Friday, February 19, 2016

Tossing and turning all night ...

I decided to write this post to share something about myself and in sharing hopefully help others. Through our own blogging styles we inspire, share and in the process oftentimes even educate and entertain. My intent is always to leave you with something to ponder as I weave my stories together. Todays topic is about restorative sleep and insomnia. My poem is a poetic share about myself. Further down I hope to leave you with smiles as I show you my latest clay creature and tell Coco's story as I imagined creating her. 

"Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together."
~Thomas Dekker~

Sleep cycles are referred to as the Sleep Architecture, a neurologically dynamic environment for the brain. Alternating cycles allow the body and mind to physically and cognitively restore. Fact is we sleep one-third of our lives which equates to 121 days annually and 9,581 days in an average lifetime based on a 7-8 hour sleep.

I believe with that much time spent in bed our bedding should comfort and embrace us in warmth in our sleeping nest. Winter time we snuggle under a Hungarian 100% goose down comforter. The duvet cover is a Matelassé with matching shams designed by Nicole Miller. I lucked out with savings buying it during the January White sales. 

There are 3 alternating cycles of sleep. From light to deep and we progress through the cycles every 120 minutes.  It is the 3rd cycle of Rem sleep that is most important for our health.

Stage 1 is when we are falling asleep, a period of light sleep and muscle tone.
Stage 2 is sleep between wakefulness and deeper sleep.
Stage 3 Rem sleep is the restorative sleep. It's when we dream with rapid eye movement and it's associated with cellular regeneration and cognitive restoration, memory allocation and retention. Needless to say stage 3 is extremely important.

They say an Elephant never forgets, I guess they get lots of restorative sleep. I am loving my Sugar boo Elephant pillow with derby patch on it. It propped me up when I wrote my poem for this post. I believe indulging in bedding can reward you with a good night's sleep. We always sleep on 100% natural linen pillowcases that I purchase from Moo on etsy.

Sadly on the flip side of restorative sleep insufficient sleep has become an epidemic in our country. People are sleep deprived and oftentimes suffer from an undiagnosed sleep disorder. 

Those nights all you do is toss and turn and you become sleep deprived and it's a caffeine filled morning just to face the day exhausted.

We like the romantic touch of a petite French chandelier overhead our bed. A dreamy focal point laying in bed right before you drift off to dreamland.

This petite chandelier hangs over our guest room bed. Both petite chandeliers are vintage and were rewired by John and have vintage crystals. Some crystals came with, others were added for flair. Both were found on eBay a great many years ago. Personally I think we won the auctions with a steal.

Statistically for 1 in 3 people sleep doesn't come easily because they suffer from mild to severe insomnia. I became one who suffered from insomnia after my only child, my son Chris suddenly died. I'd toss and turn all night and had no relaxing sleep for months. I became desperate and I felt like a walking zombie but I refused to surrender to the dependence of a sleep aid.  It wasn't until I started to meditate each evening in bed that I found relief from insomnia. Below is my poetic share, it will explain.

Sleep evaded me again tonight as I watched illuminated alarm clock hands swept by half past three.
Relaxing and listening to the hypnotic rhythmic soothing sounds of a CD of waves cresting at sea.

Suddenly out of the blue problems falling asleep became reality along with constant exhaustion that I hate.
Insomnia occurring night after night, laying still in anticipation for sleep to come and all I can do is just wait.

The chatter of my thoughts became deafening blocking the peaceful silence during evenings serenity in rest.
During this period of wakeful nights I'd fluff my pillows, read or watch TV as I tried to make my bed a comforting nest.

But of course insomnia was a complication of my inability in acceptance of a loss that broke my heart.
To relax my mind and body I turned to meditation as a resolution and lying in bed meditating was a fresh start.

Flat on my back with palms facing up to heaven I'd close my eyes and through meditation enjoy restorative sleep.
Nightly meditation has became my magical elixir and remains my solution and now I never need to count sheep!
© Vera

I believe meditation gave me back my restorative sleep and I hope those who suffer insomnia will give it a try. The benefits are amazing and below I've listed some.

* You gain clarity and peace of mind
* Increases your attention span
* Gives you more energy and increases creativity
* Keeps you stress free
* Increases your immune system and helps fight disease
* lowers high blood pressure
* Increases serotonin production improving mood and behavior
* Reduces the aging process
* Improves metabolism 

I meditate twice daily and I will say for me it truly has enabled me to enjoy a greater appreciation of life. I hope you will give it a try. There are numerous websites and videos that instruct you on how to meditate and are easy to follow. 

Source Burlap Luxe

On December 22nd I purchased this from Burlap Luxe's etsy store. The two photos are what Doré photographed and put as 2 of her listing photos. I fell instantly in love with the French bed, the essence of French grandeur with those adorable wonky legs. 

Source Burlap Luxe
I knew exactly what I would do with this bed, my heart and my creativity had already taken possession ... But it just days before Christmas, should I, dare I buy myself a Christmas gift? I honestly must of shown John the listing a half dozen times when he said to me "Vera your heart already owns the piece, just buy it!" 

Being an artist myself I created a scenario to combine my talent with my friend Doré's piece. I told Doré about my plans but have kept the reveal secret until this post. 

My mousy fairytale ... Meet Coco. She's made out of White clay I baked. Named Coco as in a little modern fashion forward mouse who lives a fantasy existence in the apartment at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris, France. Shhh... let's not wake her as she is sound asleep dreaming about fashion in her French nightie made by me out of lace with pearl buttons.

Let's cover Coco with my favorite retired Winter White cashmere sweater I fashioned into a blanket just for her.

Coco Chanel lived at 31 Rue Cambon until her death in 1971. But Coco Chanel slept across the street in a private suite at the Ritz. Our little Coco mouse fell in love with everything Coco Chanel after reading a biography on Chanel.
Little Coco read the Chanel quote "A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous." That was all it took for little Coco to spend her days living and dreaming all things Chanel.

Now I bet you're wondering why little Coco sleeps at 31 Rue Cambon and not at the Ritz... Simple the Ritz has rodent pest control. Little Coco set up her bedroom under the eaves of the attic to not be disturbed. Coco's attic boudoir décor is Chanel inspired. 

The tiny chandelier was hand made by Méa of Méa's Vintage from recycled crystals from an antique chandelier. Metal urns were hand cut by Rosemary of VILLABARNES. The Persian rug I created from hand made paper I had stored from another project. I backed it with felt and glued eyelash trim to create the fringe. 

So what's my favorite Coco Chanel quote? Ahhh that's a simple one, "You live but once; you might as well be amazing."

I snapped a photo while I was painting Coco. Notice those flirty long eyelashes I carved for her! I continue to enjoy playing in clay and in the future will share some clay creations from time to time. 

After photographing both Petite chandeliers for this post I asked John to print out my photos onto canvas. They are large Black and White pieces, each measuring 24.5 X 33 and are hung on our floating wire gallery wall in our Living room. We had been looking for quite awhile for an affordable petite chandelier to hang over our coffee table and finally found it last week on eBay. In a future post I will invite you into our Living room for another tour. We live and entertain casually with art throughout our home. A magical piece of art is as I type making its long journey to America and I look forward to sharing it with you in the Living room future post.

I hope you will try meditation, if you do not practice it already. It really will enhance the quality of your everyday and give you restorative sleep.

French theatre and French day bed -
Mini chandelier -
hand cut urns from salvaged metal -

I love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to speak your mind in a comment. 


  1. Hi Vera, thank you for this wonderful and informative post. I really think I need to begin meditation. I do take time to reflect and zone into my own world at times to help with creating, but I'm not sure it is actually meditation. I will look into the instructions you suggest.
    I'm so glad you found that this works for you to get a good night's sleep. I know how important this is. I have a sleepless night now and then, but it's not all the time. I'm thinking meditation will help me with creators block at times too.
    I enjoyed your poetry on this subject. Your words just flow from trouble to solution.
    I adore sweet Coco. Her bed is perfectly enchanting and her boudoir under the eaves is charming. The perfect room for a good nights sleep.
    Love your beautiful canvas prints from your petite chandelier photo. They look amazing hanging from the floating wire.
    You inspire me my friend and it is always a joy to visit here. Looking forward to walking into your living room too. Can't wait to see the art work on it's way to you now.
    Thanks for sharing about meditation.
    Have a great weekend. Love to you, xo

  2. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I agree about the importance of sleep. Vera, I'm so sorry about your son. I had no idea. I am so very sorry for your loss, and I appreciate your caring enough about your readers to share your struggles and the solution you've found. Little Coco's boudoir is so fanciful and beautiful! I love her. Her little nightgown is cute, too!

    Your poem really says it all. You are multi-talented, My Friend!

    Ricki Jill

  3. What an intersting post. Your bedroom looks very cozy, i really like it. At the moment my nights are too short and mostly with breaks because of our kids.after those nights i feel very Bad and nervous.
    Maybe i should try a meditation too.
    Hugs Kuni

  4. OOO, sweet and just her little wobbly-legged bed and the bedding is art. She is just precious.
    Love your chandy photos...they look amazing on your wall.
    I have no earthly idea how to meditate...and if I lie down and stretch out my arms, palms upward, I will fall asleep within minutes...:)
    Love your pretty poem

  5. Well, I think I could very easily fall asleep in your bed, Vera. It's dreamy. Your whole bedroom is dreamy. I sleep very well naturally, 8-10 hours a night. This hasn't always been the case and I was fortunate to get 6 hours for many years. About 13 months ago we gave up gluten and sugar and amazingly I discovered I was sleeping better, gradually progressing to the excellent sleep I'm getting now. Life is so much better with restorative sleep. Coco is charming. Love her nightie. Dore's bed and Méa's chandelier are perfect for her. And the Persian rug is splendid. It's a gift that you can put your life journey into poetry and reach others with it. Hugs, Nancy P.S. Stunning black and white photos of your chandeliers. Brilliant idea.

  6. I'm just smiling like crazy over Coco's bedroom. So beautifully put together. Everything you create tells a story. Love that. Dore's bed definitely belonged with you, and, your delightful vignette.

  7. I wished, as I read, that I could make the photo of Coco's room larger in order to inspect each element more fully. What a lovely piece you've created here.
    Sleep - it is a constant source of anxiety for me. A good night is 6 hours and a bad night is catnapping all night. I have tried meditation and it has worked, on occasion. I probably need to stick with it!

  8. Your poem is sweet and I am so happy that you found a "cure" for insomnia that works for you. I just have to read for about a half hour and I am out! I just love, love little Coco and the attic bedroom. Adorable. I just recently discovered Dore's shop on Etsy....fabulous things!

  9. Coco is one lucky little mouse. What an amazing bed she has to enjoy in such sweet surroundings.
    I really enjoyed your writing and poem on sleep or the lack thereof. I'm thinking many of us suffer from sleep depravity from time to time, and learning more about your journey is very helpful and inspirational. Facing the challenges of each new day is so much easier with restorative sleep.
    Mary Alice

  10. Hello sweet friend,
    I have always, always had difficulty sleeping...falling asleep and staying asleep. A Dr once told me that when we work different shifts (30 yrs worth!) it wreaks havoc with our body clocks. A dear friend gave me a meditation CD after we lost Abby and it does help. I'm really trying to just stop at some point during the day and attempt meditation. It's difficult for me, however, I keep plugging along! :) There is a major difference in the way I feel after having good sleep. I so appreciate the fact that you have found your way to meditation to assist you. I'm always truly amazed at your ability to handle things as you do after your immense loss. *consider yourself hugged right here*

    Love the black and white prints and the way you have displayed them. I think black & white is so elegant! I agree with you about bedding. I've always felt we should have the best we can afford for comfort.

    Your Coco and her surroundings are adorable! I'm a great fan of Coco Chanel. My daughter named one of her dogs Coco Chanel and honestly, that girl lived up to her name! She absolutely loved perfume! If anyone sprayed it in her presence, she rolled around trying to get it. :) She was adorable and stayed with us 17 years!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Oh Vera, where do I start?
    Love, yes truly loved this post, I have to say it's way up there if not first I. The running as my to date favorite.

    The whole sleep thing, yikes!! I am never really in a Rem sleep more like major insomnia, and I bet I get half or less the sleep required, I so need to correct this issue or I will certainly face a serious health issue added to my list.

    As for meditation I hear you, I have several favorite CD's that calm the night, yet while I am in a calming state ready to drift my mind goes off on a calming thought of something great to create, whether it makes it to my etsy shop of retail shop owners hands it's always something.

    They say creative people need to calm their mind from over thinking, you like me! Fall in this catagory of creativity lack of sleep. I do need to meditate more, I often try yet find myself unwinding the process and have to jaunt down ideas that are forced my way into my thoughts.

    I too sleep under a down comforter in a wonderful duvet, and end up kicking the weight off of me in our California seasons where it's just not quite cold enough through the entire night....I bet winter months in your home is a cozy place to be under all your down and mattlasse, not to mention linen pillowcases.

    I have just gotten use to sleeping on linen sheets, Restoration Hardware Home, for years just plain white 100% Egyptian cotton and thread count mattered, they had to be white I can't sleep in prints patterns or color, it what to distracting for me to rest my mind, and they had to feel like a mans white crisp dress shirt :)

    This post was a needed post for me today, again no real sleep last night and I still have a long weekend to get things done on a lack of sleep :)
    Your bed looks great in the theatre, and it is staged perfectly, come this holiday I see it holiday lit up and sweet trees adorned.
    You did an amazing job on Coco, she looks to be in her meditative state, hands held up to the heavens and calmly taking in the comfort of her new charmers sweater blanket....I am intrigued by her area rug, this amazes me, I must make one for myself.
    The chandeliers posted are something that would most certainly catch my eye, and wish they had before you got a hold of them...beautiful soulful European feel to your bed rest, the room feels like a French villa, I want to add a bit of the dramatics like your cozy room.

    Well I will save some space here and talk more about this wonderful creative thought provoking post for later.

    A room with a view, and a posting to love.
    Wishing you many restful nights to come.


  12. I have a hard time getting to sleep, but once I do, I am okay for the most part. I think that I need to start meditating again. I used to many years ago and I think it's time that I begin again.
    Thank you for this wonderful informative post. I do love my bed with my cozy down comforter and flannel sheets when it's cold.

    I just love Coco and she is so cute and love her bed, etc.
    Again, thank you so much Vera and have a terrific weekend.

  13. The bed is adorable and Coco is very cute. I have had big issues with sleep with all the transitions going on this past year in life. So I understand that sleep deprived feeling. I am trying a meditation technique too. So far so good. Have a great week end my friend.

  14. Vera, I am so very sorry to hear about your son. I'm glad that you found meditation to help you through. My husband swears by meditation, yet I have never quite gotten the hang of it. I must give it another try, as you know from my post this past week, I am often sleep-challenged. I agree that bed linens are important to the sleep experience. I love Charisma sheets, down pillows and down comforters. Lucky Coco is living a very luxurious life in her beautiful Chanel-inspired boudoir.You treat her very well! Love the photos of your chandeliers. And now, good night! I am off to bed for (hopefully) a good night's sleep!

  15. Oh Vera what a bittersweet and beautiful post. I'm so very sorry to hear of the reason for your insomnia and at the same time I'm glad that you have found a way to combat it. I have been considering giving meditation a try even though I don't have any problem sleeping but I do tend to suffer from anxiety and I'm thinking it may help to practice meditation...if I can manage to hold my thoughts still for long enough! My mom and brother are true believers in it's benefits. Coco is just adorable! I knew she would be when you mentioned that she was a fashionista! And her bedroom! What girl wouldn't feel like Sleeping Beauty in a room full of lace, crystal and pearls? I hope we'll get to see more of Coco and her wardrobe in the future!

  16. I love the color of the walls in your bedroom and the matelase. It looks like a peaceful place. I am happy that meditation is working for you. I know pumpkin, magnesium, and chamomile are suppose to be helpful for some too, and of course to unplug, but a great loss such as yours is so tremendously difficult. I love the little mouse lying in a meditative state, and Dore's bed is adorable for Coco. Love all your creativity. xoxo Su

  17. your bedding ... your sweet mouse ... and, her lovely bed ... love it all!

    I normally have no difficulty falling asleep when I finally climb into bed at 1:30 a.m. That is unless we go out for dinner and I have a diet coke. The caffeine keeps me awake. I try to avoid it.

    Thanks for the information regarding sleep and the meditation idea. I had a diet coke at dinner tonight so I might just have some difficulty sleeping.

  18. My dearest Vera, I am so glad I finally made it here! Like I said, during the day, I simply can't visit blogs with my busy school works schedule, but THIS IS WHAT I LOVE: to participate in the community of bloggers whose creativity teaches a lesson.

    There are so many things about this post I love. For one, I agree with you that bedding makes a huge difference in how we go to bed, sleep and get out of bed. We've been using 1000 count sheets and what a HUGE difference it makes. These sheets literally hug you and keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I have to day your first photo of the bed is smashing. The brown tones with a bit of gray and the white....SWOON!!!!! And we too enjoy a white quilted throw AND a small chandelier as well. WHY NOT build some luxury into your environment! As I rose this morning, I had a smile on my face as I looked at my antique gold French dressing screen in the shadows of the early morning.

    Sleep is restorative. We think better when we've slept, we are complete for another round in the cycle of the day. It is not my choice to be so busy; my job demands it, but I have learned to say to myself, "It's time to get out of here" but unless I have a meeting or need to join a colleague for planning, I leave in order to get home as fast as possible to begin my peaceful experience of HOME.

    Sleep well always, and OH! THAT MOUSE OF YOURS! How perfect is the bed as well from Doré French, SO PERFECT! Great post!!!

  19. I think I am sleeping too much. My husband says my body needs it to rebuild strength.

    Love reading your thoughts and poem on this. I hope you are getting the sleep you need.

    And as always, I love your artistic home. Is that one of Méa's hearts between your Petite chandelier photos? Lovely.

    Sweet dreams,

  20. Vera, I am sitting here with a biiig smile on my face.
    You live but once; you might as well be amazing - this is THE line.
    And I have this smile on my face as well because og... this nighty!!! You are one of a kind, Vera! :))) The bed, french and doréian (Doré-i-an, n´est-ce pas?;), so perfect in the Chanel world. Rue du souries...
    And there, I can see my little chandelier sooo happy, my heart has wings. The wall behind the bed is so amazing, by the way...
    But COCO is darling, she has such a sweet figure, yes, ohhh, the spirit of Paris surrounds her.
    AND.... WHAT? SLEEP MEDITATION!!!??? I am the MASTER! I manage to sleep with my tomcat ON my head... (outch, or autsch, or ooch??). My sleep is always interrupted (ah, he feels well, digs his ONE claw in my neck and purres like crazy... then slubbers, isn´t it cute). Oh yes, interruptions, either from Hobbit or my son, who isn´t able to go to bathroom like a normal human... BOOOM, door slam... But I manage to sleepwalk through my day, so...
    Have a dreamy hug for this cute post full of informations, your friend Méa with this charming lack of sleep; that´s why I am so strange... I... guess ;))

  21. Vera, I'm so glad that you found something that works for you. Thank you for all this info. I didn't realize there were three stages of sleep. I like the last one when we dream the night away. :) Your bedding is so nice, and I really liked the white sheets and the goose down comforter.

    That little bed is too cute, and Coco is adorable hehehe. You have made a special space for her as well. The chandelier photos are cool, and how nice of your husband to print out the photos onto canvas. I'm wondering how that is done? Your poem is very nice, Vera. I'm looking forward to having a tour of your living room in the future. :) Your house is so charming with so many interesting things to look at. Peaceful sleeping and sweet dreams to you, dear Vera.


  22. Dear Vera, looks like you have touched a soft spot for many of us as we try to get the rest that we need. I suffer from chronic fatigue and Fibromialgia,so sleep is pretty an up and down problem for me. One thing for sure is that I get plenty of time to read during the night. lol
    I love your bedding I think that I would sleep very well with the beautiful atmosphere that you have created in your bedroom.
    Vera, you are getting so very very good at your lovely mice. I think that you should start to sell these little beauties. They are so sweet.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend. xx Jo

  23. What a fun post,Vera! Your bedding looks oh so sumptuous! I agree about quality bedding and a nice comfy mattress too. I do hope your sleep is more restful now. I can so relate, as I've had sleep problems on and off over the years, and living months like a zombie, like you. That is never any fun.

    Coco is amazing, and so is her bed! I can tell she is one chic little mouse. Love her room:) Looks like you are having fun with clay!

  24. Dearest Vera,

    It takes a certain kind of person who can inform and entertain at the same time, all the while trying to tuck in the cutest, tiny mouse, by the name of Coco!

    If I may be so bold to declare, I am quite up-to-date on all matters having to do with that dreaded insomnia due to my mother's lifelong battle with it! I, myself, experienced it in recent years, as a result of some very painful, personal turmoil. Your suggestion of meditation sounds like the perfect solution to get rid of this sleep thief once for all from further stealing those vital hours of slumber from our souls! I told my mom about your magnificent post, and we will get her a CD of calming and therapeutic sounds and soothing narration, asap. My sister-in-law, who also suffers from insomnia, purchased one recently that comes with a complimentary set of books to assist in the banishment of this bothersome ailment for good!

    Hope you have a peaceful and pretty week!


  25. Love your cozy room, Vera! It provides an oasis to escape the worries of the day. I have a lot of problems staying asleep, I wake up constantly and for hours on end. I do meditate and really love and recommend a website called You might want to check it out.

    Your poem is just, so true. I love your cute little Coco and Dore's precious charming!!!

    Thank you for a wonderful post, dear.


  26. Thank you for this post as once again I was up at least 4 times with tossing and hot flashes galore! I will try to clear my mind and meditate and see if that helps because by 6 pm I am ready to fall down! xo Karolyn

  27. Vera,
    Good Monday morning and sending you many loving wishes for a fabulous week.
    I have returned from my glorious whirlwind trip to California and checking in with my dear blogging friends.
    Sleep is such an elusive necessary element in our lives. When we are young we can sleep the nights and days away and as we age it seems sleep is constantly out of reach. I have found that for me, I must get plenty of exercise outdoors. There is something about the fresh air and activity that resets my mind and soul. Of course when family hurts arise, there is nothing much that calms me to the point of rest.
    Coco is precious and her bed is divine! I love her eyelashes...and I just bet she does not use mascara:)

  28. I honestly don't believe I have slept restfully in years. I live on Excedrin to keep myself awake and running all day but it is tearing my body apart. I need to get off of that stuff. I don't really know anything about meditation but enjoyed reading this post. Love your piece from Dore and your little Coco is adorable! Love the photographs of your petite chandy's too! Blessings to you, Cindy xo

  29. A few things struck me in this post, Vera... the first is obviously about your son. I had no idea that had happened to you and I know there are no words I can say that could do anything to change it and I have no idea what you went through, so I will offer you my sincerest condolences. All I can do is offer you far away hugs and know that I care. Truly and deeply.

    Meditation saved me from losing my mind when I lost what I thought was the love of my life. A sociopath... I discovered later. It is good for the soul and good for sleep, you're right :)

    Coco... my favorite quote is "A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous." and I live it.

    hugs to you again, sweet friend,

  30. Dear Vera,
    What a peaceful room you have to curl up in.. I love your bedding.
    It sets my heart at ease to know that meditation has helped you rest.. This is something I may look into.

    Oh Vera, dear little coco.. I can see the love that went into this piece, and the joy it is giving you.. Keep making little mice! Love the bed Dore made and and Mea's chandelier.. How wonderful!
    Your photos on canvas that John made for you are just exquisite.
    I really love the floating wire gallery..
    Thank you for sharing dear friend.
    Sending you a gentle hug.

  31. I'm so glad that meditation has helped you sleep while your feelings of loss are so heavy on your mind and spirit, Vera. We must carry on after losing the ones we love and it is not something we have the tools to do. Searching out what works for us is brave. You have done that on so many levels. You are healing thru your creative expression and I want you to know that it helps me, too. You have found a happy place in your soul that you didn't think you could. We find each other this way...through our suffering sometimes. I'm pleased and honored to walk beside you as we tread these waters. Each creation sends us further along in our journey to a more peaceful heart. xoxo, T.

  32. Thank you so much for visiting Vera.. Oh gosh no, me up in a hot air balloon? I am deathly afraid of heights... I am not sure why, may have an idea, but they sure are enjoyable to watch.
    I am wishing you a peaceful evening

  33. Glad meditation works for you-sleep is the best! I am sorry to hear about your son. The little bed from Dore is adorable and I love your bed linens!

  34. Your bedding is so beautiful.....I would never want to get out of bed. I'm glad meditation has helped with your insomnia and am so sorry for the loss of your son!!! I started having problems with sleep after my mom died. Little Coco is so her little bed :o)

  35. How did I miss this post?
    Your bedroom is gorgeous, Vera! The bedding is delicious!
    Every element tells a story.
    The little mouse and her bedroom are such a delight for my eyes and my soul. Your photos are amazing!
    I really enjoyed this post, Vera. One of my favorites!!

  36. Good afternoon, sweet Vera! I so appreciated your words and encouragement concerning sleeping disorders. This was a very informative post.

    Your little Coco is darling and her bedroom is oh-so-whimsical!

    Have a glorious week, dear friend. Hugs!

  37. for so many years i suffered through sleepless nights. nights of complete paralyzation with the inability to fall asleep. i gave in and now use serious assistance in order to sleep. i have no regrets as it was a decision in which i had no choice (i had tried everything)!!! now i sleep, deeply and i awake refreshed.

    your bedding is beautiful, it looks so inviting and comforting!!!!