holidays for more than 15 years. I fell in love with it on sight.
    I can't imagine a Christmas without my sweet angel- I know that you will love yours for many years to come. Dore's creations are so special and are perfect for you. Carol's banner brought tears to my eyes and broke my heart a little. What special meaning and comfort it must bring to your heart.
    Hugs, Tina

  14. So beautyful, Vera - and yesss, Doré is with you here ;))
    Messengers they are, these feathered guys, ahhh, it is time for angels wings...
    A winged hug from Méa, who just creates her own ones these days... you will see soon ;))

  15. Oh, I so love all of this. That cherub full of holiday mischief is just adorable. Made me smile from ear to ear. Lovely decor.

  16. Vera, you are always a wonderful inspiration to all of us with your exceptional posts. I ditto what was expressed already in your comments. The peeks of your Christmas decor are gorgeous...making me anxious to see more!
    Angels can be an enigma, but truly a gift to us here on earth...I know I've kept mine very busy at times.

    Thank you for sharing your beauty, heart, and soul with us!!
    Mary Alice

  17. Vera, I love every single picture. I especially love the cherub with Dore's wire crown. You have inspired me to get myself on Christmas mood. Everything looks so magical.

  18. Vera, I love every single thing that you 'featured'!! The cherub with the snowballs is so unique and delightful! The seltzer bottle crate has me green with envy-I don't know if I've ever seen one like that and I adore it! The cherub and gorgeous crown, the altar, the handmade fairy...all so special! And I noticed the Christmas pillow, too-I've been looking for one like that-love it! :)

  19. Dear Vera,
    I believe this is my favorite post... Angels have such a special place in my heart. I am currently working on an Angel relief... I too, believe there are angels walking among us. I love your poem Vera... Beautiful!
    You have such a gorgeous collection of Angels, all displayed so beautifully.
    Blessings dear friend,

  20. I absolutely love this post. I am such a big believer in angels and messengers and all things unseen. My favorite is the cardinal...Hebrews 1:7 God calls his angels "messengers swift as the wind, and servants made of flaming fire."

  21. What a lovely post Vera. As I was reading it, it suddenly dawned on me that I have several cherub figurines and candleholders in my house that I'd never even given a second thought to. Now I'm looking at them with fresh eyes! Thank you for the inspiration!

  22. Dear Vera,
    Thank you for visiting again... In regards to your question.... Bas relief can be done either way... Removing or adding... In my case it is adding. I am working slowly on this years, trying to finish up a commission, then I will be able to focus on the relief only. I will be posting WIP photos soon.
    Sending you a warm hug and many blessings
    p.s. I just LOVE this post!

  23. Your introduction to winter decor is lovely, Vera. I love anything pertaining to angels. The cherubs are darling, the way you have them stationed in your rooms...whimsically watching over you.
    Your poem is very deep, and seers my heart.
    I love this post.
    Enjoy the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving, dear Vera.

  24. Vera, I love your poem. xoxo I love your angels, and I collect them too. I'm so sorry for your loss. Jingle is a great word. It makes me think of Frank Capra's movie It's a Wonderful Life. xoxo

  25. Good morning dear sister! How I love this is now Thanksgiving week, there are NO classes, but wouldn't ya know it...I need to rush off for a meeting this morning, parents conferences, and then the same tomorrow. But I'm thankful for a job!

    Thank you for coming to visit my post. I wasn't going to put up anything until our "opening night" on December 5, but giving thanks was nipping at my heels. MANY HUGS to you as you give thanks in all tenses: past, present and the future. LOVE! Anita

  26. Dear Vera,
    How very kind of you to come by and leave such kind thoughts at my door.
    I am so happy you enjoyed the WIP photos... I will add to the post as I go along.
    I am thankful to have come to know you.. You have blessed my life with your gentle nature and kindness.
    blessings dear Vera... Happy Thanksgiving

  27. As I read your poem, I thought of incidents that should have gone badly, but something happened and everything was okay. I realize that an angel was there protecting me.

    Thanks for these words tonight.

  28. Well written poem, Vera! Your cherubs are stunning.

  29. Hello Darling Vera!
    Your inspiring and kind words are always such a blessing to me.
    Thank you.

    Well aren't we so excited about our THEATRE productions and opening night December 5?!?!?!?! I can hardly wait to see what you have come up

    (so glad exclamation marks were invented)

    ~ Violet

  30. How beautiful, Vera! Your photos, poetry, everything!! I love your theme of angels - enchanting. And your mantel looks especially festive with its banner and sparkly decor. I hope you had a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving. Happy December to you and John. Cheers~

  31. Wonderful post love all the fun pictures.

    Hugs Diane

  32. Hi Vera, I came across your website from a link in a post from Castle, Crowns and Cottages website. I love this post, I love angels! I was wondering if you could kindly provide me with the link to the Etsy site where you purchased the paper fairy from Sea Angels. I tried to look it up myself but there were too many options and I could not locate it. Thank you so much. Regards, Wendy from Australia.

  33. I found you through Violet's blog. I'm so impressed with all the work that went into this. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful decorations. I love angels and cherubs and this is a perfect time of year for them!