Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Shares from my heart

Lately I have been posting daily on Instagram. I share stories, photos of our home, scenes from my French fairy tale's, amongst other things. On Monday I started working on my 4th children's book while I've been fighting the flu, which is now in week 2. I also often share thoughts of the day and on Fridays I post a wine share. Friday's wine share I enjoy because after I photograph my wine, I write randomly from my heart as I drink the glass of wine in the photo. The wine choice is planned but my written share is not. Sometimes I am surprised how much I share personally on Instagram, but I have discovered I truly enjoy it. I will always blog, which I am in my 4th year blogging, but today I thought if you were not already familiar with Instagram I would try to entice you to depart Blog Land and visit. Below are some recent photos and some recent shares, hopefully it will give you a flavor of my shares. This photo was taken in our upstairs sitting room.

When we removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room the quest for our homes documented legacy convinced me to leave the exposed just be. A salvaged architectural piece of a column was added for embellishment. It's how we dwell in our old Philadelphia home.

Happy Saturday wishes to you from Philadelphia. We are experiencing our first major snowstorm this winter. Thankfully we are fully stocked with essentials, refrigerator is packed and my plans are for spending time in the kitchen cooking. I will enjoy the beauty of the falling snow in the warmth of our home. In case you are wondering why 2 stainless steel clocks, well one is Philly time the other Paris. Enjoy your weekend wherever you are.

This is the first architectural piece I introduced in our Philadelphia home, a building Lion Gargoyle, purchased inspired by an unforgettable storm. Back in the early 80's I wound up in the hospital. Lying in bed watching a storm form, across the street was an abandoned building in need of much renewal, requiring a complete renovation. But it had the most glorious Lion Gargoyles lining the buildings roof line. I was on a floor high enough to look directly into the top floor where homeless sought shelter and teenagers partied in. No electricity, except what was seen by constant thunder and lightning clashes lighting the interior of the building. My imagination ran wild, it was a scary storm, lying in bed conquering up stories to fill the long hours of the night. To this day I have never experienced a storm so severe and to this day I can visualize those magnificent Building Lions flashing with each lightning bolt offering protection, guarding. Now decades later once again a fully restored magnificent building. Coming home from my hospital stay I asked John to stop at an architectural salvage vintage and antiques building, he did, this was purchased and came home. This is just one home story and how we dwell. 

Tea time in our kitchen with my French Fairy tale twins.

Just snapped this moments ago... confession, lately I have been spending much time in our Paris French bed from Anthropologie under fluffy layers of linen bedding from Moo purchased through Etsy. Day 6 Flu - weak, with a promise of improvement - YAY.

When our diy Philadelphia Bedroom update was planned I knew I would purchase a replacement for the floor lamp next to the egg chair. Well over a year ago I fell in love with the artistic design of the Dino floor lamp with curved antiqued brass post with an adjustable black enamel shade with golden interior. Dealing with this flu and knowing full well my heart was committed to Dino I embraced my artist desires and purchased it from Flair New York. I am still sick but happy. 

Keeping a watchful eye for delivery trucks today. 3 scheduled through 3 different carriers! In our eclectic textural Philadelphia living room ... keeping it quiet to hear the door bell. Day 7 of Mr. Monster Flu and I am happy to report today is a better day than yesterday.

Lighting has always been a weakness for me and is my favorite accessory. It became the last piece of our romantic dreamy Parisian bedroom update. I wanted a statement piece, a handcrafted sculptural artisan design inspired by 50's vintage. Meet Dino our new floor lamp for our bedroom delivered yesterday. Purchased from Flair New York. In a word we are thrilled.

The Dino floor lamp is entirely handcrafted in satin antiqued brass and metal with a warm golden interior by Gong in the UK. Designed by Guillaume Evrard. I love that the golden hue of the shades interior gives a warm soft light. 

Our plans this weekend are to move the Zebra Rug (cowhide) away from the wall and a bit under the bed on a diagonal for design interest and also allow the legs of the Dino to show.

Just a snap in our laundry room on a rainy day waiting for the washer to stop I staged this mouse photo for my days photo share.

Today I learned lessons in relaxation from Simon ... Icelandic lamb throw ✔️ comfy chair ✔️ time for a cat nap ✔️ like Simon says eat, play, sleep and repeat. Maybe I will get it right soon, seems he has life all figured out.

Many people are following me on Instagram and I appreciate it but if you haven't check out my gallery wall click here and meet me there. 



  1. Kitty is right... rest and relax.
    With all those sweet little mice and the beautiful bedroom I'd be sick for quite some time!
    Get well soon...
    Susan x

  2. Love seeing you here and on IG. Little Simon knows how to live correctly!
    Hope you start to feel better soon.

  3. What a fun post, Vera. I do go on IG a bit but am not hooked on it yet. Just not enough hours in the day for me to do everything I want to do. Love the picture of Simon- he's got that nailed. xo Diana
    ps- Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Sèe here we get to know the story Vera tells In how and why pieces are added to your row home. I love the hospital story in how the storm and the Lyon heads inspired you to add one to your home with a deeper meaning and a respect in how you live artfully connected to each piece that is edited carefully and thoughtfully before it's even considered to rest in your home.
    The French inspired bed from Anthropology is a dream bed and only the King and Queen of this row home fully connect with its beauty and all it inspires daily. What a bed to rest your dreams on, and the bedding is perfect.

    Vera, your home acts as your own gallery, where pieces are gallery lit-up with beautiful mood lighting with such graceful lines. I know there is know one more finely tuned to listening to what a home calls out to be then you who listens quietly to what it has begged to become. Every detail has been addressed, window dressing, wall exposure to decorative wall treatments, ceilings with lighting and old rural rustic beams, flooring that set the tone in which you designed up from.
    You have done this old home justice in what you collect and design around has added all the rich history it called out for. You and John are master caretakers of your home that acts much like your own art gallery beautifully posted.

    I visit your IG site loving every post, but it is here where we experience a tour in how you and your home live in harmony.?


    1. Harmony... not sure why a question mart appeared. It's not a question? But a statement I made in how I see you living here.
      Beautifully connected to all you collect and design with.


  5. Your house is very charming, Vera. There's so many things I like about it. The only social media I'm on is my little blog, and that's about all that I can handle right now, but I do look at a couple friend's instagram's because I love photos so much. I will check yours out right now also. Those cute little friends in the pink tutus are ready to have tea with you. What a darling tea pot. I think I like your style so much because you have many one-of-a-kind items, and I love eclectic stuff myself. Your hardwood floors are so pretty, and I really like the archway. That picture of your cat is a beauty, Vera.

    I hope you get well from the flu. Sometimes it lingers for awhile. Bundle up and stay warm during these cold January days. I'd love to see pics of your snow sometime.


    1. Oh, on your instagram I love that picture of the wine and the pink roses and your mice friends. You set all that up so charming for the picture. I'm really enjoying browsing through your instagram pics, Vera. :)

  6. Lovely photos, Vera...since we don't have smart phones, and I can't upload photos onto IG from my computer, I don't get really interested in IG...I do follow some of our grands on it, tho...I'll look for you on there, too.
    Feel better soon, dear heart...

  7. Good morning dearest Vera!

    I love Instagram; this would have been my 9th or 10th year of blogging, and I have the fondest memories of my best moments in making friends and developing my creativity. Now Instagram has become an even better place for me to develop my photography while keeping my writing to a minimum but also reserving my serious poetry writing for private sharing. Either way, we get to be creative and it feels GREAT, doesn't it! I hope you are feeling better each day and MR. SIMON is a wise cat. NAP, EAT, RELAX, hang out on the fur, purr to his content, REPEAT....teehee

  8. I love reading the stories of your very interesting and glamorous home...on your blog and IG. So glad you're better from the flu, Vera, but I do know it takes time to regain strength after being so sick. Looking forward to Book #4!
    Mary Alice

  9. Your home needs to be in a magazine, or perhaps Paris, which I'm certain you wouldn't mind one bit ;).

    The floor lamp is very cool Vera! Love the way it casts those interesting shadows. Never heard of Flair, but now I'm curious.

    You know I'm on IG, but rarely. I do enjoy seeing your gorgeous photos though!


  10. I adore your home Vera! I anticipate your next photo with a writing each day. Thanks for sharing your talent and imagination with us! Hugs :)

  11. Oh my, what a cutie Simon is! Ebony, my cat, and Hanny, a cat that has made our home her home, are sleeping by the warm fire at the moment. How I would love to join them! :)

    I agree with Doreen about your home needing to be in a magazine....it's gorgeous, my friend!

    And that tea pot is darling!

    Thinking of you, dear one. Sending hugs your way.

  12. Vera your home is so beautiful! I never get tired of looking at all of your great ideas, and the walls are to die for, well, almost. lol I never have noticed your wisks for lighting before. What a great idea! I will be pinning that one. Where did you get those darling ballet mice? I just have to get a couple to set in my pink toe shoes. It's nice to be back to blogging. Get better sweetie and stay warm.
    Only hugs today don't want the flue. lol Jo

  13. Oh I love that cat, Remy would have a crush!!

  14. Simon is my hero for today...I'm feeling out of sorts so I'm taking his advice. ;)
    xoxo, T.

  15. Vera - I read this post a few times. First I hope, you are doing well again, drink loooots of hot tea and beat this flu-suckers!!
    They have no chance, Vera, as there a magical mice in your kingdom, how they are climbing the lamp, oh these heroes! But just jumped out of a fairytalebook there he is, Mr. Simon, oh, he is such a darling! And he knows what is sooo cozy.
    Your home breathes warmth and fantasy.
    Let me hug you, my dear Vera. I finished your little treasures today, on saturday they are going on a looong trip ;)
    Your friend Méa

  16. your cat is so cute.. hope you are felling good now...and your home is so beautiful...

    Please visit: http://from-a-girls-mind.blogspot.com

  17. I don't have a smart phone as it's not in the budget. So I have to wait for your posts.

    Lovely post, you have beautiful items.

    So sorry that you are so sick, take care of your self as you don't want to go into pneumonia and end up in the hospital. I love your mice, they are darling. Do you have a pattern?

    Hope your up and well soon, if I lived close would bring you over some of my home made chicken soup.


  18. Vera! Where can I find your older books that you've written? I want them for my library! Your home is so lovely, and the Eiffel Tower teapot is making me smile. I hope you're drinking plenty of fluids so you'll recover from the flu. How terrible! Please get better soon. I had it last year for the first time and I thought I was going to die! I got the shot this year. Do any of the Asian restaurants near you have the Flu Shot Soup? It helps, I promise!

    Ricki Jill

  19. Oh Vera, I am so sorry to read that you have been fighting a monster flu. Do take extra care of yourself. Your beautiful bed is a perfect place to recoup.

    Thank you for taking time to come visit. Yep, he sure does look like a giant. Vera, I did not purchase the partially built house, I built it, so it was my error.. Lesson learned. I will need to purchase more bricks and enlarge the base for the house.

    Wishing you a blessed year too, and take care!

  20. I hope you and yours had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and are having a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. May we display your linked header on our new site directory, SiteHoundSniffs.com? As it is now, the site title (linked back to its home page) is listed, and we think displaying the linked header will attract more attention.

  21. So yucky to have the flu! I am sure by now you are feeling better. So lovely to have a peek into your eclectic home. I would want to spend all day in that bed, sick or not!

  22. Beautiful. I love the exposed brick and the tower tea pot....cute. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Dear Vera,
    Thank you so much for visiting. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I hope this note finds you well. Keeping you in my thoughts.
    Love and blessings,

  24. So, you are over on Instagram. I have tried, but it is not a place that I'm yet comfortable.
    I was thinking of your row home recently. We are adding a bathroom and laundry room to our basement and I went back to look at your laundry room - one of the best I've ever seen in an old-fashioned basement.

  25. Hi sweet Vera,

    I was wondering where you were, as I hadn't heard from you for a while and quite a bit has happened in that time: you have a second residence at IG, while I returned to Crete!; I am not on IG...yet, and don't know if I have time for blogging and IG, since my FB page is somewhat abandoned already.

    I have never seen such a fun and whimsical teatime as yours! I'm sure that you're good as new, now, due to such cozy teatimes.

    Take care, mon ami!


  26. I greatly enjoy your feed on Instagram! I love the photos and the stories...you are such a talented woman! I hope you are fully recovered from the flu. I had it last year and it took me 2 months to completely recover. What is that gorgeous color on your bedroom walls? I love it! Hope you are having a great week! Love and hugs!

  27. Thank you for visiting, Vera. Has Spring arrived around your neck of the woods? The blossom trees have come out and it's getting warmer. Enjoying it very much, as it rained a lot this winter (and so thankful for it). Happy St. Patrick's Day. It's not really celebrated in my house other than wearing green and having some good food. : ) lots of love, ~Sheri

  28. Dear Vera,
    How kind of you to visit and leave a sweet note for Lily.
    She is growing so fast..
    Hard to believe you are having snow and I am in 90 degree weather. Forecast is now predicting rain this week. Go figure.
    I have two lavenders to plant then I am done. I think my body is getting too old for this. I love to tend to my roses, but finding her very difficult to dig holes anymore..
    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  29. Hi sweet Vera :)

    I think Dino looks perfect with the egg chair and I loved reading your IG. I'm not on there, but it seems that more and more bloggers are.

    Anyway, I hope all is well in your world.


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