Friday, December 2, 2016

Dreaming in Paris

Once upon a time day dreams of writing children's fairytale books about mice living in Paris France entertained my aspirations. Now it fills my days, writing poetic storylines, staging and photographing ën noir mice adventures told through a series of 5 books. Inspired I recently embarked on a update to our bedroom to blur the distance from Philadelphia to Paris in our nightly dreams. I described my design concept to my husband John as "Dreamy, Romantic, Parisian". A new bed purchased from Antropologie in light French grey was the start. Because after all ..... "Paris is always a good idea."~Audrey Hepburn~

My vintage large side table I use for my nightstand needed a dreamy transformation. I painted 3 coats of charcoal grey acrylic paint and then applied a faux finish of creams to appear illusory, faded and dreamlike.

During a photo shoot ën noir I did in late Spring in our local park of our 1972 Citroën DS21, this photo became my favorite capture of the day. The first owner of our Citroën (we are the third) was an American CIA operative that lived with our car Jean Claude on a secret mission for 18 months in Paris France. Since John is in digital media I asked him to print this image directly onto canvas. It is very large, 40x50, framed in a pewter color metal frame. New bedding, a white French linen duvet set with pillow shams delivery just arrived and is not shown in these photos, along with a few new accessories and our update is complete.

Since it is the holiday's I have been slowly decking our home with Christmas décor in a Nordic/French winter time theme.

Snow glittered and white painted 4 foot tall Birch Branches in a French flower bucket will be enjoyed throughout Winter. 

Our upstairs sitting room mantel was handmade and gifted one Christmases past by our son. Created from assembled antique and vintage architectural salvaged pieces it is now decorated in our white and cream Winter creative expression to enjoy all of December and January.

I will once again join Doré from Burlap Luxe and Lin from A tiny cottage in the woods to present our Holiday theatre productions. Look for mine on my blog in a couple weeks. You can find me nearly daily on Instagram, where I post in both noir and color. I share scenes from my fairytales and photos of our home and adventures and always write sentiments from my heart. Until then may the magic of Christmas time bless you in kindness and grace each passing day.



  1. Vera, everything is beautiful! Dreamy and ethereal- the light and shadows in your photos are always gorgeous and really enhance your rooms so much.
    Your mantel- such a wonderful gift from your son that must be a lovely memory.
    So many things catch my eye besides that incredible bed- the candy store sign, the cherub blowing a kiss- it's all magical!
    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo, T.

  2. Your home always fascinates me, Vera. The new bed and bedding is gorgeous! Your other décor reminds me of Alice in Wonderland decorated for different full of whimsy and delight! I love your spirit, Vera. You warm my heart dear friend.
    Love to you.

  3. I so enjoy seeing photography of your lovely home Vera! Your new bedroom is so dreamy...thank you for sharing with us :)

  4. Ahhhh Vera dreamy and romantic is so true of this bedroom. So pretty. That bedding is so pretty.

  5. Perfection. Dreamy, creamy whites, natural furs (even if they're faux, they look amazing). Paris, the holidays, your photography, it's all WONDERFUL!!!!!!

  6. Your bedroom truly is dreamy and romantic with the addition of your gorgeous new Parisian style bed. You have such talent creating an aura of elegance throughout your home, as you've recently done on your beautiful upstairs mantel.
    Looking forward to your theatre production.
    Mary Alice

  7. Love your bedroom, oh so pretty and elegant. I have been wondering what you have been up to and so glad to see your post.

    Looking forward to see your new theatre production post.

    Have a wonderful weekend Vera


  8. Hi Vera, well my comment just disappeared so I am trying again. I love your beautiful home and you've styled everything so pretty for Christmas. I love your new bed and you've dressed it to perfection. Your mantel is gorgeous and beautiful for Christmas and all winter long. The finish you gave your night stand is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. I am always inspired when I visit. Looking forward to your holiday theatre production. Have a wonderful weekend dear friend. xo

  9. Beautiful home filled with world traveled dreams.
    Love the lambs wool on your French bed, nothing compares to all the realness you create here fashionably and so magically.
    Let me know when your out of town on a day trip so I can break in and steal that bed. (Kidding but not!! ) :)

    Talk soon
    Looking forward to the French drama in French theatre you have created.


  10. Ooh la la! Love the Parisian-inspired room. You have succeeded on both the dreamy and romantic fronts! Your bed is gorgeous, and the furry throw and pillow are perfect! Pleasant dreams!

  11. Your home belongs in a movie. A movie about Paris of course, complete with Audrey Hepburn and a silver Austin Healey naturally.

    The subtle nuances of graduated colorations in your photos brings them to life, and makes me feel transported to a place I so want to be.

    Happy you're back Vera!


  12. This bed, Vera, like a gondola. There is the connatation of the river Seine, your bed swimming-floating on it, hearing Edith Piaf in the background. Would be worth a movie, the setting is already there - yeiii :))
    And ooooh, these little birchtrees, so me :))) All you do is with so much meaning, thought and love.
    Yesss, let us build our sanctuaries, hmmm?
    Let me huuug you from afar, yet so close by heart, your friend Méa

  13. Oh, my, what a lovely bed and I love the birch branches...

  14. Lovely post, Vera! I love your Parisienne bedroom...I have never been to Paris but I could imagine this to be in a five star luxury hotel with huge, fluffy bathrobes and champagne chilling in a silver ice bucket. I really love your bedding...can you share where you found it? Maybe I've missed it in a previous post.

    Your decorations are subtle and perfect---love your fireplace and I know it must hold very special memories. Hugs here. Is this a working fireplace? We are very warm upstairs at the lake as the heat rises but we are thinking of a gas fireplace.

    Sending lots of love, dear friend!


  15. Vera I'm so glad to see that you're back! I had begun to despair that some of my very favorite blogs were gone. I absolutely adore your new bed. The carved headboard is so very elegant and the entire color scheme of Paris grey combined with the creamy accents and white fluffy bedding promises the sweetest of dreams. I love the new look!

  16. Oh my goodness Vera! Everything is so pretty! I love how you've begun to decorate for Christmas. The little trees and the branches are perfect. Very much the direction I'm going in this year. I enjoy your IG feed!!! So fun and you're so talented my friend! Happy to see you posting on the blog, I keep saying to self I'll put up a post but can't seem to follow through...
    Hope you're having a peace-filled Sunday!

  17. That bed is sooooooo welcoming. Beautiful post, Vera.

  18. Good evening Vera,
    What a beautiful post. I am in love with your new bed, and your mantel is such a loving memory from your son.
    Sending you joy and blessings this holiday season.

  19. Vera, your bedroom has such a charming feel to it. I really like the bed from Anthropologie, and one of my favorite places to shop. The white birch branches in the flower bucket are pretty and look very Christmassy. I love the antique mantel your son gave you, it's beautiful. What a treasure that is. It sounds like you have the spirit of Christmas in your heart, Vera. Wishing you wonderful days during this special Christmas season. Thank you for giving us a peek into your bedroom, it's lovely.


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  21. Your bedroom is absolutely gorgeous! I love the Paris feel, which you nailed perfectly. Also, very impressive paint work on your nightstand. I've always wanted to try that with one of my furniture pieces.
    I'm enjoying all your instagram post and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Christmas decor!

    xo - Char from Allstylelife :)

  22. Your entire home is magical.

    Your bedroom is truly the place of dreams.

  23. I, too, love that bed from Anthropology and thought about buying it before I moved into my new home. Other than the Citroen... who's the Porsche fan? Interestingly enough, my first husband was an operative in Paris. He told me of a Citroen... Am sure it's not the same car, but what a coincidence. He--we--moved on to Porsches. (1010ParkPlace.)

  24. I, too, love that bed from Anthropology and thought about buying it before I moved into my new home. Other than the Citroen... who's the Porsche fan? Interestingly enough, my first husband was an operative in Paris. He told me of a Citroen... Am sure it's not the same car, but what a coincidence. He--we--moved on to Porsches. (1010ParkPlace.)

  25. Enchanting, dreamy. . .I love it all. So wonderful to see you so inspired. Oh, and I love "Sabrina". One of my favorites.

  26. Greetings Dear Vera,
    Such a dreamy and inspiring home and post.
    So lovely of you to share your dreams with us.

  27. You are definitely transported to Paris here my dear!! How romantic and dreamy!!

  28. Your bed is over the top! *le sigh* I think I'm in love with it! It is stunning!!! I love what you've done with your bedroom, and the print of your car is perfect for the room. I can't wait to purchase and read your children's books. You are so talented, and I know they will be well loved by children everywhere!

    I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas! It's almost here!!!
    Ricki Jill

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