Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Wintertime Ballet

It is the night before opening matinee and Violet mouse has been rehearsing her performance very diligently. Carpenter and set designer Christopher mouse has finally completed the wintertime ballet set. It's been snowing non stop in Paris for days and the winter birch trees are magically transformed into an ice coated glistening winter wonderland. This evening it is a gorgeous sight. All the mice who inhabit this hauntingly beautiful old opera/ballet theatre have decided to produce their ballet with this theme.

Chris ever the hard worker, delights in playful antics, so tonight before opening day reflects just that. Chris jumped into the swing reserved for the angel, deciding to enjoy all of Violets and his efforts. He is always up for hard work followed by play.

This theatre was made by Dore Callaway of Burlap Luxe fame and was featured on her blog posting of December 20th, 2012. I have long admired her talent and I follow her blog. I wrote Dore and asked/begged her to allow me the opportunity to purchase it for my own productions. I even wrote a poem about the theatre and sent it to her! You will see the poem at the end of this posting. Over the past year Dore and I have become cyber pen pals and she was highly instrumental in me starting up my blog.

sources: Theatre - Burlap Luxe, trees - Department 56, Violet - Penny White 


Wanderlust guided by moonbeams and stars up above,
I ventured in time to a place filled with love.

While waiting for sleep and full of wanderlust I was swept away,

to a location in Paris, France, tonight my soul needs to play.

Once upon a time in a place of grandeur and grace,

I instantly knew I was in the right place.

A very old abandoned French Opera theatre of decay.

Outside there was a tiny mouse holding a sign and wearing a Beret.

Perhaps a mouse holding a sign might keep you away!

But he welcomed me in under an ancient archway.

His sign simply said Mademoiselle Violet's opening night.

Inside I encountered the most adorable vision ever so right.

A ballet of a young Violet, who is a mouse,

who inhabited this centuries old Opera house!

Violet in purple right down to her ballet slippers with her tutu all a swirl,

transcending the audience into her miniature dream world.

Pantomime to tell her story, while the tempo and melody grew stronger,

delighted my senses and I wanted to linger longer.

But reality came with a barking dog,

all because a runner was out for their morning jog in the fog.

Gray skies of Paris I awoke to today,

memories of Violet that will never fade away.

© Vera 

I will be back in the New Year to kick off my blog. Until then enjoy a magical and peaceful holiday season.




  1. Oh, Vera,
    M'y sweet dear friend I am speechless. You have created a production to love, and I could do no better. The magic of winter is upon us and I so want to dance around on your theatrical stage that performs perfectly.

    I love your header, and adore you. With a little nudge to get you to blog I just know you will find a new favorite here with many new friends that will be inspired by your passion In all you do and write about.

    You my friend are going to have so much fun gathering friends and designing your site. Be sure to link a follower list on your side bar, maybe under the translator, this way you can gather followers to your site, and you can also add your favorite blogs on your site letting others know who you are inspired by.

    Happy Holidays my dear.

    Joyeux Noël


    1. Doré,
      Merci, my beautiful soulful friend. If it wasn't for you encouraging me to blog ... Who knows if I ever would of.
      I will set up a follower list, thanks for all your help and friendship.
      Merry Christmas to you, Hannah and Pia Bleu.

  2. What a magical display you have created with your beautiful French Theatre!!! I do no know how you did it but the lights and sheers created such an ethereal feeling. And those mice are loveable. May your Christmas be beautiful. Welcome to the blogging community!

  3. Welcome to blogland, Vera. I found you through Dore. What a beautiful post, incorporating Dore's fabulous creation. Love the poem. Looking forward to future posts.

  4. Good evening dearest Vera! I hope that you saw that I went onto your first posting but NOW you are in business here! I am so thrilled to see you are posting your magical theatre, and that our dear Doré and beautiful Kerrie are here with me! We seem to have a connection going on here, for that IS PENNY'S little mouse! I told you I have her little sister wearing a gray tutu!

    Vera dear, you are wonderful, and I look forward to more of your posts. Hugs my dear, Anita

  5. ...and I'd love to show you my theatre from a couple of years ago where I too made a story! I love your theatrical presentation here, Vera...we are dreamers and poets, aren't we? Anita

  6. Delightful Vera! I adore your poem and love the whimsy and charm of the tiny mice and Dore's wonderful theater. I am so pleased that you have decided to join the fun here in the blogosphere! Welcome Vera! I look forward to more of your poetry!
    Take care, Laura

  7. I am so happy that Dore shared your beautiful blog with me and I am enchanted by your poem and the theatre for Violet! I look forward to your next post and wish you peace in the new year!
    Oh...and I love your little tree toting truck!

  8. Dore sent me as well...and I am ever grateful.
    I look forward to knowing you.

    Blessings and Love from Illinois,


  9. I love seeing you use Dore's magical theatre to compose such a lovely poem!!
    Welcome to the world of blogging. Found you via Dore.
    Mary Alice

  10. Good evening dearest Vera!

    How your story here reminds me as well of a Christmas story I shared several years ago, with a character I invented based on a dog I "met" in Paris! We have much to share! You can email me at :

    BONNE NUIT! Anita

  11. HI Vera,
    I just found you from hearing about your beautiful blog from Dore. I love the little theatre that you got from Dore and your cute little mice. I have become a new follower and I will be back to visit your blog is wonderful.

  12. Hi Vera! Sweet Dore mentioned your new blog, so I thought I'd stop by to say "hello, and welcome to blogland"! :) I can tell you from years of blogging that you will meet so many wonderfully inspiring, caring, and supportive women out here that will carry you through the hardest of days ~ as well as sing with you on the happiest. ♥ Wishing you a very merry and blessed Christmas, my new blog friend! :)

    xoox laurie

  13. Hi Vera! Welcome to blog land!! Such a beautiful way to highlight that gorgeous stage Dore designed. You have written some very inspiring words. Glad you're joining the blogger adventure. Merry Christmas!

  14. Good evening Vera,
    Dear Anita mentioned that I would find little Violet here, and that you have created a beautiful blog, so I thought I would stop in and welcome you... I am so honored that you would include dear Violet the mouse in this magical state production, and thank you for the credit below..
    Dore's Theatre is just amazing... I love this woman and her talents...
    Your poetry is heartwarming.... I am so happy you are part of this wonderful community of inspiring people..

  15. Hello and welcome to blogging!! Your tiny theater is delightful! I am your newest follower.

  16. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Your mice are just darling. Dore did an amazing job on the Theatre, I would expect nothing less of her, she is a wonderful person. I wish you a wonderful Christmas and I hope you enjoy blogging. Alaina

  17. Hi Vera, Violet is perfection in her purple tutu! so nice to meet you! Have a blessed Christmas!

  18. Hi Vera,
    I am stopping by from England UK to wish you a wonderful Christmas and to tell you how much i enjoyed your blog post.
    Welcome to blogland! So much magic and inspiration and wonderful creative,kind friends to be made xxx

  19. You've written such beautiful words! I'm visiting via Dore, and am now following. Welcome to blogland! :)

  20. Las fotografias trasmiten, son geniales. Ha estado un regalo el visitar tu bloc, es genial, te invito visitar el mio y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidora.

  21. so beautiful! i'm a new fan! xoox, tracie

  22. Thank you for your kind comments over at Heaven's Walk, Vera. :) We do love living out here in the country surrounded by woods and water and rolling hills. It is a blessing! I pray that you have a cozy, merry Christmas in your sweet row house in Philly, my friend! Sending you hugs!

    xoxo laurie

  23. How this little theatre speaks to my heart, how it tickles my eyes. I too am in tears as I see it again, knowing that there are a few of us who truly admire this type of art, the magical of it all.....

    Vera, thank you for your visit tonight. I love that you felt a sense of glittered energy when you came to peace with your son. I know that peace...when my parents died two weeks apart, I also felt it.

    Love is out there, but it's also in us. May this love grow in us ALL! Wishing you another peaceful night of hope and goodness. Anita

  24. I am so glad to happen upon your blog from a comment you made on Anita's blog. This is a treasure! Looking forward to seeing more in 2014!

  25. I'm so glad you did this, Vera - The theater, story, and poem are enchanting. Love, Audrey

  26. What a precious theater and welcome to blogland! Your poem is beautifully written. So happy to find and follow your blog!

  27. Merry Chridtmas Vera. I have a 2ft prelit white tree too. It has been my favorite but I really wanted a larger one without paying a fortune so I was thrilled to get this on sale with coupons for such a deal! You could use your lovely crown from Dore to top your tree :). See you in the New Year!!! You have quite the following already. Isn't it wonderful xxo

  28. Sweet little Violet . . . a magical theater . . . lovely words . . . I look forward to reading and viewing more.

    Happy Christmas

  29. Good morning Vera my dear! How lovely of you to come and visit me this morning! I hope you had a peaceful Christmas - we went out to California and had the best time, reconnecting with our families and ourselves again.

    We are now back in our own home from which I can see the snow falling. I pulled my back the day after we arrived, as I was shoveling snow, but I hope that this entire week off from work will allow me to heal.

    I look forward to a new year of inspired posts from you and most of all, a special connection of the heart. Bless you, Anita

  30. And yet another GOOD AFTERNOON to you Vera! Thank you for coming to my blog post on this new day of an adventurous year. Your kind words are greatly received, and may your blogging experience reveal more about the hidden treasures in your life that are meant to share.

    I look forward to more of your theatre magic and plans and hopes to make your vision into art. Have a relaxing and inspiring day! Anita

  31. Love your cute theatre and sweet Violet! You did a fabulous job.
    New follower,