Thursday, March 6, 2014

ARTiculture and poetic words of Spring

On Wednesday March 5th, John and I went to the Philadelphia Flower show. This year's show is cleverly named ARTiculture. A combination of art and horticulture. All the photos were taken by me and represent the highlights at least to me that were unique and images that evoked Springtime emotions.

A meteor of lovely shades of pink roses suddenly hurls down to earth and crash lands in a field of Pussy Willow and a bedding of lavender. That's what I saw in this exquisite display.

I envisioned a Fashionista who only wears red high heels and her fantasy dream of them in this display.

The flower bonnets/bouquets were vividly exciting. 

Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali. I loved this display!

The use of flowers limited but delightfully playful.

Warhol in his Tomato soup can

Boutiques au Musée d' Art

Famous World War 2 kiss of strangers in Times Square.

I felt glorious Springtime in this color saturated display.

Have an old dresser? Fun idea.

Surely out of a gardeners insect obsessed dreams! Very cleverly designed large exhibit. An absolute show stopper.

Gigantic bugs! Much attention paid to every detail. Impressive and memorable.

Interesting potting table design.

Different sized fern frond sculptures in a varied fern species garden.

Salvator Dali inspired Plein air painting garden.

Drought or black thumb. Seriously this was an exhibit! Which surely in it's brownness made a lasting impression on us.

A bridge to nature's beauty, staged in a park life setting.

Magnificent pink Cherry blossom trees, an obsession of mine.

A Zen garden's beautiful wood sculpture representing Yin and Yang. 

Side view - intricately made, stunning.

Spring Modern dance art in floral display. Since I adore Bowler hats I enjoyed the carefully thought out chosen objects.

Plein air painting miniature at the show.

A close up

Miniature of Pablo Picasso's studio as if next door neighbor to Henri Matisse.

Matisse's home.

A miniature for all us castle and fairytale lovers. All dollhouse size ... Simply stunning.

While John and I were walking around enjoying our day, smelling the sweet nectar of flowers and their breathtaking beauty, I mentioned, the only thing missing is birds. Well we found the birds as in Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Birds".

In miniature and in perfect scary detail. 

Look at what followed me home from the flower show. 14 dollars for a sweet wire and glass bottle flower container from Cutlery Couture. The tulips are from Whole-Foods, we stopped in after our dinner at La Viet. The pretty tulip color spoke to me "buy me"!

I leave you with my poetic words about Spring after a long harsh relentless winter. See you in two weeks when I will post about my lifelong obsession.

Spring ahead

There is secrecy in winter's twilight and the long daylight hours of Spring three months in-between.
Cold short days and long evenings turn into daily passages of time, longing for gentle warm sunshine that feels serene.

In anticipation you watch the snow fall create a white blanket, like winter's shroud of the season.
Icicles form and hang down like menacing daggers, winters weapons of protection is natures reason.

Reluctantly wildlife adapt to endure, when the lakes freeze over and the rivers are chunked with ice.
We bear witness to a hauntingly beautiful sight of winters icy whites, illuminated by the moon and stars bright light.

Patiently we persevere the winters relentless storms blustery winds, as we wait for rebirth of the frozen ground.
Daylight savings time once again is here, as fertile dirt thaws to yield fragrant flowers that will visually astound.

The long awaited promise of Spring arrives and birds return with lovely songs they sing.
Nature bestows us precious gifts every year, that magically daylight savings time gloriously does bring.

© Vera


  1. Oh, how cool. Lots of great inspiration at that show. Thanks for sharing the pics, and, for your lovely poem.

  2. Good evening dear, dear Vera.

    My friend, you, Penny, Violet, Irina and others who understand the world of poetry and play, miniatures and nature have been my stronghold during this terrible winter. But like everything else, it does NOT remain. Your poem here is a celebration of the tenacity of life and how it must spring forth in its time. Thank you for divulging your thoughts through words of truth.

    THAT FLOWER SHOW!!!!!! Oh the fun with the mannequin and then the miniatures...YES, PLEASE! I love the plein air display, and so does Tea Rat. He thinks it is a divine spot for a picnic and some painting. SO DO I!

    Thank you for sharing your vision and hope. We are in this together! Anita

  3. How wonderful for you guys. Of course, I loved the 1st image the best...and as for the brown...that looks like Texas in 2011, the entire state under 1000-year drought conditions.

  4. The flower show is always spectacular!! Love your photos and comments about each display. Wonderful poem, Vera. You are so talented!!
    Mary Alice

  5. What a remarkable and creative show!! (I love the Fashionista, personally :)
    Your poem so eloquently put my feelings into words!

  6. Oh Vera, the scary dramatique drama of the drought I found strange wonderment in it's beauty of dry brown, is that some sort of pool dried out? it was strangly sad and dangerious looking at the same time eerie.
    I really cannot make up my mind what drew me in the most othe then the tulips of beauty on your very own counter :)
    What an interesting flower show to be able to attend with each staging poetry in itselves. Love your share and so much more loved your poem your last phrase...
    The long awaited promise of Spring arrives and birds return with lovely songs they sing. Is a favorite part tugging at my heart. So beautiful and so inspiring.

    See you soon beautiful.
    Tell John he is a doll for enjoying the intriguing beauty of garden floral arts.

    Vera, enjoy your weekend, and I hope your bad weather calms letting the sun peak through melting away the last of winters days.

    Lots of love,


  7. Hi Vera,
    Beautiful poem as always. Loved the flower show. My fav too is the fashionista. What a nice post. Have a great week end.

  8. What a lovely day out you had, and a wonderful variation from the normal flower shows. My favourite - hard to say, but I love the present you bought for yourself.

  9. The theme was a success - really enjoyed what they did and the pics you shared. You are a poet! Wonderful poem.

  10. Dear Vera,
    A show like no other.... This is truly amazing, and so beautiful! The ~bridge to nature's beauty is my favorite, next would be the pink Cherry Blossom trees.
    Everything is so lovely, and your poem is the icing on the cake! What a talent you are.
    Thank you so much for sharing this Vera.

  11. I've never been to a flower show...this post has been wonderful!
    I love "The Birds" display...quite unexpected!

  12. Oh the freshness and promise of the flowers you share here, Vera my friend! I love that "Meteor" of flowers in the first photo and of course, the miniatures!

    Thank you so much for taking a moment from cooking to come to visit me! Yes, I am very tickled about this opportunity for me to continue writing for a publication. And to think I'm in the first issue! Enjoy your meal and we too are going to settle in for the evening; don't forget to set your clock ahead! I better remind MYSELF!


  13. Thank you Vera! The fence is not completely straight, but it will do... The challenge I think will be the gate..
    I am so happy they are best friends! I can't wait for the post. I know you will make magic.
    Enjoy your Sunday,
    p.s. I am so happy for dear Anita, aren't you?

  14. Good evening VERA! I am so happy to know that your hard drive is fixed! It is amazing how a computer glitch can keep you away from dear friends! There are times when a pal's computer is not working and we can't correspond for days. It feels lonely without them! So glad you came by, and thank you so much for your words. I am thrilled and even though I did find a typo or two (really, it was the placement of a sentence), it's OK. There is a next time!


  15. I read your post last week on my iPad when we were traveling and I had difficulty commenting.

    I love this show - flowers and art - what could be better?

    The plein air exhibit . . . Matisse's home . . . the WWII kiss scene . . . just a few of my favorites.

  16. Hi Vera: I just happened to find your blog and oh...what a thrill. I may have to take a ride to Philadelphia to see it. I live approximately two hours north. With each photo I became more and more involved. Thank you ever so much for sharing such beautiful displays. I cannot even mention what might be a favorite because each one is so special. ~Kathleen~

  17. Wow that is an amazing Flower Expo. I cannot pick a favorite! But I have to say that the photo of your tulips in your home with that lovely hand-painted armoire in the background is my favorite photo of your post.

    Your poem speaks of what many are longing while emphasizing the beauty of winter's prelude. All season's hold beauty and purpose. xxo

  18. all amazing...I am always amazed at other's unending imagination

  19. Dearest Vera! Good morning! Thank you for coming to visit today; the capricious weather of ours is a tease, enough to have inspired me to write about the hope that wells up in me when the slightest change on the thermometer occurs! How are you my friend? I am wrapping up your little surprise today! LOVE, Anita

  20. Wow, that' great. So very creative. Thank you for sharing the pictures.
    Have a sunny time and all the best from Austria

  21. Good morning dear and beautiful friend! I just saw that you skipped on by to visit and how I LOVE to see your words.....thank you for appreciating all of what we do on blogging, for you too mix your passions with words and images. I love to add music because well, you know the propensity toward theatrics! Speaking of which, I hope the cast and crew will be receiving my little gift sometime today or tomorrow!

    Much love dear friend. Anita

  22. Dear Vera,
    How sweet of you to wander over for a visit.. thank you so much for your kind words. Sometimes it is a good feeling to go ~ out of the box~ as it were.. There are so many possibilities with needle felting..
    So Violet has found a new best friend? ahhhh..
    Can't wait for your post.. I know it is going to be magical.
    p.s. Bonjour dear Anita!

  23. Love this post and I am your newest follower. I met you from Carol at "Art and Sand" who has connected us in her altered book. Happy to meet you!