Friday, January 15, 2016

When was the last time?

The New Year holds great possibilities and a chance for renewal, a rebirth of ideals, commitments and promises. In 2016 I am optimist and busy with a new endeavor in creative play. My post title will become understood throughout this post as I will share my newest creative ambition. As tantalizing as the title is and may make your thoughts stray, it's not about that! 

I do not make New Year's resolutions, instead I make a commitment, a personal pledge to a Country and another to a charity or cause. I never break my commitments and in the process I fulfill an innate personal need for learning. For the second year my country choice is America. I feel she is in need and I support trade and purchase products she manufacturers and grows. I travel, learn and discover her majestic beauty and cook from locally sourced foods and try out recipes from different states.

My cause/charity this year is supporting shelters for abused, neglected and abandoned animals.

I believe my charity choice was greatly influenced by the loss of our Max in December. We started off the New Year by making a donation to Morris Animal refuge in Philadelphia. Max and Simon were adopted from there and brought to their forever home. As well as previous cats Holly, Natasha and Sneakers  (my son named him because he loved Kilban's artwork with cats wearing Red sneakers). So instead of resolutions this is what I choose to do and find inner pride in my choice. 

I love foods served in a bowl, especially during our Northeast's cold Winters. It's soup time in Philadelphia and Winter means a home cooked different soup each week.

This is my own recipe. I named it Cowboy 18 bean soup, made with smoked Turkey wings and thighs and topped with shredded cheddar cheese. Interested in the recipe, just ask and I'll send you it, it's Tex-Mex with a warm kick of heat. Hearty, filling and a comfort food soup.

Over the years I've gathered an interesting bowl collection that I coordinate with foods served in them. For my Cowboy 18 bean soup I used our vintage cowboy bowls. John and I purchased them around 25 years ago, they were already vintage, a set of 4 found at the Berlin, NJ flea market. They were pricey but in pristine condition, the dealer showed the marking on the bottom of the pottery bowls and it read Frankoma. Frankoma Pottery is American made in Sapulpa, Oklahoma and highly collectible. Any recipe I make that is Tex-Mex and fits in a bowl gets served in these fun bowls. 

My title, When was the last time? I ask you ... When was the last time you awoke from a dream with goosebumps excited to try something new?
It last occurred on New Years Eve three years ago going to bed and praying for another artistic expression. That morning I awoke with a poem in my head and since that day have been writing poetry, an expression that stirs my emotions and feeds my soul. Seriously my muse doesn't quit with interrupting my thoughts and demands I craft the words into poetry, other wises words and rhymes linger in my mind and writing releases them.

After my Holiday presentation of a play and a wedding on December 21st, 2015 post I once again asked/prayed for another creative expression. Making clear in prayer I meant in addition to not In place of my poetry. Well the goosebumps arrived with the possibly of creating each and every character from clay in my French theatre and Vampire castle's presentations for next year. Ambitious sure... Tick, tick, Ha!

In my early 20's I was a Potter and threw Arizona Red Clay (my favorite) down onto a potters wheel and formed a whole lot of pitchers and bowls. The wheel is all about throwing down clay and with the grace and guidance of your hands giving structure and shape to a form spinning around. Now if it wasn't for living in the city and Philadelphia's fire code's insurance restrictions voiding out a policy having a kiln in a residential home I'd still be a "Potter". To be connected to earth's clay is a soulful self rewarding art.

I've started working in White clay building up slowly to then sculpt into my "cast of characters" for my presentations. Different for me because it's not forming from within the structure. It is about building up to remove, carving clay with tools. With many "newbie" questions I approached/pestered friend Penny White from Angelsdoor blog for her help, her answers were both encouraging and extremely helpful.

Since working on this piece I have switched from air dry White clay to baking White clay in the oven at 275 for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch of thickness. Baking produces less hairline cracking to repair and a much more hardened piece. I prefer it, hey live and learn.

Building up clay layer by layer over an aluminum foil armature I made to then carve the clay with tools.  This was my first piece as I was working on him. A mouse who's a chubby happy silly fellow who will be paint washed with mousie color tones of Grey's and Brown's. Perhaps sporting a vest made of vintage Sapphire blue silk velvet, we'll see. He stands only 3.5 inches tall.

My clay carving/sculpting tools. 11 tools, 21 double sided different tools. In following posts I will share a couple of completed pieces.

When was the last time you awoke from a dream with goosebumps excited to try something new? 
An adrenaline rush felt with a sudden burst of energy when a new perspective of an idea comes into view.

Often sparks of inspiration occur too few and far between and sometimes the idea seems to arrive a tad askew.
Relax your mind through meditation or breathing exercises before bed to deliver creative concepts you feel are past due.

Images and dreams reoccurring nightly offer a clue towards aspirations that repose within you.
I've discovered all it takes for me is asking in prayer for new adventures or endeavors, I promise it's true.

So when was the last time you awoke from a dream with goosebumps excited to try something new?
I wish you dream tonight of exciting new ideas and when you awake your memories excite and bond like glue.

© Vera

I entered into my third year of blogging on December 11th and I look forward to sharing in 2016 with thought provoking posts to ponder my writings and poetry. My blogging choice, my style.

Blog Land is a unique community of people connected in a powerhouse of ideas, creativity and of personal sharing. Friendships form and through time mindsets are broadened and hearts warmed. Below is a shout out and a thank you to a fellow blogger who has become a friend. Tina from The blog What We Keep. 

On November 19th, 2015 I wrote the poem Peace on Earth and posted it.  It was a way for me to process my feelings over the terrorism in Paris. It became our handmade Christmas card and included in each one was my poem printed on translucent vellum. 

I had long admired Tina's sense of humor and posting style along with her artistic style. I adore her 3 fur kids, dogs Jack, Bruce and Sophie. Personally I think Tina creates the prettiest embroidery I've ever seen. Delicate yet extremely durable with an appearance of it being hand stitched embroidery.

I asked Tina to embroider 4 hand towels with Peace on Earth on them for the holiday season. The photo is what Tina had emailed me with her embroidery for my approval. Gorgeous, they arrived pre-washed and were instantly hung, loved and are still being used.

Inside the box Tina included a few gifts that surprised and delighted me. Tina took the first stanza which also was the last sentence of my poem and embroidered it on a silk cream fabric backed in Grey silk and accented by an organza wired terra cotta colored ribbon with a beautiful bird pin, the sachet is filled with organic Lavender. But Tina's kind and generous heart tucked more in the box...

Inside a sweet note with 4 fresh laurel (bay) leaves were enclosed (I used them in cooking the following day). Also this ceramic peace dove that has a glittered effect that perches on top of our dining room armoire. I have not packed the dove away with Christmas nor the hand towels. Still praying for that illusive peace on earth and working on my own inner peace. Final gift was one of Tina's cream velvet acorns she creates. From the bottom of my heart thank you my friend. 

I leave you with a photo to bring a smile, the source is unknown. See you soon.

I love reading your comments so please leave one behind.


  1. Love your new artistic endeavor, Vera, and can't wait to see more of it unfold. I often awake just after midnight with creative ideas swirling in my head. So far I've resisted the urge to get up and go to my studio, knowing I really need to doze off again and sleep. Tina's work is beautiful. How generous she is. Have a warm and peaceful weekend. xo ~ Nancy

  2. Dear Vera, Your goosebump awakening has brought forth a darling treasure. SO so adorable is your sweet little mouse. So small yet larger then life with creativity!!
    Love this new direction you have discovered through your prayers. They certainly have been answered.

    Love the stitched towels too from your most talented friend. She does extremely beautiful work and to have taken your words for the sachet is incredible.

    I have to share, I wake up with that same inspiration and goosebumps a lot of the time. If it is in the middle of the night, I have to write the thoughts down. God does answer the prayers of our heart.

    Lovely post my friend and can't wait to see more characters designed from your talented hands. I see many stories on the way.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings xo

  3. Vera, how wonderful that you are supporting shelters for abused, neglected, and abandoned animals. Such a good charity this is. When my father passed away, our family set up a fund with the help of the town to provide clothes for children in the school district. It's nice to see the smiles on the children's faces when they shop for their clothes. I like the idea of foods being served in a bowl. I'll have to try that more this year. Your cowboy bean soup looks delicious, and the vintage cowboy bowls are perfect to serve it. It's nice that you've been writing poetry lately. I love poetry as well. You used to be a Potter - how wonderful! I've made a few things out of clay in my younger days. Look at that silly clay mouse. He looks happy. Penny is definitely the one to answer all your questions, she's so very talented. The sachet that your friend made you is so special, what a treasured gift. And the glittery dove is beautiful sitting on top of your armoire. You can keep that out all year long.

    This was a very exciting and inspirational post in many ways, Vera. I loved it all.


  4. Vera - you constantly amaze me with your beautiful, poetic soul and artistic talent. You are incredible! That little mouse is absolute perfection! :) Bless you for all that you do and share, my sweet friend. Sending love and hugs!

    xoxo laurie

  5. Vera love your awakening with such creative ideas. The mouse is so cute. I cannot wait to see more creative endeavors from you for 2016. Your talents to create and poetry to share fills your soul. So happy you share it with us.

  6. Hi Vera, thank you for sharing these inspiring thoughts and visions for the new year. I am thrilled that you are creating a cast of characters for your presentations because I so adore them! I'm such a fan of your imagination and talent and your presentations are so much fun to "attend". I feel that it's so important to keep our sense of wonder alive- no matter that the world around us gets crazy and scary. I know this will bring you so much joy. These tiny mice are your voice. Let them sing out loud!
    I'm happy that you are enjoying your keeps- thank you for sharing. I hope you smile when you see them.
    Much love to you, Mouse Mama!
    xoxo, T.

  7. I no longer make new year resolutions either.....I just try to be the best me that I can be. I think it's great that you donated to a shelter where you dear fur babies were rescued from....such a great idea!!!! I often come up with my best ideas while sleeping. I haven't had a great idea though for a while.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  8. Vera Dearest,
    The way you creatively and artistically guide us through your journeys, is scenic for my mind and soul. Visiting you is an adventure, filled with goodness, joy and so much talent. These mice, your mouse- such a merry little creature, looking as though he might just be contemplating doing a jig.

    I'm certain that you know how seeing your tribute to the state of Texas, including serving Cowboy18 soup in exquisite bowls with Longhorns! Grabbed my attention, and of course I must have the recipe please!

    Similar to you, I do not make resolutions. I do set goals, and enjoy implementing a plan in which to remain focused.
    America, the beautiful. I cannot think of a better vision than to embrace our own country.

    Oh, yes- goosebumps- sleepless nights, early mornings and excited to jump out of my cozy bed, anxious to seize the day with a million thoughts tumbling in my mind! Life is beautiful!

  9. Vera, I'm loving that chubby mouse. I don't make resolutions either, but, I do have goals this year. I'm so glad you're creating. Working with clay is one of my favorite things.

    You're such a creative soul, and, I was honored to be a recipient of your "Peace On Earth" poem.

    BTW, that soup is making me hungry. Yes, I want the recipe.

  10. I think it's great that you make these commitments, I wish more people made donations for whatever is close to their heart. $10-$20 a month for a cause, that adds up. Good for you and John and your big hearts.

    You have immense artistic talent, Vera. I've never experienced the waking/goosebumps thing but it sounds like I need creative intervention! From looking at your first little clay 'actor', I think you are going to have a wonderful cast next Christmas! I could never get the hang of using a potter's wheel. Working by hand with clay was actually a little more fun. I have a friend at the lake that picked up pottery years after majoring in art in college. She has her own wheel and then brings her pieces to a place nearby to have fired. I have a few of her things---she has immense talent. I wish you all the best. And I LOVE the poem. Thanks for sharing the beautiful works of Tina. Happy Bloggiversary to you!! So glad we met up in this unique corner of the world! :)

    Jane x

  11. Oh what wonderful dreams to awake to what next inspires you.
    Other then dreams we long for to be awaken with thought is the best is it not?
    I have to say to answer your tile. I don't recall when I awoke to an inspiring dream where it lead me to art. I know this to be true because I dream while I am awake...soulful thoughts gather with great passion to delve into a direction that pulls me in, a gravity to create like nothing else on earth.

    I would love to see you start placing those hands on a wheel again, I have progressed with such maturity in understanding clay, and going as far as ordering pounds and pounds of what I find to be some of the best porcelines to place a hand to. To feel the sense of calm come over you, and peace with a more quieted background speaks to me these days. I have been in The studio for weeks now! And can't wait to share more of B.L works.

    As for those hands of yours that create, it's so inspiring to see the works that take shape, never truly falling in love until the piece tells you it is finished and that small voice of joy speaks loud and clear, more mush be created.

    Your charity to care of pets is wonderful, more help in this area is much needed.
    Love that you artistically find the beauty in presentation in serving a meal, the bowls are wonderful... Reminds me of visits on the southern Calif. desert home of my grandparents where country cooking and old pottery stoneware was always part of a home cooked meal, oh so homey and makes a meal so much more enjoyed.

    It's fun creating figures that take shape from a form of foils, papers or wires, and challenging your dreams is that much more fun.
    I have a lot of old antique tools from years ago creating in Cartapesta and pottery when I had no clue as to what I really wanted to achieve other then to achieve something. Finding that I let my hands tell the story while listening to great music and be surprised at what came about :)

    Love the peace towles and Tina's giftings from a beautiful heart I am sure added beauty to your days Vera.
    Way back I saw a set of antique cement doves I so longed for them, so French and a $1,800 price tag that said no way to my taste, so I just wait it out, perhaps some will come along that just happen to be for the taking. Your gifted glittered dove was a sign of someday those cement doves for pennies will be found :)

    Send me that bean soup recipe my way, it sounds like one I would make often, being beans are of great value in our diets.

    Can you believe that you are entering that big 3 year, it seams like yesterday we spoke of such a journey, and now it fits you like nothing else, keep blogging dear, it's all your wealth of newness you add to blogging that inspires so.

    See you soon and your family of sculpting.... I have a lamb and a winged bunny ready to list this early week, after I finish up this weekend in the studio throwing around some clay ...garlic pots, butter dishes, bowls, and beads.

    See you soon, keep up the dreaming it's like a magical story that unfolds in each of your postings.


  12. Oh my gosh, Vera, your mouse is just adorable! I can't believe he is your first attempt, looks like you've been working with clay for years! He is so expressive and absolutely darling!
    Bless you for your support of animal shelters.

    I love making soup from scratch too, and try to make it at least once or twice a week. I have many favorites, including Chicken Tortilla Soup, Baked Potato Soup, and Turkey Meatball Soup. I am hungry just thinking about them:)

  13. Oh Vera, I am speechless, your mouse is so darling and such expressions on his little face.
    I used to wake up all excited with ideas and plans, but not so much any more. I need to get back into some of the crafts that I used to do. I made Santa's from scratch. Poured molds, had them fired and then made all their clothes. But its been about 15 years ago that I stopped. It seems since I retired that my mind retired also.
    I am so impressed with all you do - everything is so magical.
    Good for you giving to those dear sweet animals - they need our help. Both of my dogs are rescued and they are so sweet and loving and are my forever babies.
    I like making soup also and especially in the winter as it warms your soul. I have two great soup or pasta bowls that have lids and the soup or pasta works so well in them.
    My friend gave me a recipe for sausage and cabbage soup that is so good. I end up putting some red pepper flakes in it. I have to watch my carbs so this soup is great.
    Well my dear Vera, I am so impressed by your courage and thoughtfulness. Keep up the good creative work and I do look forward to reading all your posts.

  14. Good morning Vera! I am terribly late, this week has been very busy at school as we prepare for final exams next week. A three day weekend is our reward, so I'm going to be tucked in the cottage as we are expecting the coldest weekend so far this January!

    It's FUN and FABULOUS, this discovery of passions that never stop running through our veins. It is the fountain of youth, in my opinion, this creativity that knocks on the door of our hearts. For me lately, it's simply finding the time between juggling my job duties, catching the sun on the weekends (for my photos) and sitting down to write and revise my writing. Your mouse is DARLING! I had no idea you were a potter! Isn't it fun to be gifted with multiple talents? Enjoy yourself dearest Vera. We need to chat on the phone again soon!

  15. OOO, I am so loving your little tiny fun to be able to create such adorable things. I am not crafty at all so I stand in awe of those that are.
    I love your gifts from your friend. And, I love the gift you give us with each of your posts...(OOO, and I love your little cowboy bowls....)
    My chosen charity of 2 years is helping to bring fresh water to those in need. My second is donating to help feed little children.

  16. So many little comments I need to make.
    First, winter is soup time at the Cook house. Steve makes at least one a week and they get better with each reheating. The only thing I replaced from yesterday's crash was soup bowls. I will not be able to find the fun, wonky bowls we had, but I found some fun interim bowls.

    Second, I so wanted to be a potter and finally got into a potting class my last semester of college. But, as a non-art major, I didn't get a locker and I had to carry my clay back and forth to class. I came from work to class and the logistics never worked out so I dropped the class. Maybe now I should take a class!

    Third, your poem was beautiful and I still have it hanging on our kitchen bulletin board until I decide where I will use it.

    Fourth, what a lovely gesture of taking on a charity for the year and how meaningful that it is the shelter where Max joined you.

    Thanks for a lovely inspirational visit this morning.

  17. Better late than never, my dad use to say... So sorry dear friend.
    I am tickled pink with your mouse! I had no idea you were a potter.. I have a story about throwing pots.. Did you ever see Lucy when her pot FLEW across the building? That would be me in class a few years ago.. Good gosh! Heavy on the foot peddle.
    Love you poem, and your heart again, extends out to our furry friends.. Your help is appreciated more than you know.
    The soup looks sooooo good!! I would really appreciate the receipt when you have time. Question.. Although I love the heat, my body does not.. Would it taste as well without the kick?
    love and blessings,

  18. I love that you make New Year commitments instead of resolutions. It doesn't surprise me one bit that you keep those commitments each year.
    Oh yes, soups taste so yummy in the them!
    Your little mouse is absolutely adorable!! I can only imagine where this renewed creative expression through pottery is going to take you. Hopefully we'll get to see your newly created cast of characters for your theatre along the way as they're made.
    What lovely, lovely gifts from Tina!
    Mary Alice

  19. I am inspired by your commitment to new endeavors for the new year and I absolutely love your little mouse!

  20. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts.. Your visits always brighten my day. I am so happy you enjoyed him..
    Looking forward to seeing the photos.. In good time Vera..
    blessings dear friend

  21. Dearest Vera, your little mouse is simply the most precious mouse that I have ever seen :) It reminds me of the tiny mouse I saw scurrying outside when I was only 11 or 12-years-old. I ran out and caught him...oh, he was a darling little thing - only a baby :) He enjoyed sitting on my head.

    And what a tender heart you have towards animals. The last cat my family and I got was from a shelter. Her name is Ebony and to be quite honest I was not going to bring her home. You see, she was all black and I had already had a black cat in my teenage years so I was looking at the others cats instead. Well, my little son opened her cage to show me and instantly she jumped into my was love at first hug. She came home with us and has been such a precious addition.

    Listen to me ramble...forgive me! Lovely post, my dear. Have a wonderful new week. Hugs!

  22., hahaha, this is too goood :)) Vera, I LOVE soups, soooo much, could eat them in the morning! Really. But I have a vegetarian version of heavenly bean soup, as I don´t eat animals since 30 years now. I am very strict with me there.
    And Jaque, ohhh, this heartbreaker, isn´t he soooo cuuuute!!! :))
    But heyyy, that mouse! Oh, so sweet, that Penny helped and encouraged you here. And that mouse, that... ohhh, lookes like dancing sloooowly but coool, yet so friendly from the front, so dear. Even if it´s clay, it lookes so SOFT! Oh, your presentation of vampirish mouses next year (or the end of this one??)
    Me, oh Vera, I had to put coffee-stains on little pillows with silver embroidery, then sanded old tiny tiny linnen sheets, and a miniscule matrace with ticking toil on a tiny daybed... prepared a shisha-pipe for getting the last finish... Haaa??? What do you think? The little two guys half ready... Now creating the room with an oil de boeuf little tower in top...
    Does that sound good? A few books have to be there - of COURSE, intellectuals... Tomorrow I hope to receive the little christal stones for a tiiiinyyy chandelier...
    So hugs from now - YOU know, what I was talking about ;)) I am with you in these hours, hugggies from Méa

  23. Dear Vera, you have touched my heart and soul on otherwise a dark and dreary day. The Father really does answer our prayers for being creative, it has happened to me many, many times. You are such a delight and I so love coming to your blog to see what you have been up to and to feel your words of great inspiration. I pray that you will continue to charm me through your words and works. Have a very happy Sunday! xx Jo

  24. Your new year has started out beautifully, Vera. I love the title of this blog post - a question we should ask ourselves often. And your mousey!!! So adorable! I have grown tired of 2D drawing and painting, and find paperclay scupture so much more challenging.

    Hubby & I are talking about our "big" projects for the year. Hopefully, we will be able to pick up from where we left off last summer and build cabinets & add trimwork to our tiny cottage. But the project I look forward to most is making that corner cabinet that will turn into a toy theatre in Dec. :)

    Wishing you a lovely new week, dearest Vera.

  25. Mmmm that soup looks absolutely delicious Vera and even more so when served up in those scrumptious cowboy bowls! I too am fond of anything served in bowls and will often use one instead of a dinner plate when eating by family thinks eating meatloaf and potatoes in a bowl is weird. The little mouse figurine is adorable! He reminds me of an orchestra conductor. I am envisioning him wearing a bowtie and holding a baton in his upraised right hand...tail peeking out of his long tux! Ahhh, my imagination is running away with me. I love working with clay too! But I haven't made anything as difficult as figurines, I pretty much stick to flowers mostly. How wonderful that you have found a new creative expression. I am looking forward to seeing the entire cast of characters as they take shape! Hugs!

  26. Hello, Vera! I'm a bit under the weather, and I would love a bowl of your cowboy soup! ;P I'm actually having some baked potato soup this evening, and some crackers. Love your cowboy bowls!

    Will you post your cute little mouse once he's finished? I want to see him! I think he's cute already!

    You are such an amazing person, and I love how you approach a new year with a commitment rather than a resolution. I also think it's wonderful that you commit yourself to a charity, and this year's charity is from your heart, I know. Losing a pet is so hard. I lost my precious Bonnie Blue (Westie rescue) two years ago this month. It still hurts!


  27. Vera, what a lovely post! The last time I awoke with goosebumps for something new was starting my blog...almost a year ago. I have a few weeks to go before it turns 1. :-)

    I have always wanted to try creating something from clay, but that is not where my artistic ability lays (it is photography), so I have stayed away from it. I've always been fascinated with watching someone mold and create something beautiful from a lump of nothing...watching it come to life right before my eyes. Such talent in this art form! And this art reminds me my God, the potter...molding me, the lump of clay, into what He desires me to be. If only I could be as willing to be transformed into something so gloriously beautiful as the clay with which you work. But I'm a work in one day!

    I would love your recipe, please. We would love it, especially the hubster. He has a deep love for turkey! :-)

    Tina is so wonderful and is also so very talented...her creations are exquisite.

    Have a most wonderful day sweet friend! I'm looking forward to the rest of your creations! Love and hugs to you!!

  28. Hello dear Vera. Making commitments instead of resolutions is a wonderful idea....I wish more people understood that concept. Bless you and your honey for doing that for the shelter.
    Waking up with inspiration from God really is something to give you goosebumps! Good for you, Vera!
    Your chubby little mouse is the cutest ever! You have so much talent, and are such a blessing to share it with us through your poetry, cooking, decorating, plays, and other artistic forms.
    It's always a joy to come here.
    Love you.

  29. Hello dear Vera. Making commitments instead of resolutions is a wonderful idea....I wish more people understood that concept. Bless you and your honey for doing that for the shelter.
    Waking up with inspiration from God really is something to give you goosebumps! Good for you, Vera!
    Your chubby little mouse is the cutest ever! You have so much talent, and are such a blessing to share it with us through your poetry, cooking, decorating, plays, and other artistic forms.
    It's always a joy to come here.
    Love you.

  30. Your clay mouse is darling and how fun be so creative with your hands. I applaud you and your help of animals. I wake up all excited when I have an unwanted but lovely piece of furniture waiting for me to fix up and make useful again. I love that feeling. I just started coaching girls volleyball again and that gets my blood flowing and makes me happy too!

  31. Oh Oh Oh this post excites me so much! Ceramic was really my first introduction to art. It changed my life. The first time I touched the clay, it felt like home. It has been many years since I have used clay but I have since learned to test out different mediums of Art. Of course ceramic will always be my first love.

  32. What a wonderful way to start my day! I always linger and re-read slowly when I visit your blog. Your question of when was the last time stirs something within me... something to think about as I go about my busy day, hugs!

  33. Hello sweet Vera :)

    That mouse you made is a work of art. I'm amazed at your talent after waking up from a dream. I'll do my best to dream of something creative as well :)

    I love your New Year tradition. Animals need a champion like you.

    You have such a beautiful heart and I'm glad you found me.


  34. I came to visit via Rue's blog and am so glad I did! Your cute little mouse looks like the mouse from Stuart Little...simply adorable!

  35. I came to visit via Rue's blog and am so glad I did! Your cute little mouse looks like the mouse from Stuart Little...simply adorable!

  36. Vera, I heard about the Monster Winter Storm that's happening right now, and I was wondering if it's anywhere close to your area? Thinking of you and hoping you're ok.


  37. This is weird, Vera, but last night I actually went to bed willing to come up for a creative idea for my blog, and when I woke up this morning, I had it! But I wouldn't mind taking you up on your wish for more creative sparks to ignite tonight in my dreams! I love your idea for "committments;"so much nicer than coming up with resolutions to better ourselves. The mouse is adorable, and your gifts from Tina are so special! Stay safe in this storm!

    1. I meant "willing myself to come with with a creative idea."

  38. Beautiful post, I love how you discussed not making resolutions...Glad I happened along your post!

  39. Beautiful post, I love how you discussed not making resolutions...Glad I happened along your post!

  40. Dearest Vera,

    Your little, clay mouse is so cute, and oh, how he made me smile!

    You have a knack of making everything seem more gentle, more inviting. Thus, your idea of commitments, instead of resolutions, helps to make our promises a little easier to keep!

    I loved your poem and wholeheartedly believe in the power of prayer, especially for those I love and care for and their well-being. Guess what? My best creative energy is in the morning, the second I open my eyes, and now I'm wondering if I've dreamed up my ideas during the night and simply remembering them - I wouldn't be surprised!

    Thank you for all your wonderful sources of inspiration, from your lovely poetry to your pretty pottery!


  41. No, I haven't found my dress yet. That's always a stressful time because I don't slip into dresses like I used to when younger hehehe. And her colors are very specific, so I have to find something that goes well with them. Jess DID find the bridesmaids' dresses though, and they're shorter in length since it will be a summer wedding. Thanks for asking, dear Vera. This is an exciting time for us all.

    Have a nice Monday afternoon.


  42. My daughter is at St Joes so I love visiting Philly! I have a lovely cat named Remy so I love this charity you donated too!

  43. My daughter is at St Joes so I love visiting Philly! I have a lovely cat named Remy so I love this charity you donated too!

  44. Your creations are adorable. So stinking cute.

  45. Oh Vera, your talent continues to amaze me! Your writing is beautiful, your creations are unique and I do love your outlook. I don't make resolutions either. I had such a difficult time with stress and depression all fall and through Christmas. Not a way to live, not at all! I've had some long talks with God and with myself so things are much better now. :) I'm back to focusing on gratitude and performing RAOK's, which I love! Doing for others blesses ourselves too I believe.

    Thank you so much for contributing to the animals! I have a good friend that works with a rescue group in IN, another friend in FL that is an angel of adoptions and caring for them and seems all my friends rescue animals. I love that! They are so very precious and need to know love in their lifetime.

    Your soup looks and sounds delish! I'd love the recipe too. The bowls really caught my eye with those Texas Longhorns on them. :) Perhaps one day you'll make it to Texas!

    Tina is so very talented isn't she? The towels are beautiful and the sachet is stunning! I'm so glad you didn't put them away and same for the lovely dove.

    Well, sweet lady, I hope you're staying warm and healthy! I haven't had the goosebumps experience...perhaps I should change my nightly prayers a bit.