Saturday, August 9, 2014

Capturing Creative Energy

Collected treasures and cherished things, makes our heart's rejoice and sing. You're looking out from our bedroom into the hall and sitting room. 

Today's post is photographed inside our bedroom. It's a difficult room to photograph because of the natural lighting, I've tried my best. The armoire was hand painted by me, I have a love of Harlequin's pattern design. The egg chair is from Restoration Hardware with leather back, cowhide front. Our petite chandelier was an eBay find.

Ok I'm willing to admit it . . . I Vera, am a magazine addict/hoarder!

But my concentration of today's post is on the nightstand and wall above it. Last post I teased about an appearance by John Lennon, he does influence my writing in this post. I have many collections, but the most important one to me is my Buddha's. In them I feel peaceful energy and positive Karma released. All our Buddha's with the exception of our amulets have been appraised for insurance. I am sharing my Buddha amulet statues with you in the first part of this post. 

I believe all my Buddha amulet statues are authentically antique and were blessed by Buddhist monks. It is what I was told by the dealer's with every purchase. Some people may refer to them as Talisman, the ones I own traveled with people throughout Asia as a form of protection. Often in their pocket and were left at a Buddhist temple's altar as an offering. Similarly as in the Catholic religion of lighting a votive candle with your prayers.

In ancient times people always carried them. Even today the tradition continues. Originally some were made to be buried beneath Buddhist temples and found inside much larger Buddha statues. Pretty much believed to be storage batteries for Buddhist energy. Mine are made from all types of metals, bronze, brass, overlays on lead with gold and one is even wood. That one I acquired Jan. 2014, to me it looks styled in the folk art altar carvings from Laos. My collection of amulets were carried for protection and then left at a temple altar as an offering. All are said to be around a 100 years old+ and one a pre 1800's bears much erosion, a wearing down of face and features. Each has developed an interesting patina and I too carry one with me at all times.

I have displayed them on 3 vintage cigar boxes my brother-in-law Ken gave me. I like the graphic punch they give as they serve as lifts. I think the colors and the box graphics add contrast and interest. Living in a 1,886 square foot row-home doesn't allow extra space for a private room, nor a meditation and alter room. So I have them on my nightstand offering me and my dreams protection. I was instructed to display them above heart level while lying down, these are, but I'm not sure if my nightstand is a Buddhist preference for their display. 

"The Hug" 
My favorite Beatle was John Lennon, oh sure Paul had those dreamy eyes, but John was sheer inspirational creative energy to me. Art was Lennon's first love, before playing the guitar during Beatles fame. In 1969 he created a portfolio of four drawings which he entitled "Bag One" illustrating his wedding with Yoko Ono and their honeymoon. Married in Gibraltar on March 20, 1969. Remember their honeymoon's bed in for peace in Amsterdam? I so adored all their white cotton pajama's and wanted a pair. 

While on a vacation in Amsterdam we did not complete all our intended site-seeing spots. Their bed in and the Anne Frank house were not visited. Thankfully we plan another trip there, hopefully soon. John and I were fixated on the museums, it was during the 400th anniversary of the paintings by the Dutch masters. We loved the canals and spent everyday enjoying both an afternoon and evening boat ride through the canals. It still amazes me that the Dutch took sea salt water and turned it into fresh for fishing. Talk about creative genius.

"We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight."
~John Lennon~

In 1988 Yoko Ono authorized a limited edition release of "Bag One", from Lennon's estate. The Hug is my favorite of the four. This is a Lithograph signed with a red chop stamp in Lennon's design. Intended by him to read "Like a cloud, beautiful sound." A limited edition pencil numbered, ours is 465 of 5000.

Extreme close up of chop signature -"Like a cloud, beautiful sound"

We purchased it in 1988 when it was first released. It measures 24x36 inches. We have it framed sandwiched between glass, archival, on a wall in our bedroom that never receives direct sunlight. Seriously if our house ever caught fire in one arm my cats would be carried out along with this Lennon print in the other. People say to me all the time, everything you own holds special meaning ... I say yes, very true.

"Creativity is a gift. It doesn't come through if the air is cluttered."
~John Lennon~

IMAGINE A celebration of John Lennon was published on the 15th anniversary of his death. Published by Penguin Studio with the approval of Yoko Ono. That year at Christmas my brother Kevin and my sister-in-law Gay gifted me the book. I own a lot of books but this one is my favorite. It is small, thin and magical.

Imagine is the song most entwined with John Lennon's memory. The lyrics are mirrored in precious photographs of Lennon's life. There is a hauntingly beautiful feel to the book and it has Mylar sheets with the lyrics words printed on them. No other words appear in the book except the lyrics to Imagine.

One Christmas while the Iraq war was raging and peace only an illusion we made our holiday cards reflect our feelings. Our card was custom made, simplistic on textured white card-stock with a dove holding an olive branch in it's mouth. A black line drawing with the word "Peace" was letterpress printed on it. John and I printed on blue cloud Mylar the words to John Lennon's Imagine and we enclosed them in everyone's card that year. The envelopes were hand stamped with a peace symbol from the 60's. That Christmas our tree had white whites and only white Doves on it . . . Yes, I am a pacifist.

On December 8th, 1980 outside of the Dakota in New York City, while I was in my 20's decade, John Lennon was abruptly taken from Earth. For me, I loss trust and innocence and along with the World loss of a creative genus. Lennon was a political activist and believed in pacifism.

"Peace is not something you wish for, it's something you make, something you do, something you are and something you give away."
~John Lennon~

"My role in society, or any artist's or poet's role, is to try and express what we feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as a reflection of us all."
~John Lennon~

As in my established blogging style,  I will always weave my stories into my photo essay and leave you with my poetry to ponder. Today's poetry will give you lots to ponder! 

The first blog I followed was Apartment Therapy. Last week they featured an article which contained 9 decorating tips,  I want to share tip No. 9 ... 

"Comparing your home to someone else's takes away from authentically creating yours". 
~Apartment Therapy~

Behind our bed hangs a color pencil drawing titled "Demando Cat". John and I a long time ago  purchased this print as a gift for my father-in-law Orlando. It eventually through the circle of life returned back to us. I white washed the frame and it this is what occurs every morning as our >^..^< boys demand we get up and feed them. We adore this drawing and of course our fur kids.
All photos taken by me - Vera

Capturing Creative Energy

Sometimes we curiously ask but dismiss obscure answers to questions and hesitate to react.
I am often asked what inspires my creativity and while not trying to sound esoteric or abstract...

My answer is simply from the creative energy flowing freely in the heavens above,
I'm able to channel it into my own artistic expression which becomes a labor of love.

A kinetic energy cloud of knowledge and emotions of those who have passed for us to reach,
enabling everyone to know of it's vitality and sustained creative energy is what I dare to teach.

Philosophers and Scientists offer affirmation of universal energy in our existence of reality.
Believing life force energy permeates everything around us in finality isn't just triviality.

For enlightenment in the creative energy pool brings inspiration to you from a far,
And tapping into inventive flickering ideas is as simple as capturing fireflies in a jar.

We all know to be receptive to things you intuitively feel but can not always explain or see.
First step in acceptance is to free your mind of vague misconceptions, do you agree?

Galileo, Michelangelo, Mother Theresa, Thoreau, Pavarotti energies to draw upon to inspire.
Quieting the chatter in my mind to focus in on their brilliance is a state of consciousness I desire.

It is a powerful energy cloud that will never dissipate, vanish nor arouse provocation.
Offering my vision and experience of the creative energy pool is my poetic aspiration.

© Vera


  1. Such a beautiful post Vera. Your Buddha collection is so authentic while carrying so much meaning. Your John Lennon collection is also something to treasure. His voice is still heard and valued deeply. The quotes you share reach down into our hearts and cause us to care about one another and the world. These are the things that matter. And your poem follows in the flow of his words. Beautiful post my friend. Thank you xx

  2. Beautiful post Vera. Reading and seeing your John Lennon treasures brings back a lot of memories for me. I remember laying on my bean bag chair with headphones and and listening to my 8 track yep the ole 8 track of John Lennon's Imagine. Would listen to his beautiful words in his sounds for hours.
    Love the poem and love your collection of budda's. You have such a great collection with so much meaning. Thanks for sharing with us always.

  3. sorry not sounds but rather songs.

  4. What an awesome post.
    One of my grandgirls, aged 12, is so in love with the Beatles she can hardly breath. John, of course, being her favorite. She has so many Beatles cute. Her mama bought tickets to see Paul here in Lubbock in Nov., I believe it is. She can hardly breath, thinking about it. I am going to see if I can find (and afford) this book for her. She would love it so much.
    Thanks for sharing all this with us.

  5. I've checked on Amazon and while they have lots of J. Lennon books, they don't seem to have this one you are showing. That's the one I want. Do you have any ideas where to check on getting one?

  6. Oh Vera, I would have been here sooner but I was finishing up the last of the two kitchen cabinet doors, the two hinder the sink! Yay!! I am done. Now I cane get back to what I love about blogging and creating authentically from ones heart as you put it.

    I love the view from the bedroom and the wall of bricks I will never not love that wall... So wish it were her in my home. I love your imagination and how every inch of your home was collected to create LOVE, and things of meaning rather then placed to fill space as so many out there do when it comes to filling there home with decor.

    I love your little Buddhas and often when I see one now I say to myself hmmmm!
    I wonder if Vera has this one? Now that I know yours have meaning more then just collecting when I come across one, antique of course I will surely pick one up for you, gifting a new one I hope that you don't already have, and placing them above your heart for protection is wonderful, we have always known wearing turquoise close to your heart like the Indians protect your heart so we wear a lot of that, plus I live those Rita Coolage days, her wearing lots of it rubbed off on me.
    Love John Lennon, when all my friends fought over Paul, not me it was always that deep dark creative song writer with a voice that didn't quit resonating in or heads with such a message, I think the leads singers and song writers should have been John and George, just my thought.
    I never listen to bands unless there is someone a bit different in the group, I just cannot relate to music that does not have substance and reaches us with a message.
    Love the art pieces and your low numbers add value.

    I am going to come back later after I clean up my mess to re-read some parts that I want to take in again.

    I am going to be listing my new piece later tomorrow it's a 19th century Indo-Portuguese Vitrine.... A new shrine/altar a piece inspired by the real shrine, all done in Burlap Luxe treatment of paper mâché like plaster structure a santos like angel and a flowing rosary draped with beads created with my technique and spiritual words of song, and prayer.
    You will have to let me know what you think of this more complex piece.

    Well my beautiful friend, you really out did yourself with this post, and a message of strength to creating uniqueness, something I follow strongly by.


  7. Good evening dear friend....I cannot even begin to tell you how you made me feel as I read about your love for Lennon; to this day, I love the Beatles and Ruben and I watch the Anthology often, as if visiting with our pals. We need a dose of their inspiring lives during a time when we were about 10 years old, looking up to them as innovators of music and peace.

    I spent all day looking for inspiration for a poetry assignment for my poetry group on Tuesday. I also worked on my little theatre (you'll see it eventually) and I took photos of a fantastic place on the boarder of Minnesota and Wisconsin, that's only about 25 minutes away from my home. But after all the travels, you have to come back to write.

    I LOVE your harlequin pattern, your artistic sensibilities. Home to us is where we truly live and create, and I so appreciate you!

    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday dear friend! Anita

  8. Good evening dear Vera... Beautiful post! I love your brick wall ! Your home is filled with It is clear how much your Buddhas mean to you, and it makes me vey happy that they give you peaceful energy. You really have a collection to treasure..
    The book of John Lennon really brought back memories..
    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday.

  9. Hello Vera
    Thank you for sharing your home and the objects d'art that you collect and love.
    It was a sad day indeed when John Lennon died. It happened on my mother's birthday. My father saw the Beatles in 1964, as they travelled a rural road in Ireland, following their first concert in Dublin. It inspired him to listen to their music and he grew to like them (we still could not make him an Elvis fan)
    Hope your week is special and I join you in praying for peace
    Helen xx

  10. What a great room design I can't believe you made that photo. I know my teenage daughter has been asking for a canopy bed for some time, so I'll forward her this post.
    Amazing Q Lin Bed for your Bedroom

  11. So many help to teach and form us. Some famous. And some not-so-famous. Loved reading about what inspires you, Vera.

    ~ another dreamer

  12. Vera, this is one of your most wonderful posts...and now I feel as if I've been inside your well as your head. I love the Budda collection and know each piece is precious to you. The more I know you, the more I love you. Keep posting, my friend, soon you will have 1000's of followers. xx's

  13. Vera, I love your writing! You have such a gift my dear! I also am amazed at your wonderful collections. Not only is your bedroom a lovely space, but the treasures it holds must make for a real sense of serenity and peace.
    I love seeing other people's surroundings...and yours are amazing!
    sending hugs from here...

  14. You have such a gift of offering so much food for thought in your writing, Vera! Another wonderful post...loved learning the history and importance of your collection of Buddha's. Your bedroom certainly is a place of peace and tranquility.
    Mary Alice

  15. Your writing is lyrical, Vera. The protective power of your buddhas must be so comforting. I love their history. I was/am a Beatles fan. Your post made me remember a small book of John Lennon's I owned, "In His Own Write", I believe was the title. Now, I won't settle until I figure out what has become of it!

  16. Thank you dear friend... I thought MM would give you a smile... Thank you so much for visiting.
    Sending you a warm hug....

  17. I am so far behind in reading, but I wanted to catch up tonight.

    There is too much to respond to so I will just say for now that I enjoyed reading, looking, thinking here tonight. I will return with a more thoughtful comment.

  18. I came back for a read and did not get past the words "Collected treasures and cherished things, makes our heart's rejoice and sing".

    After photographing Leslie's house yesterday, the words really resonated. The personal part of Leslie's story that will not go into any of the blog posts is that she and her husband Gary built their dream house together and he died quite soon after it was completed. The house is in escrow which I cannot share until the sale closes. Leslie sold the house along with every single item in the house except paintings done by her mother. She cannot stand to rattle around in the 3 story house all by herself any longer. She is going to build again, but she wants to walk away and leave everything behind. What made me think of her in your post was a Chinese terra cotta soldier she purchased on a vacation to China with Gary. The soldier sits in the garden and she is leaving that also.

    I do hope she isn't sorry because like you, for me, my treasured pieces make my heart sing.

  19. This post was a lovely gift. Thank you.

  20. You have such and interesting and inspiring home. I've read some interesting biographies about Yoko Ono and she is a very talented lady. Also I left a reply on my blog.

  21. I have sent you my email address to your subscribers

  22. I love the message and energy in this post~! I have a Buddha that lives in my flour jar!

  23. Dear Vera, You have lifted my spirits, filled my heart and inspired my dreams with this wonderful post. I love your home and the photos around your room are gorgeous. I love your collection of Buddha's and the way you display them, makes such a big impact.
    Your love of John Lennon and his talents is to be admired. The Beatles will always be a favorite foursome of mine. I have always loved the song Imagine. It is one of the best he had written. The art work is amazing and I had to smile when you said, it would be under one arm along with your fur babies if the house was on fire. It is very special indeed.
    Lastly, I loved your poetry for this post. Simple wonderful and your words inspiring my creative heart!!

    Thank you for sharing my friend and thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I am back from vacation and trying to catch up in blogland.
    See you soon.
    Sending hugs your way~

  24. Vera, I so enjoyed the photos of your bedroom-so full of personality, as usual!! Love the painted armoire, the 'France' basket (I'm a fellow mag hoarder!), the chandelier...and how cool that you have a John Lennon lithograph!
    Love your thoughtful decor and your beautiful spirit :)

  25. Dear Vera,
    Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful bedroom. It's lovely and very serene. What a wonderful collection of Buddhas. They are very special. This post brings back memories of us visiting the temples back in Vietnam.

  26. Such a gorgeous & relaxing space!!!! :)

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three