Monday, September 21, 2015

Rustic Fall and all its charm

My senses are peaked in the Fall, certainly my favorite time of the year. On September 23rd Autumn begins in all its rustic charm and color's that invigorate me. Way before the "Seasons" approach of what color's complimented and were best for you to wear I always knew I was an Autumn. I also think houses decorated in your season are oftentimes most inviting. Both John and I are Autumns, no wonder in Fall the Russet shades are a prominent color in our Row home. 

"Autumn carries more Gold in its pocket than all the other seasons."
~Jim Bishop~

Today I will share some angles and views throughout our home of how we embrace and live with rustic charm while blending it into our style of mixing the old with the new.

Against one wall in the Dining room our bar cart is along side the wine corner.

A tall, French Bordeaux, vintage wine Demi John wine jug with a tightly woven basket covering the single handle and a very tattered original white label with black lettering has been added. The original cork remains in the bottle. This charming French country wine bottle once held a gallon of wine. Its beautiful old tattered label lists cities throughout the World where the wine won awards. The slender exposed bottle neck is a classic green glass, and the wicker is in good condition with some damage. Measures 14" tall, and about 6" wide. I purchased it off eBay and I think it adds the perfect rustic charm on the raw edge shelf in our Dining rooms wine corner.

Close up of tattered label and textural ribbon with clay coin. 

Directly across from the wine corner is our window. The mirror is from Restoration Hardware and made from reclaimed/recycled vintage woods. I repainted the finish on it as well as painting the faux technique on the wall. I have a desire to add my artful expression everywhere.

Fall berry branches placed in a galvanized French floral bucket add rustic charm.

The sitting Buddha is in the Single Lotus position. He is a lost wax casting in Bronze. A Bronze sculpture from Thailand I purchased through an antique dealer who told me he is over 125 years old. I think his face is delicate and this Buddha is described as in the style of Chiang Sang. What makes me always smile is when our guests will walk up to him and tweak his nipple. Truth be known I did the exact same thing when he was taken out of the shipping container years ago.

The Chinese wooden Buddha head was purchased 7 years ago from Material Culture in Philadelphia. We were told he is over a hundred years old. Now truth be told one day Max >^..^< spotted two pigeons on the small roof outside the window and in his graceful but unmeasured leap knocked Buddha to the floor. He already had a faint hairline age crack from his head down to his forehead but Max deepened the crack! Since we choose to live casually with our antiques we just chalked up his fall to a C'est la Vie Humpty Dumpty moment in life.

The window sill is African Zebra wood an exotic wood from the Rain Forest and purchased long before we were educated about the preservation of exotic rare woods. What can I say it was back in the early 80's, but since then we have gained the utmost respect for preservation. Three rooms have Zebra wood window sills, the kitchen, dining room and guest room's both windows. 

Moving into the kitchen for a few photos.

I love this little vintage terra cotta oil jar.

Awhile back I mentioned to John that I'd like to add vintage French pottery to our serving pieces. John loves eBay and here is what he purchased for our table.
Mid- century highly sought after French pottery by Villauris. Heavy rustic handmade pottery with pot and matching lid in like new condition. John won the bid for the amazing price of 11.99 and shipping was 13.78 

The marking on the bottom of the pot.

I am very health conscious and perhaps a tad bit paranoid so we ran a lead test on it. The results were no lead present so I will enjoy using this pottery to serve food at our table. I purchased the First Alert test kit from Amazon.

In our Living room on our rustic chippy antique bench a Black and White Velvet pumpkin with real stems is displayed. Throughout our Row-home Velvet pumpkins appear. Half of them I made and the others were purchased.

Walking upstairs we pass by a yummy scented candle gifted to me from my friend Kris from Junk Chic Cottage. 

The Halloween 31 pillow in our Sitting room upstairs is new for this year, purchased from ecarlateboutique on etsy. Loving the Black ticking and burlap.
The throw is from Kris at Junk Chic Cottage and was one of my Birthday gifts that last post I promised I'd show you where I placed this very soft throw and also where the Architects survey tool from Zinc landed in our home.

Both adding Fall warmth and charm. 

I love the vintage Architects survey pole up against our exposed brick wall.
From England and in metic measurements.

Since I am one who always wants to know the legacy of a piece you can imagine my delight when we discovered the hand scratched marking of Riverside college of Technology in England. I enjoyed reading up about them on a goggle search.

Every season my Cherub I've named Sam sports a different crown and is reflective of the season. 

By now you know somewhere a mouse would appear! Philadelphia's surprise long glorious Indian Summer is coming to an end and Autumn is starting to embrace our area. As in my style I leave you with a poem, but today I've written a poetic fable I hope you enjoy. The beauty of a Fable is they are make believe telling a story and ending with a moral. Here goes...

A kaleidoscope of colors in dappled sunlight all swirling into one.
Higher, higher he screamed, kicking the leaves was always such fun.

Jacket billowed, Russ's Red hair blowing about up on the swing in the old Oak tree.
Soaring high in the sky in Falls windy air a child could feel excited and totally free.

Brother and sister Russ and Autumn, fraternal twins who just turned 8 years old
Adventurous and energetic, touching the annual painted leaves of Russet and Gold.

Precocious and highly spirited they live right next door endearing themselves into my heart, oh my - these kids I totally adore.
I'm baking apple crisp pie from the ones picked yesterday by Russ and Autumn who turned it into an escapade and not a chore.

For over the years I've found it is easy to understand the true nature of a child by simply observing them at play for awhile.
Their reward for their hard work yesterday picking right beside me is Apple pie which I know will make them happy and smile.

Russ and Autumn just heard their Moms yell to come in and wash up because dinner is being served very soon.
Eyes darting about I knew they were looking for one more daredevil antic after playing outside the entire afternoon.

My freshly raked fallen leaves in neatly piled peaks made the temptation for Russ and Autumn ever so high
I placed the warm pie on the porch floor and joined in because sometimes there's no rhyme or reason why ...

and just by jumping into that raked pile of leaves if only for a few precious moments in time of mine,
vivid forgotten memories of childhood exuberance spent in play were recalled and instantly became divine.
©  Vera



  1. Oh, Vera, your home looks so comfy and lovely all dressed for fall! I adore 'Sam' and your velvet pumpkins and that fun pillow! Your fable definitely evokes sweet memories of fall :)

  2. Good evening, Vera! I am taking a small break from getting a prose poem ready for my poetry meeting on Wednesday; tomorrow is Ruben's birthday so it will be a tight schedule. But fall is taking it's time here. One day it's promising cooler weather, but a day like today takes us back to summer, which isn't bad at all, but now that I'm back to work, it feels strange! Bring on the pumpkins, velvet or real, and let's celebrate! Love Sam with the pumpkin and crown! If you visit my IG page, you'll see I'm in the transformation mood with a Cinderella coach, pumpkin and hope that summer will change into autumn! Much love!

  3. I am drooling over your vintage demi John, Vera! I just love it, and have a few smaller ones myself. Someday I want to splurge on a large one! I also love your exposed brick walls, they are amazing and so full of character. I remember dressing according to the "seasons" thing. I am a "spring":) Also love your velvet pumpkins, and the throw Kris gifted you is gorgeous. What a sweetheart she is!!

  4. Hi Dear Vera, I love your home and the shades of Autumn within. Everything just speaks cozy and inviting. Love Sam with the crown and your little mouse is adorable. Kris's thoughtful gifts are perfect in your home and placed beautifully. She is such a special friend to everyone!
    The pillow is a special find and I love the survey pole.
    I adore your vintage demi John and all your gorgeous pottery is stunning.

    Most of all, I love your fable and the happy ending to a perfect moment in time.
    I'll think of this when I see a pile of fresh racked leaves!!
    Thank you for being you.
    Happy Fall my friend, xo

  5. Oh, Vera, your home is so beautiful and welcoming! I love, love the velvet pumpkins!! Do you mind sharing how you made some of them? Every year I think I'll buy some but there's always something else more urgent.

    The Buddhas are beautiful! When I was in Thailand years ago, that was not an interest but now it is. Wouldn't you know it? :)

    Kris is such a sweetheart! The throw and the candle just speak fall and both are beautiful. It's still so hot here I haven't decorated for fall at all. I do have one pumpkin that was a gift sitting alone. This is my favorite time of year so I would love it if cooler temps would finally get here! I'm a "winter" by the way. :) And I was born in Dec so guess that fits.

    I hope you have a wonderful week! Thank you for sharing your home with us.

  6. I just loved everything about this post Vera! From the serene looking Buddas on your windowsill to Sam the Cherub to that adorable little mouse tiptoeing on the acorns. Those plump velvet pumpkins in autumn colors add such charm. Sam seems to be quite intrigued by the one he's holding in his little hand. I made a few of them last year and you've just reminded me that I need to get busy and make more for this year! The fable about Russ and Autumn is so delightful!

  7. I adore Fall...though I don't decorate for it at all. I do however love looking at how other people decorate. I love your velvet pumpkins. Every year I tell myself I am going to make some and it never happens. I never noticed that gorgeous mirror in your house is divine!!!

  8. Hi Vera, It's all wonderful and I love all your interesting finds. Sam looks great with his autumn crown and pumpkin. I love that your little mouse found himself some treats. Lovely to browse thru your photos and imagine fall in the air! Hasn't happened here yet, it's still in the 90's. I might just get to wear my new sweaters by Thanksgiving. xoxo, T.

  9. Your home is so welcoming, so warm and cozy, so intriguing, Vera. I love that you surround yourself with such interesting, historical things and incorporate them in such a stylish way. Your artist's eye is very evident in the beautiful way you place everything, too. :) Not only can you style a room exquisitely, but you are an amazing writer, too. Sending you love and hugs in this autumn season, sweet friend!

    xoxo laurie

  10. Hi Vera,
    Loved your post and that lovely poem. Your writing is amazing and invokes emotion. So happy the wine scented candle and the throw will give you great warmth this fall. Happy New Week.

  11. Hands down love this fall tour the very best and I've come across a lot in Blogland this season so far! Your home is the perfect backdrop for the deep jewel tones of Autumn. I have to say---I'm here in Nashville and we explored a quaint little town today with many, many 'gift shops': I couldn't help but notice the prices of the velvet pumpkins...small ones for about $45.00. I bought a few from a blogger last fall for a fraction of that. Terrible. Yours are lovely. And the demi it. And the French pottery. I love eBay. I've won a few treasure myself but one has to have restraint. :)

    Thank you for an entertaining post and a sweet poem.

    Jane xx

  12. Dear Vera,
    Your poem here is one of my favorites. Beautifully written.
    You have incorporated so many styles and beauty in hour home… How lovely that you have a special place for the seasons… Autumn looks so very warm in your home.
    Sending you a gentle hug.

  13. Would love to sit on that grey sofa, with all the coziness of what surrounds me.... What a wonderful spot to listen to your stored up stories and poetry. The pumpkins of colour richen the mood that surrounds you. Yes my dear it must feel like Autumn year around, terra cottas, rustic tones of fallen leaves, your autumn wall leafed in natures beauty, and the zen like mood that swirls its energy all around. Max kitty added to Buddha head, perhaps releasing some good energy, and I loved the Humpty Dumpty connection to his great fall :)

    Your home is a muse of all that inspires you and John and as the two of you as its curator it's truly in good hands.
    Your poetry sweet and endearing gave me fond memories of us kids playing in the freshly raked up leaves to only rake them up over and over again.

    Apple pie as a reward, yes! Indeed it will be apple pie sometime in the month to come.
    Kris is a beautiful soul and chose so well with a throw that is fit for your home and style.

    I am off and will return, taking it a bit more when I share a thing or two with Hannah :)

    Beauty to both of you, and I applaud John and his savvy eBay shopping! We need to clone him :)


  14. Dear Vera, I think it is my favorite poem of your poems so far. Magical and wistful... I too love the gray velvet sofa with the wooden frame. It's so pretty. Everything is beautiful and it all works so well together in a warm, welcoming, and whimsical way to autumn.

    xoxo Su

  15. Your home is enchanting, Vera. The sort of home where my eyes roam from corner to corner, taking it all in. The brick wall is the perfect back drop for all the rustic autumn touches, and then the velvet pumpkins soften everything. I adore the blue mixed in with the russets. One of my favorite color combinations. Sam gazing at the petite pumpkin in his hand made me smile. You do whimsy so well. (Actually, I think I've told you that before. . .but it bears repeating.) And then the poetic fable. Again. . enchanting. The perfect ending to this autumn tale that embraces all the senses. For surely the earthy scent I detect is coming from this page. Enjoy it all, dear Vera. ~ Nancy

  16. Autumn is definitely in the air here in this magical place you call home, Vera. I love all of the warm colors you surround yourself just adds to the charm of your lovely abode. I had to smile when I saw Sam gazing at the petite pumpkin in his hand....your unbridled whimsy in decorating never disappoints. Your poem warmed my heart and soul, and filled my senses with memories of the aromas from childhood Autumn days....the smell of the fresh peeled apples for pie, raked leaves, and leaves burning along the curbside. You lift me up, Vera.
    Love to you.

  17. Dear Vera, I loved your sweet Autumn pieces. The Buddha pieces really are amazing. I have a large old head of Kwan Yin that I really enjoy. She is my Angel. Your Demi John is really a great piece. I love your bricks walls they bring so much texture and color into your home. Perfect for Fall. I really enjoyed your beautiful poetry. I saved this one to share. If you wouldn't mind I would love to have your address.Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful day. XO Jo

  18. Vera, your home is filled with all the charming treasures that mean so much to you. I just love all the velvet pumpkins, they are so pretty. And that 31 pillow is cool. And there's your sweet cherub with the crown holding a velvet pumpkin in the palm of his hand! hehehe that little mouse peeking over the glass jar is darling. wow, that Buddha statue is over 125 years old!

    Everything looks so lovely decked out for Autumn, Vera, and your home says "welcome" to me.


  19. Dearest Vera,

    The beautifully exposed brick wall in your living room, alone, would be enough for me to feel autumn in your home, every shade of earthy luxury in each stone, reminds me of the season's stars: its leaves! Your mini pumpkins are very pretty and their facades are a warm complement.

    How fitting that both you and your husband identify with fall; I'm sure that creates a lovely harmony in your cozy home, along with all the charming trinkets that inhabit it.

    Your wonderful poem transported my back to my own childhood, when I started becoming aware of the romanticism of autumn - its aromas, tastes, textures, and fashions. While the leaves fell, dried up, and eventually became one with the earth, a new school year meant new beginnings, ones that were bringing us closer to our dreams.

    Happy Autumn, my friend!


  20. Dear Vera -
    Happy first day of fall!!! Your home looks so warm and festive. The new old French pot is a lovely addition - good work, John! And what a lovely poem.

  21. I loved this tour of your autumn home Vera. SO many beautiful touches everywhere you look.
    I always enjoy your writing and this fable was lovely my dear.
    hugs from here....

  22. Dear Vera,
    How sweet of you to visit this morning.. I truly appreciate your kind words.

    I just love this mouse!

  23. Dear Vera,
    How sweet of you to visit this morning.. I truly appreciate your kind words.

    I just love this mouse!

  24. So cozy, Vera, now in every corner - warmth... as Indian Summer turns into cool autumn. In contast the rustic contrast, the wonderful brick wall and this vine label like an installation of art.
    I wish you golden days, I want a golden October for us all.
    Hugs to you, have it cozy-cuddly, your friend Méa

  25. I just realized that your style reminds me of my sister's - eclectic ... interesting ... imaginative ... delightful... I could go on and on.

    I saved an image of your 31 pillow because I just love it and want to make something similar.

    I am afraid that if I ever come to visit I won't be very sociable. I will be looking around, peeking into corners devouring all your luscious eye candy.

  26. Oh Vera, I so enjoyed wandering around in your home! It's as charming as can be and yes, I see Autumn everywhere!

  27. So sorry I am late getting here...this summer has been super busy with outside as well as inside projects going on, one right after the other. We are trying like crazy to get the shop/storage/greenhouse finished before winter. We've been working on it all summer long and SOOO SICK OF IT...:)
    I enjoyed seeing more of your beautiful you olden demijohn...and all the other treasures. Just beautiful.

  28. I love your Fall decor. Although, I love your decor any time of year.

  29. Vera, thank you for your thoughts on my post yesterday. Your comment was tasteful and honest. It's nice to hear some of the pet peeves that our blog friends have so we can learn from one another. I'm glad I got to come over here again to visit, so I could see Sam once again. He is sooooo precious.


  30. So many pretty things to enjoy, here! The pottery your husband found is fabulous - love the brick wall, the 31 pillow, the buddhas...I could just go on and on!

  31. dear vera!
    first i have to tell you, that i like your blog, i am your new follower from austria!
    thank you for your pictures, how cozy.
    nice greetings kuni

  32. I love your rustic décor! you have so many interesting pieces. Love your velvet pumpkins. I have to get mine out! I too love to decorate in the seasons colors. My dining room is decorated in Fall colors so I can have them year round. Lovely poem!

  33. Your blog is so freakin' awesome! I love how unique it is, and I love your pretty autumn decor in this post. The Film Noir post blew me away. Thanks for introducing yourself on my blog. I'm following you now!
    BTW I recently saw an amazing Korean potter exhibit at the Birmingham Museum of Art. I'm really appreciating pottery lately, and I love your husband's finds. Nice!