Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas under the Stars

Meet Altair and Stella, a Parisian star gazing couple, deeply in love...
Who believe their marriage is graced by the stars in the heavens above.

When the sky forms a canopy of twinkling glitter at night...
And the stars in their luminescence are an absolute delight,
Stella and Altair feel energized and protected in the stars purity of light.

It is just days before Christmas and Paris has been blanketed by many inches of freshly fallen snow.
While out choosing their tree on a bright star filled night the white ground cast a magical reflective glow...

Exhausted but excited from their tree adventure, our couple jumped into bed cuddling and sharing stories before prayers about their day.
Stella believed a day was not over until moments of importance became shared memories attached to the heart and what each night she would say.

Stella woke from a long Winters night dream announcing their tree would be decorated with bright stars and Altair asked why...
Stella said she had dreamed about Heaven where Christmas trees are decorated with only stars plucked right out of the sky.

Now without doubt Altair believes Stella's ideas can often be lofty, but she is the dreamer and romantic in their marriage.
With their huge picture window, nightly viewing stars through a telescope, Altair knew this year's tree would be forever cherished.

Just a little more tweaking by Altair and finally their tree was complete, trimmed with twinkling silver stars shining so bright - 
Stella mirthful for envisioning what turned out dreamy and heavenly with all it's beautiful celestial glittery light.

So wherever you dwell on our planet Earth and no matter how humble or grand your holiday celebration may be ... My sincerest wish for you is when your heart finds Christmas and it will, it's magic lingers and graces you throughout the New Year. 

© Vera
My presentation is dedicated to Chris, forever you will shine radiantly bright in your heavenly flight.

I wish everyone a Joyeux Noël, thank you for all your encouragement and friendship throughout this year and may your holiday celebrations sparkle and shine and be blessed from above.

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  1. Beautiful couple and beautiful magical story. Sweet Christmas Story Vera.
    You and Dore and Lin have done such beautiful Christmas stories. May this week leading up to the big day be filled with whimsical fun and sparkle for you too.

  2. Oh Vera, so dear, so sweeet, those two, ahhh, the inner child glows in you :)) How wonderful - I have a smile on my face now, and I thank you so much for making my 4th advent so sweet :)))
    You definetly are a sparkle on earth, Vera,
    and I am happy, the stars found new starfriends :)
    Have a cuddly and wonderful sparkling day, hugs from your friend Méa

  3. Oh Vera, what a beautiful story and so magical. I really loved it. Wishing you a most wonderful Christmas and may you have lots of sparkle in your life.

    Merry Christmas.


  4. Good morning everyone; I am catching the early morning dress rehearsal here, and BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO to all the players, the lead director, the script writer, and the stage manager! Light is our only hope dear friend, the light that shines greatest in the darkness of uncertain questions. How wonderful that your staging evokes a moment of getting lost in the tiny details of staging, creative thought and hope. Your settings and backdrop and props are all so perfect, with even a tiny telescope. Oh, to have a telescope to see that far, into the future where our loved ones have gone. But soon, we all shall see.


  5. Bravo, Vera! It's wonderful...the story that Stella and Altair share is one of wonder and hope. After all, don't we all stare up at the stars and dream, wish and hope? Don't we all look up and smile at a shining star and say hello to our loved ones twinkling brightly just for us?
    Your stories are always magical, the staging beautiful and so whimsical.
    Merry Christmas to you and the mice...we thank you for entertaining us all year long with your stories of love and whimsy.
    And to Chris- keep shining your light for all to see. They miss you ever so much.
    Hugs and love to you, sweet friend~ T.

  6. Dearest Vera, one of your greatest productions yet filled with magic and beauty as you share your lovely Christmas story. I just loved these darling characters centered in your gorgeous props and backdrops. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message within your story for Christmas. Wishing you all the blessings of this glorious holiday and many more to follow in the new year. Love to you my friend. Take a bow on stage!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Merry Christmas 2016

  7. We all can take some lessons from this adorable couple, to take the time each day to revel in each other's company, and share our thoughts before drifting off to sleep in each other's arms. How lovely Vera!

    Blessings to you for the holidays and coming New Year.


  8. precious whimsy and deep ♥ meaning behind each frame and word. always lovely . . . . .

  9. Hi Vera, your sweet mice and their story was so delightful. Have a very Merry Christmas! xx Jo

  10. Oh Vera, your magical performances always intrigue a story telling. Altair and s
    Stella are such a cute couple. Love the telescope with a view to Stella's favorite STAR, yes the stars hold magical powers...loving the theme of all the stars, the tree filled glittered in silver stars and that tree top star shinning bright watching over Stella and Altair (John). Such a meaningful Christmas without a doubt here.

    I have to mention the dedication of this performance to Chris, the brightest of the shinning celestrial stars was a beautiful tribute to adding twinkle and sparkle to your days as he shines the brightest guiding light in all of your days.

    lots of cheer to your performance, bravo bravo!! my dear.
    A merry Christmas to you, John and your grands.


  11. Absolutely beautiful and touches the heart immensely. You are so creative! I know this story will be shared over and over. When we look at the stars, we see twinkling lights among the inky background and you have captured it so beautifully. Thank you for sharing this special Christmas treat with all of us! I know Chris is smiling and he will be with you all through the holidays! I kinda wonder if he and Abby have met???

    Merry Christmas and a glorious New Year!

  12. Front row seats are the best so as not to miss one exquisite detail of your production, Vera. What fun to see Altair and Stella enjoying such a romantic and beautiful Christmas. This was a spectacular performance...your photography made the whole performance come to life. I knew you wouldn't disappoint!
    Mary Alice

  13. Dear Vera,
    What a heartwarming story. Altair and Stella are such a darling couple.
    Such a beautiful dedication to your shinning star, Chris. Wishing you a Christmas filled with love and joy.
    Sending you a gentle hug.
    Love and blessings,

  14. What a dreamy little couple so in love! My inner child wants to just sit and play here with these 2 cuties! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face Vera and reminding me to keep imagination alive :)

  15. I love it.. It is a beautiful story, and the pictures are so awesome...

    Please visit:

  16. These pictures are just spectacular, Vera, and the sweet story accompanying it is a joy to read. Merry Christmas to you, my friend!

  17. What a beautiful message, Vera. I could not help but think of this verse, and I had to look it up to get it right. "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:5 That ray of hope. Also, what a beautiful image it is to imagine that Christmas trees in heaven are decorated with stars from the sky. Altair and Stella's photos are gorgeous and whimsical and touch my heart. I can't help but think this is inspired from above. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear son Chris. Many good wishes to you and your spouse this Christmas season, and thank you for all the beauty you bring us. You make the world a better place. xoox Su

  18. This is an outstanding presentation, Vera. I love the poetic narrative as well. What a talent you are! I feel I've know Stella and Altair forever. Keep this up!!!

    Jane xxx

  19. Oh, my...this is so beautiful, I am ALmost at a loss for words...Stella and Altair...what a sweet, magical couple..and what a sweet imagination you are blessed with. This is just wonderful and all the perfect.

  20. W ON D E R F U L !!!!!! applause, much applause....

    I am finally here dear Vera. I love what you've created, and now wish I had giant glitter stars to place upon my real tree!!!

    Oh your darling mice, and the world you have created for them!!! a darling couple and especially at Christmas.

    Thank you for the time and effort you put into your productions
    they are magnificent!!!!!

    Happy Christmas dear one,

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  22. Hi Vera - What a sweet, magical love story! Fresh snow in Paris?? Yes, please. I've enjoyed all of your enchanting creations, beautiful poetry and striking photos this year. Merry Christmas!! xoxo L

  23. Dear Vera,

    These characters, Altair and Stella, are a delightful couple, and Stella is very special decorating the tree with twinkling silver stars and being still and remembering this Holy and wonderful season. Those little bottle brush trees that you used are so cute, and Altair's fur coat makes me laugh. Everything is so cute, the warm blanket, the couch, the tiny chandelier. Your production makes one imagine how much in love Altair and Stella really are.

    Merry Christmas, dear friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  24. Breathtaking, Vera. A love story of a charming couple made for each other, basking in the joy the season brings. I love that Stella is so romantic and that Altair indulges her. (Hmmm, I wonder if they are patterned after you and John.) Your production warms my heart. You are gifted, my friend. Gifted hands, gifted imagination, and a heart that will be forever young. God bless you and John and your grandchildren this holy season. Merry Christmas ~ Nancy

  25. Vera, this is the sweetest love story ever! ♥

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  26. Absolutely sweet and romantic and heartwarming. Your pictures and words will stay with me through the holiday. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and John!

  27. A true artistic delight.
    Merry Christmas Vera to you and yours...

  28. I just love your stories Vera! And your photos are so magical they bring your words to life!

  29. Joyeux Noël, Sweet Vera! Of course Stella would love stars! I love her name. Such a sweet little story. Thanks for taking the photos and sharing it with us. I hope you are having a Blessed Christmas, and I hope 2017 will be a happy and healthy year for you!

    Ricki Jill

  30. Just discovered your enchanting blog! I cannot wait to read more.

  31. Happy New Year, dear Vera! May the new year be a bright one for you, and I hope much goodness comes your way, as you deserve it so much.


  32. Happy New year!! May 2017 be a peaceful, safe and healthy one for you and your family!

  33. Oh, what a Christmas, dear Vera, so full of beauty and´s magical........thank you so much for sharing! And thank you for your lovely comment.....I also wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and I´m looking forward to your wonderful stories (and Simons kisses ;-).

    With love Jade (and Katie ;-)

  34. I'm afraid I have arrived late for Altair and Stella's tree trimming evening, nevertheless I so enjoyed the little glimpse into their Paris apartment and the peek at their delightful sparkling star tree. What a beautiful couple they are! Happy New Year Vera!

  35. ...stopping back by to say I thought of you today...hope all is ok...and that you are staying warm...xo
    it was 74 here today...such a beautiful and warm Jan. day

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