Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Countdown to Spring ...

Winter's duration is 89 days, 1 hour and 45 minutes and in anxious anticipation Spring will arrive on March 20th.  On Groundhogs day Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early Spring. Yet with Global warming Cherry Blossoms opened in Philadelphia during December with temps that reached 77 degrees on Christmas Day. Will the ephemeral beauty of Pink Cherry Blossoms bloom in 2016? Bursting into delicate light Pink with it's nearly 1,700 Cherry trees lining the Tidal Basin in DC. It's been my obsession ever since I was 5 years old day dreaming about and admiring the beauty of Washington DC while colored in a canopy of Pink. So as I write this Spring anticipation post my eyes, fingers and toes are crossed for a profusion of floral to behold driving our vintage French DS Pallas Citroën down for a weekend to kick off what has become my official celebration of Spring.

"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming."
~Pablo Neruda~

Projects are still going on in our row-home and excitement is felt as these efforts do zap our energy but visually invigorate and please. In this post I will share snapshots throughout our home of Springtime touches and leave you with my poem Spring is a Daisy.

Eggs from all kinds of birds are displayed in our house during "countdown to Spring".

A wired crate with Quail eggs and mini Cartapesta crowns sit on top along side an antique little jar from Israel. Texture reigns supreme in our row-home, it's a welcome sense and adds quality of feel and also an appreciated visual touch. 

Sources will be noted at end of this post.

A bouquet of pretty Pinks from the supermarket grace the eye in beauty with its floral mixture and soft texture. Two Cala lilies were included in the bouquet. Cala Lilies signify magnificence and beauty and delight me. 

Displayed in a favorite vase, a trio of bottles contained in a wire basket I purchased a few years ago at the Philadelphia Flower show. 

A wire egg basket displays blown out Chicken eggs. Eggs signify life, fertility and rebirth. For Christians the Easter egg is symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

All of the eggs are natural variations of chicken egg colors, none are dyed. I especially adore the blue eggs Araucanas and Ameraucanas Hens lay. 

Eggs are part of my families legacy and why they factor into our Spring/Easter décor. My Dad's parents owned a Chicken Farm outside of Frenchtown in Kingswood, New Jersey. Sunday's we would all gather at Grandmoms and Grandad's to help out on the farm. Each of us having our chores (mine was collecting the eggs). Trust me sometimes it was a fight between the chicken and I since hens often do not want to give up their eggs. The mother hen thing as they would peck at my hands. Afterwards we would all gather at the farm table for dinner prepared by Grandma, my Mom and Aunts. Cousins and family joined together on each Sunday after mass to help, never a excuse given to not show up for it was a different time and our strong family ties held our family commitment together. 

Lasting memories for me especially since my Grand father passed when I was 5 years old. Leaving me with imprinted memories of my very early childhood of discovery and fun on their farm. In my mind's eye I can still see fruit stains on my fingers from picking and eating Black Cherries from their tree and the Raspberries that grew along the side of the farmhouse on the fence. 

John printed this photo onto canvas and gallery wrapped it around foam core. I had saved the photo from google images and I thought it would make interesting kitchen art displayed for Spring. 

I have a love of Black and White photography and enjoy the mix of actual color photos and en noir in my posts. Because of my affection of en noir photography I am considering capturing snapshots of things that evoke emotional feelings to me en noir and posting the photo to an Instagram account. Just a concept and I'd appreciate your thoughts on this idea.

A newly replenished supply of Lavender is displayed in a French floral bucket. French Grosso Lavender in our dIning room. Love its dusty Purple beauty and calming scent. Lavender a constant since we have lived in this old row-home.

A needle felted Bunny on a bamboo swing hangs from our armoires knob.

Just adds cuteness and a smile to our face as we pass by.

Antique wooden eggs purchased from a flea market long ago are displayed on a raw edge salvaged Black Walnut shelf over our riddling rack in our wine corner of the Dining room.

The eggs were tied in a old flimsy plastic bag and when I picked up the bag and asked for a price the vendor said 50 cents! I do not judge anything by cost but instead the emotional pull the item evokes. Affordability becomes possible when you live with a combined mix of salvaged, found art pieces, refurbished vintage and antique, altered and repurposed. Enjoying the occasional indulgence in high end furniture or art pieces that you just can't live without and have called your name. Living surrounded with the past, the present and a nod to future design feels perfectly harmonic to us.

In our Living room we are making a few changes and adding artful expression. A tour of our Living room will be (hopefully) my next post. No big remodeling changes but lots of design enhancements.

John and I get a kick out of micro cars and both love the Isseta. As I compose this post John is putting up metal shelves in the garage and here is a little peek at something John created. John printed onto canvas an actual sized photo of an Isseta and applied it to the garage's back wall with heavy duty wallpaper paste. The walls are painted a contrasting Grey to add dimension to fool the eye. 

We both enjoy being creative, making and collecting art which we choose to display in a playful casual way throughout our home. We truly appreciate being able to surround ourselves with artful expression to enjoy and help ease lives everyday stresses.

Below is a little Spring poem I wrote, Spring is a Daisy. See you soon.

After months of frozen lakes and counting snowflakes Ahhh, on March 20th we welcome Spring.
Robin Red Breast has been spotted and early morning song birds have returned to rejoice and sing.

For me this time of year reminds me of a sweet Daisy with Easter's promise in purity, joy and innocence all in wait.
From Spring into Summer, day's are strung together in nature's bounty of beauty in warm sunny weathers' fate.

The arrival of Spring brings happiness and Daylight savings time and creates the feeling love is in the air.
He loves me, he loves me not - plucking the petals off an oxeye daisy asking in rhyme the question, if you dare.

Carefree sunlight days of innocence in hopeful anticipation during Spring that love will bloom in your heart.
Days turn into Summer where hope springs external, an idiom of optimism and a promising fresh start.

© Vera

Quail eggs in crate - CuriousSofa.com
Blown out Chicken eggs - TolerablyRockyFarm - etsy
Cartapesta mini crowns - Burlap Luxe - etsy
Metal heart and cross on French floral bucket - VILLABARNES - etsy
Couture Velvet Purple pillow - TasseliTexiles - etsy
Swinging bunny - healoom - etsy

I love reading comments so please grace me with one of yours.


  1. Ahhhh to think about Spring! Love the Izzeta on the garage wall. Very clever and fun. Love the felted mouse swinging waiting for a pretty spring breeze. Your poem is sweet too. Nice post today Vera. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Oh, so much to comment on.

    I will begin with loving the little bunny on the swing ... the eggs in a variety of spots (glad you didn't put all your eggs in one basket) ... your gorgeous photos and inspiring words ...

    But, the your grandparents' chicken ranch was what touched my heart. My grandparents also owned a chicken ranch that was just a quick run through the orange groves from our home. Like your family, we gathered every Sunday night as a family for chicken dinner. I remember those days fondly, but when my grandpa died when I was 9, things changed. My grandmother went to live with my father's sister, the old farmhouse was torn down and 3 ugly spec houses were built in its place.

    Thanks for evoking sweet memories on this lovely March day.

  3. Ah- spring is in the air-
    in all of your eggs , the sweet bunny, and above all in your beautifully written words
    "Carefree sunlight days of innocence in hopeful anticipation during Spring that love will bloom in your heart".

    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

    I hope you will link this post on Thursday at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  4. Good evening dearest Vera! YOU HAD blooms in DECEMBER? Well, the warming trend has definitely caused some strange phenomena to occur even in our garden! But spring is going to surprise us here this year, I know it! And I can't wait. I love your idea of en noir photography. I have been wanting to experiment myself, but I will need to do that during SPRING BREAK at the end of March. And on Sunday, we are celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary! So along with the symbols of life such as the egg, buds, blossoms comes the cycle of living with the one you love. Ah, springtime is just around our corners! I can't wait to see you on IG!

  5. Just what I needed today my friend. I am fighting an amazing migraine~~~Love your beautiful home inspiring spring. I adore your sweet bunny on the swing. Your eggs gathered here and there is such a special touch with meaning.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful spring poem. Such hopeful words and fresh memories to come soon.
    Blessings to you my sweet friend. xo

  6. So many pretty images of spring pop into my mind with your talk of all the cherry blossoms! I was lucky enough to see them in D.C. one year...they are gorgeous. Felted animals are one of my favorite things- especially on swings! Have you seen the tiny ones made into necklaces? So cute.
    I can't wait to show Magoo how John placed the Izzeta on the garage wall. So fun! Loved your poem, as always. And yes, join IG. I just did, so you must also. ;)

  7. Another lovely post from your corner of the world. The eggs and bunnies are such tender images. You have such a lot of eggs and display them with such originality. I agree with your that when one loves something, the value is not to be counted in dollars and cents.
    Have a good drive south. That's a lovely pilgrimage, to see the the cherry blossoms. I loved your poem and the image I had of the innocent daisy.

  8. Spring is always such a welcome season when everything seems to come to life...even people who venture out of their warm homes to enjoy the beauty of new life all around. You have the perfect spring touches in your home, Vera! Loving the blown out eggs in all sorts of neutral shades. I'm so enjoying the lavender you gave me...getting ready to order more...
    What treasured memories you have of your grandparents' farm! I could just picture the hustle and bustle of Sundays culminating around a table full of the best dishes for all to enjoy.
    The art you and John create continues to delight!
    Mary Alice

  9. Love this poem, Vera. I didn't realize how much I'm longing for spring until I read it...beautiful.

    Such a sweet and varied collection of eggs. Your memories on the farm make me smile. The black and white picture of the eggs in the carton could grace my lakehouse kitchen 365 days a year! I love it!

    Enjoy your trip, it will be magical!


  10. you're a gifted lady .. in prose and decor. :)
    love the stand up eggs in the dining room wine area.
    and that Izzeta picture on a wall? what a fantastic
    idea. he's a creative guy you have there!

  11. You have a wide variety and sweet collection of eggs, Vera! My mom's aunt and uncle had a chicken farm and she got to help out a lot during the summers. She always shares such special memories from those days! You and John are both such creative souls and I love that your share, not only your own pieces and likes but also John's. Appreciated! Blessings, Cindy xo

  12. Vera, I didn't realize that you love black and white photography so much. You know, I took a Black and White Photography class many years ago. I developed my own negatives, and to see the photos being developed right before my eyes in the dark room was a thrill for me. I knew then that it was my passion. Look at all the eggs around your house, how delightful. And that sweet felted bunny is too cute. That bouquet of lavender must fill your home with such a lovely scent. How wonderful that your grandparents owned a chicken farm, and your chore was collecting the eggs. I can just see you eating those black cherries on the farm. CHERRIES are my favorite fruit! And what a talent your husband has creating such a cute car.

    Vera, this is a nice spring post, and your poem was splendid. Happy March, my friend.


  13. Oh, Vera, I can see spring spirit through your house, through your veins and in your lovely poem. So these antique eggs are really priceless - they are so beautiful!!!
    A few more steps in anticipation and pre-excitement and THENNN, Tataaaa, Spring will BRAKE. I can´t wait... It turned cold again here, and now we can´t wait anymore to just lay in the warmin sun...
    These gonna be very busy days for us, and I think, you also are up to something.
    So have lots of energy (AHHH, maybe the delivery service of "le salon" was in hibernation??? No excuse since yesterday...),
    I wish you a fabulous march, your friend Méa

  14. What wonderful family memories you have Vera. Thank you for sharing them with us through your antiques and the beautiful poem you wrote. Your talent is truly a gift :)

  15. Good Morning Vera,
    After yet another hectic week of love and grands this is such a calming spot to be.
    You delight me with your artistic touch to each corner of your home and I can easily see the depth of your creativity.
    I so appreciate your Ode to Spring and the anticipation that awaits for us all.
    May the month of March bring you much joy!
    You do know how much I would enjoy having you share your creativity with us on Thoughts of Home On Thursday.

  16. Good morning, Vera.
    Another lovely post! I loved reading about your times at the farm, seeing your gorgeous, artistic home and seeing John's art in the garage. I LOVE little cars. :) The smallest I ever drove was my Mom's '65 VW convertible - not so small compared to this adorable yellow Izzeta!

    Spring takes it's time arriving here, but your poem has me looking out the window for signs.

    Be happy & well, dear friend.

  17. P.S. I hope that if you do start an Instagram, that you not only share it with us, but perhaps tell us a little about your opinion on starting one. I have been thinking I that I might too...

  18. Love your #5 pillow...all the eggs...the swinging bunny...your beautiful photos..and the words...O, the words always are so delightful...love the idea of a chicken ranch...Daisies were my mama's favorite flower so, in turn, mine, too....beautiful poem...love you....xoxo

  19. I came and visited yesterday and good thing I came back because I see that may comment did not post.
    The egg crate is so unique, and i wanted to look at it again for a bit of inspiration. I happen to have followed D. At Curious sofa long before I ever became a blogger, I love how she expresses herself in art, and her interesting Christmas tree I am sure inspired many to use twigs long before it was popular to do so, hers wrapped in a unique way was captivating.

    Vera, the eggs scattered about your home is like an egg hunt. To be in your home I am sure your guest are charmed with wowness!! As to seeing personally all the eggs here and there. I love all the pale you are in keeping with here, it really adds a soulfulness to the drama of your home.
    As for the canvas of a flat of eggs in black and white you hit it out of the park. I love it's contemporary feel, yet perfect for your Easter post and also year around art for the kitchen, this was genius to go along with your spring home filled with eggs.
    John garage is a one man show in art here, and his buddies I am sure are also intrigued with his mind thought in creating a mural for his man space.
    Your D.C trip sounds wonderful, to see the peace tree in bloom and petals covered walkways like pale snow flakes of spring is awinspiring I am sure.

    The poem is a birth of spring for all to enjoy, a newness in all it offers us.
    I am looking forward to the new pieces that will be adding to your space in your next post or so.
    Happy Spring to you my dear,
    I need to get creative with some eggs here, you top all creativity.
    That egg print on canvas tops it all, I could so see this piece in a gallery show, with ones reading into its meaning....

    See you soon, will talk soon.


  20. I love your egg basket-I have one too! The swing mouse is a cutie and so glad Spring is peeking its head too!

  21. There is so much to love here! First, I love your thoughts on spring and your story about gathering the eggs at your grandfather's. The rabbit on the swing is adorable. I also love the art that you both made from your photographs. I really identify with the calling of an object, and it can be inexpensive. I think that philosophy is what makes a stylish welcoming home, not just trendy. Happy Spring ahead. xoox Su

  22. Vera, all your eggs are artfully displayed and I love the natural colors. The flowers are beautiful and they make me want to run out and buy a big bunch to put around our cottage. I have a vase very similar to your trio with the wire basket; it's a single vase and my favorite one. Bunny on a bamboo swing is delightful. John's Izetta is marvelous. Both of you are so creative. I love that! Hugs, Nancy P.S. Happy Almost Spring!

  23. Hi Vera,
    I feel like I am on an Easter egg hunt! I love your black and white photo.. Spring is certainly in your beautiful home. And i just love what John did with the photo of the Izetta in the garage. You both have such a gift..
    You poem is perfect for spring!
    Love that bun bun!

  24. Love all of your wonderful textures and those pink spring like blooms, Vera! The faux eggs are awesome! How neat you have such great memories of your grandparents chicken farm. That tiny car cracks me up! I've not heard of that one before. We always get a kick out of the oh so petite cars zooming around Paris!

  25. Hi Vera - What a long, cold winter! I can't wait for the cherry blossoms here. DC looks especially beautiful when they are in bloom. Speaking of beautiful, love your home. It is ready for spring :)

  26. Hi Vera, I think that Spring is in our hearts about this time of year and it is so fun to see it in your post today. The temp is in the 60 and I caught the grand children having a water fight out back! They think Spring has sprung. I have the same book A Fairy Tale Easter and just love going through the pages and enjoying the beautiful art.Have a wonderful weekend. xx Jo

  27. Your home is so full of texture, Vera. The walls, the pillows, furnishings, artwork, EVERYTHING! Every image holds magic for my eyes. Even your teapot has a delightful quality to it. I love the different shapes, and colors that blend so easily because of your creative, artful talents.
    I always enjoy your whimsical poetry...even with it's serious undertones read between the lines.
    Have a happy weekend, dear friend.

  28. Your home is so full of texture, Vera. The walls, the pillows, furnishings, artwork, EVERYTHING! Every image holds magic for my eyes. Even your teapot has a delightful quality to it. I love the different shapes, and colors that blend so easily because of your creative, artful talents.
    I always enjoy your whimsical poetry...even with it's serious undertones read between the lines.
    Have a happy weekend, dear friend.

  29. I'm late to this Spring party, but, I'm loving it. Your decor, and, displays always bring a smile.

  30. Hello lovely Vera! I, too, am late to this sweet Spring party, but better late than never, right? :)

    Ah, what a deightful post, my friend. Spring is slowly making her presence known here in the mountains and just last week I saw a robin! Be still my heart....how I love seeing these darling birds and when I do I instantly think Spring is coming!

    Your little bunny is just the sweetest little thing. How I love your little creatures :)

    May you have a joyous week, dear Vera. And thank you for brightening my days with your lovely visits and comments. Hugs!

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  32. I wanted to tell you that Dorthea's is a quaint little shop that has Christmas stuff out all year 'round. It has other items as well, little knick knacks, dolls, and some kitchen items. I love to go in there when I visit Folsom - I get the feeling of Christmas anytime I visit. :)


  33. You write so beautifully and I love seeing your treasures! I probably shouldn't embarrass myself, however, do you mind telling me what riddling rack is? :)

    I haven't displayed a single item related to Easter and I need to put a little spring out. Your flowers are beautiful! I love daisies so your poem is perfect.

    Have a beautiful week!

  34. I think it's absolutely wonderful that you plan on displaying captured images of things that evoke memories and emotions. My whole home is filled with memories and I don't think there's anything better.

    hugs to you, dear Vera,

  35. Oh this is the time of year I wish I built my chicken coop! I love seeing all these lovely eggs, maybe this year!! xo K

  36. Hello Vera! Like you I am anticipating SPRING and its delights!
    I love seeing the beauty and whimsy you incorporate into your lovely home. I've been away too long, life just got so busy and I put blogging on the back burner. I hope to be more consistent now....

    ~ Violet

  37. It was so nice to read about your life spent on your grandfather's chicken farm Vera. I was an egg-gatherer too :) I have to admit, that I've always been scared to put my hand under a laying chicken so I would just pass them by and go on to the next box.
    I loved seeing all the spring touches in your home. It's always a treat to be able to visit.

  38. I loved your countdown...the thaw is about to begin..let it begin!!!

  39. Dearest Vera! Good morning and thank you for coming to visit my post! I am finding again that I'm rushing to do the slightest artistic thing these days, but I so appreciate your friendship and the gift of living a life, even if it is BUSY! Much love to you!

  40. Hi Vera ,,i love your love , you have a new follower

  41. Oh Vera, what a great post. Love all the different eggs and they look so well throughout the house. Your mouse is so cute and I can see why he gives you such pleasure as you pass by.

    Looking forward to seeing your post on the changes in the living room. Isn't it wonderful just to change a few items and it makes the room look so different.
    Love the poem. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Oh and by the way when I saw the cherry blossoms about 20 years ago, they were splendid.Hugs,

  42. Hi Vera, stopping back by to enjoy your spring post once again. I rediscover something new when I do and enjoy my visit.
    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments. Yes, the migraines are better thankfully. Have a great weekend ahead. xoxo

  43. So much wonderfulness in the post....where to begin....Well first of all I enjoyed your poem (as usual). Since the daisy is the queen of the cheerful flower, she is a wonderful metaphor for spring!

    Please please please post about your living room. I would love to see it. I know it is stunningly beautiful!

    Your little mouse with the gold heart is so cute. I'd smile every time I passed your armoire, too. So cute!

    Your collection of eggs is a fun way to decorate for spring. I like the colors of the Araucanas, too....such subtle and pretty colors!

    Enjoy your spring, My Friend!


  44. Good evening dear Vera,
    What a joy to see you had come for a visit. Yes, I am looking forward to taking more photos when the buds finally open..
    I added another photo today of a bun bun... He was standing on his back feet enjoying the Morning Glory at my next door neighbors house.. Stop in when you have time.. He is so sweet.
    Wishing you a beautiful week.
    Sending you a gentle hug

  45. Oh Vera, that was such a beautiful story about your son and the Mourning Dove. I got tears reading your comment. Such a special bird and such a special story. Thank you for sharing that with me. I can see why you have a painting of this bird in your home.


  46. My lovely Vera, how I love visiting your sweet little place in the blogging world. Your bring such joy to my heart with you darling stories and enchanting photos :)

    Spring...what a delight to welcome spring. It's supposed to be in the low 60's here tomorrow, but then the forecast is calling for snow and rain.

    Thank you, sweet friend, for always stopping by my blog and leaving such wonderful and inspiring comments. I do so enjoy your company at The Enchanting Rose.

    Enjoy this beautiful week! Love and hugs!

  47. Absolutely amazing!!! Beautiful spring inspiration! I too love eggs... we raise waterfowl and the egg laying is about to begin. I love spring.. everything coming to life! We're having a cold snap this week though, 29 degrees after being 80 will be shocking. Lovely spring poem too Vera!

  48. Absolutely amazing!!! Beautiful spring inspiration! I too love eggs... we raise waterfowl and the egg laying is about to begin. I love spring.. everything coming to life! We're having a cold snap this week though, 29 degrees after being 80 will be shocking. Lovely spring poem too Vera!