Saturday, February 6, 2016

On Valentine's Day ...

source Adventure Journal
Saint Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries around the World. Although in some countries not quite as publicity as we do in America where it is considered a holiday.
For romantics February 14th is the day set aside to honor romance, but I truly feel everyday can be like Valentine's Day when we acknowledge that love does make the World go round and fills our hearts with bliss. 

"Now a soft kiss - Aye, by that kiss, I vow endless bliss."
~John Keats~

Throughout the world Valentine's Day is celebrated in many different ways. In Japan for example it is the woman who spoils the man on Valentine's Day with the women buying and gifting the men with chocolate. In Finland it's a popular day for getting married but instead of a romantic gifting day it is called "Happy Friends Day". In Finland people exchange cards and gifts among friends. 

Mathematical heart, source Wikipedia
The legend of Saint Valentine's Day also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine has history of its patron saint shrouded in mystery. Leaving us wondering who was Saint Valentine of Rome. Saint Valentine who is credited with February 14th being about love and affection was beheaded on Valentine's Day about the year 270 AD. Legend is that while Saint Valentine was jailed the jailers daughter befriended the martyr and Saint Valentine signed his last letter to her "From your Valentine".

Gradually during the years following February 14th became a date for exchanging love messages, poems and small gifts like flowers.

The depiction of a drawn heart to symbolize love dates back in the 1250's. I doubt there is ever a day now that passes without seeing a graphic of a heart symbolizing love. For me just seeing it amazingly lifts my spirits and elevates my mood. 

"This fire that we call loving is too strong for human minds. But just right for human souls."

"For me the visual of a illustrated heart represents the innocence of lips meeting in a kiss."

In our Dining room a Lavender sachet heart hangs on our armoires door knob. Handmade by The Old White House out of Vintage French linen tole from a tablecloth. The raw edges to me represent that love in marriage is a lifelong adventure of shared experiences and sometimes emotional struggles. 

In a recent post titled When was the last time? I showed a clay mouse - my first clay mouse I worked on. Since then I have created more to eventually be presented in my seasonal theatre productions. For my Valentine's Day post meet Théodore. 

Théodore is a young male light Grey mouse and tonight for Valentine's Day he has his first date with a cute little mousy named Èmilie who recently he's been flirting with. Théodore is giving a once over glance before heading out the door on his date.

One last mirror check!

Chocolates and Red Roses tonight will be the start of a budding romance with Émilie ... Eyes, fingers and mouse toes crossed.

For Valentine's Day Red is featured throughout our row-home. Upstairs in our sitting room Red Roses grace our mantle. Amongst all the neutrals it adds a color punch. I have always been fascinated with color psychology and have used it in my artwork. The color Red is an interesting contrast of emotions - it awakens our physical life force. On one side Red can trigger anger, danger and is associated with war. Then on the flip side it is energy, action, passion and love. I feel the Red used in decorating for Valentine's Day has given me energy and increased my passion. 

A double bouquet of Trader Joe's Spray Roses in one of our vintage French floral buckets. Spray Roses grow in clusters on one stem producing smaller blooms. They are sold as sweetheart Roses at the Florist. I adore them, especially in mass for they add a petite sweetness to a bouquet. Plus spray Roses cost less than single blossom Roses which have a larger size flower.

"A Rose's rarest essence lives in the thorn."

Every season I adorn the cherub upstairs that sits on our metal table against the exposed brick wall. When the cherub arrived he was 70% Gold, it wasn't exactly what I envisioned nor wanted so I faux painted him to resemble garden statuary. 

The Red Roses are from Christmas, they are spray Roses that I dried. Amazingly they fully retained their vivid color. I hung them in low light in the basement upside down with plenty of air circulation.

The French handmade crown the cherub wears is twisted wire with a tag that says loved. Purchased a couple of years ago from friend Doré over at Burlap Luxe on etsy. The wire crown on top the faux Boxwood topiary with a clay tag with Royal on it was a recent surprise gifting from Doré. I like many woman love and collect crowns.

A marble Bundt cake with a chocolate drizzle is plated on a hand painted Parisian cake stand we purchased in the early 90's. It is a handmade French piece that makes me smile. The embellishments are flirty and add a romantic flair to any dessert. 

Cappuccino and cake for friends stopping by later and no I did not bake the cake, Whole Foods did!

Sorry for teasing you with this close up, hope it's yummy.

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other."
~Audrey Hepburn~

So whether you will be spending Valentine's Day with your date, soulmate or sidekick I wish you a very fun Valentine's 2016. I expressed my sentiments of celebrating your Valentine and love throughout the year in my poem below.

There will be gifts of Chocolates, Roses, jewelry and Teddy Bears but Valentine's Day shouldn't be celebrated only one day of the year.
Everyday love dwells inside your heart no matter how stressful life may become hold onto your soul mate who is precious and dear.

Love is defined biologically as a powerful neurological condition sending hearts all a flutter in bliss.
I believe love is the most magical emotion of all as it starts out blossoming romantically from that first amazing kiss.

Love is the deepest emotion, it's passionate and free becoming a commitment we nurture and develop binding two people forever.
Indulge your heart to encourage and welcome the feeling of true love as a love that lasts a lifetime is your souls most precious endeavor.

On February 14th the 45th day of the new year its time to celebrate a holiday to honor and show appreciation of your chosen one.
Celebrate the enduring miraculous power in love and realize on this Valentine's Day Cupids mission with you is done. 

© Vera

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  1. Théodore is lovely - that smile!! He is completely engaging.
    The symbol of the heart is found around my home year-round. It is nice that at this time of year it is so very 'au courant'!
    The cherub caught my eye and had me scrolling back again and again. I am always curious about the ability of some people to see the possibilities that I cannot. I'm sure that I'd have passed by the cherub in its original state, missing the wonderful possibility. Truly lovely.

  2. Thank you for this lovely post. Here in austria we also celebrate this day but only with little presents like chocolate or flowers.
    Theodore is very sweet. A gentlemouse.
    Hugs Kuni

  3. Théodore is ready for the big day! Look at him! He's so cute. He's sure to win Émilie's love!

    J'adore the vintage heart sachet. Such pretty fabric. I like your Valentine's touches throughout your home. The close-up of the cake looks good, and nothing has really appealed to my appetite lately.

    It was fun reading a little about the history of one of my favorite holidays. I like that Finland focuses on friendship. So sweet!

    Enjoy your lovely home and your Valentine lovelies!


  4. Who could resist Théodore? Even without the roses and chocolates he is quite the catch. Émilie is a fortunate mousy. Your roses are stunning, Vera. Both fresh and dried. Dore's crown and topiary are beautiful. Your home is filled with romance. Dennis and I were married on Valentine's Day, so it has special meaning for us. We may be able to get away for a few days to celebrate. I'd like that. Have a most lovely Valentine's Day with your beloved John, dear friend. Hugs, Nancy

  5. A budding mousy romance over here, and now how can anyone in blog land top this Valentine post. :)
    I am hoping you save me a piece of that bunt cake yum! It's always a treate to see how you weave in the beauty of your home into any posting... I am returning later when I can see more of you on my laptop and not my phone :)

    Sending your lots of Valentine kisses...


  6. Hi Vera,
    Love your sweet heart post today. Theodore is adorable and Emilie will be over the moon excited to have a first date with him. Love is in the air! Love all the pretty valentine's touches around your home. I agree love is the most powerful emotion and lets our souls soar. Happy Valentines Day early and have a wonderful week end.

  7. I loved your Valentine's Day post, Vera, and appreciated so many things about it. First of all, red roses, heart clouds, marble cake with chocolate drizzle......all the things I love. It was interesting to hear how others celebrate Valentine's Day around the world. That lavender heart hanging from your armoire is sweet, and Theodore is delightful. I AM IN LOVE with your cherub and the crown on her head. The spray painted roses look wonderful. I am wondering what you sprayed them with; they have kept their color the whole time? I like your Parisian cake stand and collection of tea cups. How lovely they are for guests. And your poem got to me, Vera, so beautiful.

    Love is in the air around your home, and you have created such a special atmosphere for Valentine's Day.


    1. Oooops, I can see your cherub is a 'he.' :)

    2. Oh, now I know what you mean by spray roses. We call them bouquets or clusters here. We also have potted miniature roses. :) Your red ones are lovely.

  8. Oh Vera, I love Theodore, he is so darn cute. I hope that Emilie and Theodore had a wonderful first date.

    Beautiful post - love all your pretties. Have a terrific Valentines Day with your sweetie.

    PS Looking forward to seeing more mice......

  9. Your sweet little Theodore is adorable. I can't believe your dried roses kept their color...they look fresh! I will be buying my son and husband's favorite chocolate cream pie from our local grocery for Valentine's Day. We don't make too much of it but I love to see how others can inspire me. Great poem to set the mood.

  10. Hi Vera, Your Valentine's Day post is beautiful. I loved your sweet Theodore and I hope his date with Emilie went well. He left looking so dapper!! Oh course you know how much I love roses and your spray roses are gorgeous. They dried so well keeping their color vivid. Love the crown made my Dore and the beautiful finish your gave your cherub is gorgeous!!
    All the Valentine touches throughout your home are so pretty and romantic. Beauty at every turn. So yummy the bundt cake had to be. I am sure it was enjoyed by your guests.
    Love your poem and the heart touching words you so beautifully write!! Your talents are over the moon my friend.
    Thank you for sharing. Wishing you and your beloved a beautiful Valentine's Day.
    Sending hugs your way.

  11. What a delightful post, Vera! From Theodore, to the flirty cake plate...I enjoyed every sentence, and every image!
    Your words gave my heart a lift on this dreary day. I so appreciate your gift for putting "fun" on paper,or in print.
    Have a truly wonderful Valentine's Day, dear friend of mine.
    Love to you, Vera.

  12. Dear Vera - your artistic, poetic soul always reaches inside my heart, gives a quick hug, and leaves a smile. :) I adore Theodore! Your clay work continues to amaze me! If I tried creating something like that, it'd come out looking like a....well....lump of clay. lol Praying you and your sweetheart a blessed, and loving Valentine's Day! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  13. Your little romantic mouse is adorable with his chocolates and sweet and a sweet way to celebrate Valentine's day.
    Love your pretty poem, as always.

  14. Theodore, you are one handsome mouse, I just know that you will quickly win the heart of Emilie with the roses and candy! Pretty poem, Vera. Love your candlesticks and wonderful vignettes, and the toile heart, too!

  15. I will be spending Valentine's alone, that's what happens when you lose your hubby to heaven. Yet, it's okay! Theodore is adorable, I can't wait to meet his new friends. Dore's work is so lovely. I drool over her etsy site, can't ever afford anything, but sure do love looking!! Enjoy a beautiful 'heart' week! Blessings, Cindy xo

  16. Thanks for sharing your info on how Valentine's Day came about, Vera---never knew!

    Theodore is so precious, you are well on your way to creating more lovable characters!

    Love that you have the red roses and I like that you dry them. I know brighter colored roses deepen as the dry...I need to toss my old ones and get a 'fresher' bunch in!!

    Your poem is lovely, as always! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your love, John!

    Jane x

  17. Thank you so much, Vera, for sharing this - oh, all these special days and the scources, and now, what is made out of it...
    But what you made out of ist, is so ... so "VERA". I love it. This Théodore, ohhh, such a wonderful guy. One HAS to love him, such a dear fellow. And hohoooo, Vera, you are addicted, I can see, the same happened to me with these four-pawed creatures. My micelike ones... CAN´T STOP anymore :))
    I am so happy to see my little chandelier mis en scene!
    We started packing "le salon", as the king has to do this piece by piece... veeery careful.
    SO! Have a great Valentine, you and John, I think; i will skip this date to the birthday of my daughter :)) HUUUUGS to you (and to that sweet mouse and the Bouguereau Angel, awwww, sooo sweet)
    your friend Méa with... special... earrings.. you will seee

  18. Good morning Vera! I'm late; I had to work on a school lesson yesterday so my day was taken up, but I had seen that you new post was up. I wanted to wait until I had a quiet moment to read.

    The quotes you are sharing are so profound, especially the one about the power of love being too strong for the human mind, but just right for the human soul. Oh how truth that is to my soul. Love is light, and if the light and force of just our sun is so powerful, then how many more times forceful can the light of love be? Only the soul can tell not in words, but in actions of mercy and giving.

    I LOVE YOUR MOUSE! YES! Oh how I long to play again in my theatre. I hope to this summer, and maybe we can play together?

    I pray you are well and enjoying these days; it looks as if you are. When love, even the imperfect love of marriage or friendships fills our lives, "qu'est-ce qu'on peut demander de mieux?"

    LOVE, Anita

  19. A beautiful post, as usual! :) You have sooo much talent. I LOVE your cherub and the crowns! I have a few crowns too so I know now I'm in good company. I think that Valentine's Day is an opportunity to make things fun for kids and to share love with everyone! I'm not part of a couple so I have fun doing for others.

    Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday!

  20. Dear Vera,
    First, I love the heart formation in the clouds.. I also see to portraits facing each other... Is it me, or do you also see it?

    Théodore is such a happy little mouse... Simply adorable, Vera!! I can see your playful heart in him.. I am looking forward to seeing many more...

    Your red roses are so beautiful, and I really like what you have done with the faux painting on the sweet cherub.. Your home is so inviting... I can feel the warmth.

    Your poem is beautiful. Yes, I too believe that love is the most magical emotion.
    bless you dear friend

  21. Well, that's a very handsome mouse who will no doubt dazzle Miss Emilie ! Theo is adorable. Your home looks beautifully decorated for Valentine's Day and your whimsical touches are always a favorite. That cake looks delicious- I doubt there will be a crumb leftover for Theo! xoxo, T.

  22. Théodore is sure to sweep Émilie off her mousy feet! That cheery smile, that sweetness in his eyes, that eager attitude to please the lady of his dreams - these things, alone, are enough to do so - but the chocolates and flowers are tasty tools, as well!

    Vera, I strongly sense that love resides in your home every day of the year and your little touches of red in the roses and hearts simply confirm this existence.

    Your poem is lovely, and in reading it, I was struck by something you said which made me realize that maybe, just maybe, only 'true' love lasts forever. In any case, it's surely something to ponder with pals this coming Valentine's Day!

    Thanks for sharing all the love...


  23. Good Morning Dear Vera,

    I have just returned from a lovely weekend with one of my littlest loves-a granddaughter.

    How I enjoyed this tender, heartfelt, artistic, loving and
    yet whimsical post, on the subject of love.

    My dearest Theodore, the expression on your face and the twist of your whiskers, tells me that you are a mouse of honor and that true love will be yours forever.
    Vera, Valentine celebrations are beautiful in your lovely home and your poem on love, lasting love and the honor of love is heartfelt and beautiful.
    Much Love,

  24. Emelie couldn't possibly resist Theodore's sweet smile. I'll bet she plays a little hard to get though, as any smart girl would do ;)

    Your home looks positively romantic, Vera. Spray roses are so beautiful and I think I need to get some for my home as well. I hope you have a very lovely Valentine's Day, sweet friend.


  25. I just love Theodore, and, your beautiful pops of red. Great post, as always, Vera.

  26. I love how the little cherub has roses around him. Everything is so romantic. The girls and I will be going to our favorite restaurant to celebrate Valentine's day. Have the loveliest of Valentine'e day, Vera.

  27. Thank you Vera! I am so happy he gave you a smile.
    Yes, today it is only 11am and already 82 degrees..

  28. What a delightful post, Vera! Loved learning about the background for Valentine's Day, but I have to say, your theatre mouse stole my heart...would love to be his date! :-)))
    Your spray roses are so beautiful, and like you, I prefer them to the single stem variety. And now I think I need to pay a visit to Whole Foods!
    Your lovely poem stirred in me a renewed love and appreciation for my wonderful hubby of 36 years.
    Mary Alice

  29. What a lovely romantic post! That mouse is just too adorable!! xo K

  30. I didn't know all that info about Valentines day-so interesting. Your mice are very cute with the red!

  31. Hi Vera, your post is amazing and so fun. Keep making those darling mice! I have the same candle sticks and I love them!Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your sweetheart.
    xx Jo

  32. Dear Vera, so much to ponder. I can't believe how they dried such a perfect red, not black. I loved where you placed Dore's crown. I'm in love with your mice. They are so cute, and Theodore looks like he likes his dapper self. :) That cake stand is so pretty and unique with the ruffle. Happy Valentine's Day. xoxo Su

  33. What a wonderful thing to give up for lent, no candy or sweets. My son gave up meat, and also chips.

    Happy Valentines Day to you, dear Vera. Pop on by tomorrow and see the Valentine I sent my blog friends. hehehehe


  34. Dearest Vera, hello! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Valentine's Day today! I spent all day cleaning the house. HAHHAHHAHAHAAA! We spent our "wad" of time and togetherness yesterday, and it was about time I cleaned this place!

    It was great to see your comment today on my post. I tell ya, I could NOT figure out how to get those comments to work after I followed all the correct procedures, but then POOF! They worked!

    Enjoy your day and thank you for coming by! Anita

  35. ...hoping your day was extra special...xoxo

  36. Beautiful poem dear Vera! and little Theodore is a darling little mouse. I hope your day was full of love!

  37. You have such a sweet side because I linger like.
    Greetings from the wet humid Germany

  38. I am in love with Theodore - I do hope his date went well.

    I thought about your description of the emotions red evokes. We have so much red in our house, but this is not a house of anger at all. So, I guess for us red evokes passion.

    I was removing all of my hearts yesterday and moving into spring mode, but in many of the vignettes I created, my last touch was to tuck in a little red heart. There is just something about the shape that makes me smile.

    I hope you and John stayed warm and had a lovely Valentine's weekend together.

  39. Oh what an absolute cutiepie Théodore is! He looks like the perfect beau with his lovely bouquet of red roses and the heart shaped box of chocolates. Emilie will be delighted for sure! Who can resist such romantic gifts? I love what you said about the toile heart and what it represents to you Vera because it really is so true....marriage is very much an entire lifetime of shared experiences and emotional struggles!

  40. Dear Vera,
    Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet note for my last creation.. So happy you enjoyed viewing the little chick. I have been under the weather, so sorry it has taken me so long to get here.
    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  41. Vera, Theodore is just adorable! I hope his date was a success and that he had a wonderful time. I know how first dates can be...a tangle of nerves and excitement! :-) Your poem is have such wonderful gifts and we are all so blessed that you choose to share them with us. Love and hugs to you sweet friend!!