Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter wishes, a giveaway announcement ... strolling under a canopy of pink and a poem.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter celebration or if observed Passover, to be happily enjoyed with family and friends. For our springtime decoration this year I used a whole lot of eggs in our home. My grandparents (Dad's side) had a commercial chicken farm in Kingswood, NJ outside of Frenchtown, many, many decades ago. But that will be another story at another time, just saying I am recalling strong family memories this year.

I have lots to share with you in this post, but first I want to announce a giveaway that will start on Saturday April 26th and run for two weeks.

The giveaway is a hot off the press (published April 1, 2014) House beautiful's 500 Bathroom Ideas - Elegant and Dreamy Spaces. Hardcover, 304 pages, size - 7x9.8 by 1.2 inches thick. The book is gorgeous, full of inspiration to add beauty to your bathroom. Love the book so much brat me purchased a copy for myself. The giveaway will run for two weeks, more about it on Saturday April 26th when I post a photo essay of our upstairs bathroom.

On April 12th and 13th John and I enjoyed being incognito in the DC area under a canopy of pink. We spent a fun weekend with our friends, dining out and strolling the cherry blossom trees. Peak, gorgeous and an unexpected 80+ degrees as the blossoms rained down on us. Friends, Les, Kathy (Les's niece) Judy and Brian once again were a delight to casually wander around with soaking in the ephemeral lovely 2014 pink blossoms.

The trees were introduced as a gift from Japan to America in 1912, so being 102 years old you tend to linger in appreciation of the majestic beauty. When something happens and a tree needs replacement a young cherry blossom tree is planted. The cycle of life. Life expectancy could be a possible 250 years but in the Northeast we suffered through a horrid winter of relentless snow and below zero temperatures, weeks running into months, totaling 4 months this year. Spring was/is greatly received and rejoiced.

Some trees sprout blossoms in their trunks, while the bark shows moss from too much wetness this past winter. A harsh winter left some trees damaged. I would be remiss to not mention this.

Sadly this tree split and needed to have a limb cut off, but surviving is in it's legacy and lasting beauty.

Judy who I regard as a gardening wizard was our tour guide Sunday through the Kenwood section of Bethesda. I wish I had stopped and taken a better picture of a Crape Myrtle pruned. C'est la Vie... Look to the right of the lovely blossom tree. Judy made us laugh over and over again with her announcement of "CRAPE MURDER" whenever we strolled by a tree that had been severely pruned with the top chopped becoming horticulturist's chant "CRAPE MURDER". Judy is a nurse but trust me she has an amazing infinity to mother natures bestowed beauty. The crape myrtles are chopped to limit the growing height, but some are done less severely and those will blossom and bear flowers in that growing season. 

Crape Myrtle are beautiful flowering trees. They bloom all Summer long, beloved for their peeling bark, different colors and stunning natural form. My favorite is the "Zuni" which produces Lavender colored flowers, although I also adore the very bright pink.

I never would of considered myself addicted to my iPhone 5 ... Well I've never admitted to it till now. I have many cell phone covers ranging from white to red from translucent to opaque but all rabbit's with bunny ears. Pretty much my thing - in the pink meant my iPhone was clad in light translucent pink. Yeah I get teased but I also see lots of smiles from people and honestly I do it for me, my entertainment and my delight.

I spotted this tree, now look hard, doesn't it resemble a chocolate Easter bunny? Look closer... see the ears, the cut off limb as the tail??? OK, so Judy takes my iPhone and puts it in the hole, seriously wedged it into the hole. Thinking about what if it fell down into the truck, no arm would reach, would I need to commit the unthinkable, chopping down one of my beloved blossom trees? Trees I flock to annually and dream of in the cold winter months? My obsession of my lifetime. Heart palpitations and damn near a panic attack. All it was is a prop, staged by mon amie Judy to take a photo with her camera of my rabbit clad phone in the tree. Cute idea really. Admittedly I held my breath until it was safely back in my sweaty trembling hand my mind raced...

All I could think about was my 4,197 photos (I know I shouldn't have that many stored) pics for this post, my contacts, my apps, my last text message from my son just days before he passed. Yup, I am addicted to technology and I was about to have a panic attack! All those times I laughed at people with their smart phones in hand, checking, clicking, texting, sending ... OMG I am one of them!!! Realization in mind, senses alert suddenly in that moment of time I was awakened to my silly dependence on my iPhone!  While there were birds chirping, a squirrel running up a tree nearby and a brown bunny across the street. Yes, I am indeed an observer. Curiously wondering what might be their social media in a lighthearted moment this poem flooded my head. Hope you enjoy my poetry and feel free to laugh at me over my near panic attack.

Bunny kisses and I'll be back to post in a week, bathroom photo essay, giveaway and I'll leave you with my poetry and no if will not be potty related, promise.

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Often known as a wise adviser, he is the self proclaimed King, a radiant young 5 year old shinny Black crow.
His far seeing eyes and oracular cries foretell impending fate to fellow creatures stopping by to say hello.

He considers himself the local town watch, perched high on a branch of a Dutch Elm tree.
Beneath is a young brown bunny thinking just how wonderful it would be, to fly far and free.

Dispelling all myths the crow points out merits of all creatures, while he's in charge of their social media.
Through his "tweets" he provides constant wisdom, much like knowledge he learned from an encyclopedia.

While the young cute brown bunny is happy just to hop around with pretty fresh flowers at his feet,
or nibble in a vegetable garden, planted by a farmer who grows baby carrots that are tasty and sweet.

King Crow looking down wants the bunny to hide from a predator Red Fox looking to eat.
"Mr. Fox is right down the lane, seen from above" as the Crow sends out his warning "tweet".

A Ginger Tom cat is out wandering and scouting for female companion, as he is always on the prowl,
just then King Crow spots a neighbors dog about to chase the Tom with a mean aggressive growl.

Well, the Tom's natural instinct is to fight - but with this dog it would probably end in a bloody mess,
So King Crow cries out his prophetic "tweet" and his birds eye's view warning is once again a success.

After a long afternoon spent sending "tweets" of wisdom, our Crow is now hungry for his favorite treat,
as he swoops down into a wild strawberry patch, a deserved reward for "tweets" cleverly announced, as he is always discreet!

Social media thankfully isn't just for us humans, nope not at all, as many might assume,
It is everywhere, amongst small creatures too, so they don't encounter doom and gloom!

© Vera

As the pink blossoms rained down on us, sigh.


  1. Lovely -looks like you were here right for the peak this weekend (with everyone else, haha). Great giveaway, wasn't aware this book was out - definitely count me in!

  2. Oh what a treat Vera to see these beautiful trees in bloom!
    Spring is teasing us here in New England, visiting for a few days and then going away!
    I loved your poem, going back to read it again!
    Happy Easter!

  3. Gorgeous X10!
    I went to college in Virginia, via DC, and always loved it there, rain, sleet, snow, cherry blossoms.

  4. Vera, I love your poem-so clever! The pics of the trees are just gorgeous; I'm sure you thoroughly enjoyed their beauty (and I do see the bunny in the tree!) You're not alone, I'd be panicked if I lost my phone! Oh, and I have to add that I spied those candle holders behind the bunny-love them!! :)

  5. Hi Vera! I was there in Kenwood, MD for the cherry blossoms, too. We might have passed each other as I was there a few times. Kenwood is close to my home and shop. The cherry blossoms were gorgeous this year!! Cheers!

  6. I smile when I see that you have posted on you blog; I look forward to it. You are one talented lady. I think I have mentioned before how much I also love the Cherry Blossoms. They are the epitome of feminine beauty. And your poem is just wonderful. Have you ever thought of publishing your collection with front and back covers depicting your favorite cherry blossoms?
    I like that your collection of eggs pays homage to your Ancestors. It is a fine legacy that you proudly share with us. Thank you. And a Happy Easter to you.

  7. Good evening Vera! Oh the glory my friend, of being here with Loi, with the nice lady from Purple Flowers, Marsha and YOU! I LONG FOR FLOWERS and thank you for showing us the delicious pinks of your wonderful cherry blossom tour. You must have been so inspired, and then to write about your observations. There is nothing more exciting to catch the fleeting dance of a bunny in the garden then to go write about it, or to watch a crow, a duck or any other animal to breathe in the ideas. LOVELY storytelling as I sit here enjoying every moment of your company my friend! BRAVO VERA! Anita

  8. You are so funny. The cherry blossoms are heavenly. I don't think I will be able to not use the term 'crepe murder' now when I pass a myrtle thats been mutilated (prunned). It is difficult not to be dependent on our iphones in this techy world...I am on mine more than I want to be, but it keeps me off of the computer! My phone can go with me :) Though I make a lot of typos commenting from my iphone! It is convenient for so many things...and I have yet to learn how to use all its bells and whistles. Your poems are always a joy to read.

    I wish you a blessed Eastertide
    xxo Kerrie

  9. I loved your poem Vera..... and the trees are simply beautiful!
    Wishing you a peaceful heart this Easter.. Please count me in on you wonderful giveaway. What a great book.
    Now you want to talk silly... Seventh photo down of the damaged tree trunk.
    You know what I see? On the heavy part of the trunk, look at the top left and the bottom right side... I see two fish. Heads are looking up. Do you see them?
    What a sweet bunny you have there

  10. lovely photos . . . sweet stories . . . smiles as I read clever words . . . thank you.

    Happy Easter

    and yes, that tree definitely looks like a chocolate Easter bunny.

  11. The cherry blossoms are spectacular! Such a delightful post and poem, as always.
    Thoroughly enjoy visiting, Vera.
    Mary Alice

  12. Vera, I noticed Loi tone on tone commented you that perhaps you two were in passing with your Cherry Blossom visit in DC. Would that have been so exciting to be a new blogger then run into a blogger and then be able to take a selfie with him to post or add to the blossom post :)

    Your photos speak volumes to the beauty that surrounded you and John, as for your funniness in a crepe murder, you have such descriptiveness in your writings about such things of beauty or not :))
    Poetry is such a big part of your self being, I use to write a bit of poetry yet got away from it, you my sweet dear friend encourage me to try my hand atit again, and that would be funny, I mean I am most certain the poetry would not be intended to be funny but would turn out to be. I will let you know if and when I write one or share one :)

    The bathroom book looks like it will inspire all kinds of beauty and designs to inspire even the most simplest of designs.
    Thank you Vera darling for another well written post of beauty, inspiration, and love.

    Happy Easter to you my friend, your note card greeting with bunny sites displaying it in my kitchen cabinet where all can see its greeting charm.

    Hugs and kisses,


  13. Love the basket of eggs up against your brick wall, so wish I had a brick walls layered with cracked plasters and exposed used beauty, yours is so warm and beautiful.

  14. VERA!Good evening my dear sister! Thank you for coming by today, TWICE! Yes, isn't that gray room just fabulous? Gray for me is a happy color, while I think for some people, they may need more colors. But for me, that color puts me in a happy, giddy mood because I can stop, think, and conjure up all sorts of ideas! I am working on making my front room area and studio even more like that.

    Well my friend, what can I say but that you have been such a blessing to me. I will think of you as I look out at the moon early tomorrow morning over the lake, and watch for the sun to rise. We are taking some poetry, a thermos of tea and other inspirational readings. May you and your loved ones experience the peace that only love can give. Many hugs my dear, Anita

  15. Dear Vera,
    How thoughtful of you to stop in for a visit... Thank you so much for your kind words about Mary... She was a bit of a challenge, but very enjoyable.
    Easter blessings,

  16. Ohhhh, wished i could be here, I would dance around this tree :))
    Best wishes from Méa

  17. Hi Vera, I wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for commenting on Susan's blog MUST LOVE JUNK and leaving me a sweet comment there on being in the Saturday Spotlight! I am thrilled you enjoyed or little Bunny...he is the cutest! and what a gorgeous tree!!! wow.....xoxoxo Christine from

  18. Hi Beauty! I have that I am a decorating book junkie! LOL!
    Thank you for stopping by my humble are such an inspiration to me!